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Avatar f tn With sedation I get my situation under control and my fears scuttle off far enough away for me to live outside of four walls...looks like it will be long term as I have had forty hard years with it all and would like twenty easier ones right about now..am concerned for the side effects of atypicals..would rather minimise risk as much as possible as I am very sensitive to all drugs...looking at buspirone only cos I know what hell a long term Valium regular use withdrawal can be..
698408 tn?1256958348 Talked to my pdoc yesterday about a long term drug. I'm taking Seroquel and Escitalopram at the mo. Seroquel is not approved here as along term maintenance drug and she has suggested either valproate or olanzapine as I can't take Lithium because of blood pressure issues and a possibility of kidney failure. I am very sensitive to drugs and usually take the lowest does possible as I get all the rare side effects. I only take 50mg of Seroquel and thats enough to bring me down.
Avatar f tn I had also over the past 6 months experienced tingling in the feet and legs which I believe is a side effect of long term use off olanzapine. I have been very concerned over the servere pain in my feet as it is all over the foot and can be painful to walk on. I have had several tests from the doctor and they have come back clear, no arthritis or anything of that nature.
6452367 tn?1430944592 I would guess that it might help a few of the symptoms, but it would not be my first choice because of the side effects it presents. I will give you some alternative options. I have dealt with hundreds of addicts who have all told me horror stories of doing it by themselves. I would only guess that if are successful in doing it at home you don't end up in my clinic.
Avatar n tn 5 now for about the last 4 years, if i stop taking it after about 4 weeks my original symptoms come back thats about all, havent heard of quietin so cant say anything steer clear of zeldox though from my experience(which was friggin awful agitation and disorientation) but everyone is different i think i had some of the side effects from olanzapine when i started such as leg tremors when trying to sleep but it is a sedating anti-psychotic as opposed to an activating.
Avatar f tn The long term effects of (current) antipsychotics include tardive dyskinesia (a permanent movement disorder, for more information google "Patient Education Tardive Dyskinesia" note as the site itself says "some of these medications may be medically necessary") and diabetes though only a doctor would understand this in full. Antipsychotics also of course cause temporary movement disorders that can be treated with side effect pills that would stop once they are discontinued.
Avatar f tn Jails, institutions or death are the most common long term side effects I have seen, or the person quits and has a program of recovery. Why do you ask?
Avatar f tn i wonder did a doctor tell you you had multiple chemical sensitivites....
Avatar n tn I have read all the side effects but it is hard finding anything on the severe long term effects of taking this drug. Does anyone know a link or maybe some answers?
Avatar f tn What are the long term side effects of taking Gabapentin for long term pain control?
Avatar n tn That's a good one! I sure hope I get that long term side effect.
747988 tn?1396536878 hi folks-just looking around for info re long term side effects of treatment and came across you lot ranting away on your keyboards! I successfully completed 6months tx in april 2007 and am now unable to do very much due to the fatigue,pain and confusion I've suffered since. Just wanted to be added to the list of damaged souls. Have lost a lot of friends to this horrible disease so am very glad to have cleared it but at what cost?
1689583 tn?1387752394 I am reading there are long term side effects with treatment, I am getting the heebie jeebies I have been positive till now but need to know if this is true.
Avatar n tn Both drugs cause similar side effects, but Olanzapine shows fewer motor function side effects than Resperidone in comaparative clinical trials. Both drugs have found to be equally safe on clinical trials. Both cause weight gain, but weight gain with Resperidone is lesser than that with Olanzapine. So once you start treatment, your doctor may adjust your prescription to a higher dose if the starting dose is not effective.
Avatar m tn I have advanced tardive dyskinesia which is a potential long term side effect of antipsychotics. An MRI of my brain before I started antipsychotics and years after when I had acquired advanced tardive dyskinesia was exactly the same so this research may not prove to be clinically accurate.
Avatar n tn Levoxly's long term side effects if taken at the right dose are very rare, with the most common being hair loss nothing new to most of us here.
Avatar m tn I have no symptoms and feel great; I am 54 and wondering if HEP C would kill me or if the treatment could cause long term effects that could ruin my health. The longest living male in my family was my father 86 and had slow progressive dementia the last 10 years.
Avatar f tn If any side effect of any kind persists for an extended period of time they could then provide a further referral but cognitive side effects of antipsychotics are relatively common but known to be short term but a doctor or psychiatrist would understand the specifics of this in full.
Avatar m tn Side Effects of Entecavir - for the Consumer Entecavir All medicines may cause side effects, but many people have no, or minor, side effects. Check with your doctor if any of these most COMMON side effects persist or become bothersome when using Entecavir: Diarrhea; dizziness; drowsiness; headache; indigestion; nausea; tiredness; trouble sleeping; vomiting.
Avatar f tn BUT, I have to take it or I am in pain. So try not to worry so much about the long term effects when you are trying to survive today. If you are worried about this I would talk to my doctor and let them know what you are experiencing and there may be something they can do differently. Just dont stop any seizure med without a doctors help. Hope you feel better..
Avatar f tn They would have to differentiate between the help the Olanzapine provides on not just the positive symptoms (psychosis, auditory hallucinations) but also the negative (trouble relating to people) and cognitive symptoms (trouble understanding things) and the potential of (temporary) cognitive side effects that Olanzapine and other antipsychotics can cause.
Avatar n tn She began having serious side effects. I started reading on the internet about long term effects. Now she has nearly all the side effects to greater or lesser degrees. The worst is falling. She's fallen 4 times in the last week and is covered with bruises, new and old. She is now taking 14mg per day and can't stop. She has been in two different detox facilities but as soon as she gets out, she starts taking it again. She is basically an invalid.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know of long-term side-effects of Avonex? I've had about 8 or 9 injections so far - was diagnosed a few mos. ago. I will see the (MS) dr. in 2 days, a 3 month follow-up visit. Does anyone know of any questions I should ask her? Thank you very much! I appreciate any feedback.