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Avatar f tn yea my belly is gettin big but i cant wear stuff that comes out a mile on my sides... any jeans are uncomfortable.
Avatar f tn Im so excited because my maternity jeans i ordered came in today and tomorrow is jeans day at work lol. I live an exciting life :p i ordered them from walmart and they were only $16! Good deals there if anyone is looking for affordable clothes. I bought dress pants for $15 too!
1927715 tn?1392055940 So just out of curiosity I tried on my pre pregnancy jeans and THEY FIT!
Avatar f tn Im on maternity leave now too im 38 wks 3 days and by god d days r draggin ive cleaned the house and its only lunchtime... doesnt help that im not sleeping days drag longer ...
Avatar f tn 38 weeks 2 days can't wait for my second Lil boy
Avatar f tn Idk maybe midwives are different?
Avatar f tn Oh makes me feel abit better, although i keep reading all sorts of storys and makes me nervous lol. Time is draggin til my scan at 2!!!!
Avatar f tn When did you start buying maternity jeans or any other maternity wear?
Avatar f tn Hi ladies. My first pregnancy so I'm being extra careful in what I can and can't do. Probably a silly question but can you wear skinny jeans? I'm nearly 6 weeks along and my size 10 jeans are getting extremely hard to button. I'm thinking of getting a bigger size but are they even safe or will they squash the baby?
Avatar f tn t even bother trying to make my old jeans work lol I just bought cute sweat pants a couple pairs of maternity jeans and some more yoga pants and I'm happy and as can be :) I'm not showing either but the maternity jeans fit nice they are a little long but I look good af
Avatar f tn What you wear cant harm the baby. If it makes you feel better then buy stretch jeans.
362119 tn?1223137936 well... I bought my first pair of maternity jeans the other day! still a little bit big.. but I will def need them soon! nothing else is growing...but the belly! I guess that means its a boy..lol Is it common in the early stages of pregnancy to just grow in the belly area??
4424188 tn?1355686856 Officially having to use a rubber band to hold my jeans up. I can still button them but when i sit down it pushes my stomach. Blah. maternity clothes here i come!
Avatar f tn I'm in the same size jeans as pre pregnancy but in maternity. I think in depends on where you put theweight on. Eg how much swelling in legs and bum area. I've put on more around that area this pregnancy compared to my last pregnancy. Hope that helps a little.
Avatar f tn Hey everyone,just wondering how u buy your marternity jeans?do you stick to your prepregnancy size but get it in maternity or get a size up in the marternity wear?i find it very confusing,i like my skinny jeans,and don't want to buy a pair only for them not to fit later on in pregnancy.
Avatar f tn My husband says he does not want me to wear my skinny jeans because men are looking at me like a piece of meat and want to have sex with me. .... When I told him that I did not want him talking to the mother of the "girl" he was trying to help because she wanted to have sex with him he said, "it doesn't matter what she wants. It only matters what I want, and I don't want that?". SO in the same spirit, I say, " "it doesn't matter what those men want.
Avatar f tn old navy sells maternity skinny jeans that are verrrrry comfortable!
6088943 tn?1381725210 Does anyone know what's up with the super high waistline on most maternity jeans? I just bought a pair yesterday, and the stretchy material literally goes all the way up to my bra!!! What's the point in this? Just curious. I always roll/fold it all the way down to my waist..
7827642 tn?1396958758 10 minutes =) and today I decided to buy some maternity jeans BC my regular jeans put pressure on my belly when sitting (standing Im fine) and I had to always unbutton them when I sat down. I bought a pair of skinny maternity jeans size large and they fit great BUT in the very front I have about a 1/2 inch pudge that sticks out and im wondering If that's normal?
Avatar n tn It happens to me all the time. I think its the increase in mucus. When you sleep it all settles then when you're draggin your bum to the bathroom. All the mucus start to drain and the pressure change in your sinuses causing the horrible sneezing fits...yaaaay biology stinks!! Lol Just keep the tissues handy.
Avatar f tn I really wana know the gender of my baby now lol its draggin till my scan!! A few people think im having a boy because of the way my bump is .. is the things true they say about the shape of your bump for a boy or girl??
Avatar n tn Polymyositis would be a possibility also, particularly in view of the raised CK.
Avatar f tn Time flew in for me. Till I hit 36 weeks now its draggin by!
Avatar f tn I am a former blue jean addict. I came home from college 2 years ago with over 50 pairs of jeans. My favorite are miss me... I love them. Sadly only one of my pair's of miss me jeans still fit and they are tight some days. I tried on some maternity jeans today but I hated them. Any advice on where to get maternity jeans?