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Avatar m tn I will also see a doctor about this matter. So this is the question, why is it taking so long time for it to work like three hours? It worked within max 20 min whether 2.5 or 5mg. Is my body used to it, brain damage (one naturopath told me it should knock you out pretty quickly if not then something is seriously wrong that was when I tried risperdone for a week and it not work for me), I was off for it for some 3 weeks and then my condition worsened so I began taking them again.
Avatar m tn It seems depression is your main problem, but this too might be something to discuss with your new doc. He does seem to address this by having you take it in the morning when you're most awake, so he might have thought this out thoroughly, but you ought to find out if that's true. As for one drug helping taper you off another, this seldom works and, as noted above, can mask withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar f tn In the meantime as what it is treating will return it would be worthwhile to speak to a psychiatrist again and ask what available options are and which one would work for you with the least concerns of any side effects you are experiencing.
Avatar m tn Your own comments incriminate you-- if you DID take oxycodone every single day, I would say that you would become tolerant to it-- and someone like me would testify for you that the oxycodone likely had little or no effect (I have actually provided similar testimony before). But if you usually did NOT take oxycodone, but you DID take it this particular day-- the day that you also failed field sobriety tests-- you would have a hard time winning a 'driving under the influence' case.
Avatar m tn You really can't get any sound sleep at those doses and that may explain why you sleep so much when you take it away. Get to a doctor for some lab work to check your liver and try to get away from this habit.
Avatar n tn It may take a few weeks, but you will notice the changes. With me i noticed the weight loss within a month when i had lost 5 pounds It also helped me quit smoking. I wasn't even trying to quit, I just was smoking less everyday and then finally I was smoking so few, I was able to just stop all together. It'sa great drug.
603015 tn?1329866573 I have had several med changes, I am currently on lithium 1000 epilim 2000 olanzapine x 3? when will i be better, does it always take this long to stabalise someone, im not sure how much more i can take, i feel like i was better off the meds.
Avatar m tn I just cannot except this and belive the reason he has become like this is due to the drugs he was put on. How long does it take for you to see normal reactions and is one of the with drawals is red flushing of the face and skin?
Avatar f tn How long were you on olanzapine and how long have you been off? Do you have any insomnia? Are you experiencing emotions again? Do you feel motivated?
Avatar f tn Zyprexa takes a while to build up to a proper blood level so it will take some time for it to work. I wouldn't think she doesn't want to get better but more so that this is part of the schizohrenia. Negative symptoms in schizophrenia can make a person avoid people and have trouble relating to them.
203342 tn?1328740807 You want a complete healthy human...not a robot. And when does it end? Teach your daughter how to heal...not reach for a pill. I know in your heart that is what you want, because of some of your comments. Be strong you will get through this. You and your daughter will come out of this stronger and better.
5093508 tn?1390547531 I even threw the latest ones out from my psych at my appt on 20th May,the Olanzapine, that when I researched it, there was no way I was going to take. Can't wait to tell her on the 17th June. Hopefully I can stop seeing her. Cannot afford it & I know she was just trying to help, but really, how ignorant. She obviously doesn't have time to keep up with the latest research on meds. Anyway, the weaning of valium, & zopiclone is hard some days, but mostly I am doing very well indeed.
Avatar m tn I have an appointment with a pyschiatrist a week on Wednesday and want to change my meds because the higher does makes me a subdued anxious mess and this does doesn't seem to work..... However - good news - it lifted yesterday and I feel normal!! I haven't felt this well in months. I'm scared about going to see the doctor because when I go over these things they just sound that they weren't real - how is she going to believe me? And do I still change my meds...
Avatar m tn Please dont stop your meds without weaning off. How much do you take and for how long? why do you want to stop them? It took me along time to get back to a "non -severely depressed state" once i started them again and even now, Im still depressed, so i dont think they work as good again once you stop them.
544292 tn?1268886268 So happy to see all of you, and welcome new friends. This is a good place to be if you want to get off Tramadol ... You can do it!
Avatar f tn I saw a psychologist who gave me olanzapine to take and suggested I may be bipolar but I have refused to go back as I do not respect their opinion as they assumsed to think I was either bipolar or normal and did not take into consideration any other disorders. In the last 2 1/2 years I have also dealt with confusion about my sexuality which I have now mainly resolved (I'm straight).
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Warriors! Welcome to a beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. This is the place to be if you want off Tramadol ... you'll get support here. We're so glad you found us!
603015 tn?1329866573 I have been reducing my meds over the last month and I am slowly going down hill, I dont want to admit it but I guess the doc was right, how long should I leave it, could it just be a quick dip and then I will be ok again. I dont want to get sick again, im not due to see my doc for another month and dont know what to do. I know my family are noticing my mood swing and are getting concerned, I just feel like Im on the tip of tears, I feel sad and preocupied.
Avatar n tn Geodon (another atypical antipsychotic like olanzapine) and Abilify (a third generation antipsychotic) are supposed to be weight neutral, and may work well if olanzapine does. You need to talk to a doctor about switching, though. Exercise and diet control are always good, and it won't hurt you to try using them to control the weight gain. A lot of people recommend against antidepressants for bipolar, although it should be ok since you already have mood stabilizers on board.
Avatar n tn I'm not as sure about cognitive effects. I think the atypicals are a bit more likely to "zombify" you, but some people are fine. I think a lot of people also feel a little less sharp when they're not getting manic anymore, because mania makes you feel like you're thinking well and clearly, whether or not you are actually thinking better. I really haven't had the time to say anything personally about long term cognitive effects.
535089 tn?1400677119 Not only is it difficult to distinguish heroin or morphine abuse from codeine, but dietary poppy seeds can give a strong positive result for urinary opiate of several days duration that is confirmed by GC/MS analysis". Nyquil Nighttime Cold Medicine will test positive for Methadone up to two days. Antibiotics. Certain newly developed antibiotics have cause positive samples urine tests. Ampicillin is suspect. Amoxicillin has caused positives for cocaine.
Avatar n tn Many times symptoms are masked by abuse experiences and we need to find ways to understand them and how to work with them. It is only after working through to a point where I can know I am a whole person that I am realizing that not everything is about abuse. I only hope my doc will support me in this. So far she has been very supportive in all my treatment. Not saying its tourettes - just asking to have it checked. It would be a relief to know what it is.
Avatar f tn Doc has prescribed me olanzepine 10mg to aid sleep....helps a bit. Not been on subutex long but was using codeine before that. Just want to know how long this will take just want to sleep and feel human again.
Avatar m tn Very few truly independent research is done anymore and is hard to find, but it does exist. There's just not much money for it. And sometimes you just have to use common sense -- mild to moderate illness is always easier to treat than severe illness, and therefore placebo would be more likely to help as it often goes away on its own anyway, whereas severe illness would be much less likely to do so.
547368 tn?1440545385 I do have a college degree, I graduated with that last year... I don't know how I did it... it took twice as long as it should have though. And, I want to keep going but I don't know if I will be able to. I can't work at all either. And, as everyone else has said... all of those are problems... 'cept for acceptance from family and MOST friends. some friends don't understand, especially one, who is grumpy all the time at me. but, i have a few friends that really understand.
603015 tn?1329866573 I use the mood tracker and I can't wait to bring it back to my pdoc. I didn't realize how drastic my mood changes from day to day. So, I suppose the answer to your question is yes, I believe that it is a good idea to be on meds. Oh.... and- I just started taking vitamins B-12, D3, and omega-3 fatty acids... and I am starting to feel pretty good. (I read somewhere that those vitamins are great for depression) Good Luck!
1450639 tn?1284923584 Zyprexa (from what I remember it and what I was informed) takes a while to build up a blood level. Rispedal is more short acting in how long it takes to work. They also when a person is elderly need to rule out other evident concerns such as dementia but only a psychiatrist would understand all this in full. You could look up schizophrenia.com for more information. As well NAMI friend and family support groups can be helpful to learn coping skills.
5093508 tn?1390547531 Maybe that is why your friend is doing it that way..when it is broke down it is able to get to the bloodstream faster..It does not take as long to digest it..Ok Great Job you are doing..I am proud of you..You have stuck it out around here.
Avatar n tn Took advice from a friend who was on it for a long time and found it helped her. Also, how about Stress Relief L-Theanine With calming Blend, by Sundown Naturals, I do 2 in the day. I do the depakote, how long have you done the depakote and I just hate taking any thing in my body that has to "stabilize" my moods period!