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Avatar n tn I am 44 years old, and have gone, in 2 weeks, from having 44 year old skin to skin of a 60 year old. Could someone please help? I'm very distressed.
Avatar m tn My biggest problem is the oily skin I can wash my face and a half an hour later you can see the oil buildup. Now my question is can it be a zinc deficiency because for 13 years nothing works , if I can stop the oil buildup on my face, scalp and back I will be cured.
Avatar f tn I think you should speak to your Dr about what is vest for you and the baby. Your body obviously isn't ready yet. The longer they're in, the healthier they'll be. But your Dr knows best.
228463 tn?1216765121 4F and it makes all the symptoms I have like shaking, tremors, weakness, fatigue, mental fogginess get worse. Last month I felt like I was gonna jump out of my skin, I can feel my pants on my legs and it bothers me, also any touching feels almost painful, like my nerves are all excited and uncomfortable. I tried a Medrol dose pack last month and it did help by day 4 or so but don't want to ask for that again. I have also tried ibuprofen with no relief.
151263 tn?1243377877 I've heard over and over again that you should drink a LOT of water every day. Most combo vest have told me to drink at least a gallon a day, as it will really do a lot to lessen your sides. They even seem to say it ike this: "Getting ready for treatment? Better learn how to drink a lot of water REAL soon." And say it in a way like "Ohhhh you'll be sorry if you don't...you'll learn alright!
Avatar m tn If you do notice any reddening of the skin, pain to touch and the skin feeling hot, that could be an infection called Cellulitis, and a course of antibiotics or treatment by penicillins would be needed. Do not neglect any cuts, scratches, or other puncture wounds to your skin. I did not comment about your HbA1C levels before, as I have had to check the UK and US measurements. You can find more information about the HbA1C levels and your home glucose monitor levels on diabetic web sites.
Avatar m tn It's a solution of eucalyptus oil, pine needle extract, other plant oils and extracts, and a tiny amount of alcohol, ingredients that together are thought to act as a mucus solvent. Some people find it soothing, others stimulating, others irritating. It's better to start with a small amount rather than the 50/50 ratio of Alkalol to saline indicated in the Alkalol directions.
Avatar n tn The name describes a condition where several separate hair fibers bunch together and emerge from the skin through a single hair canal. The hair looks like a bunch of flower stalks in a vase." Is this similar to your case? Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pili_multigemini Folliculitis have been associated with conditions wherein multiple hairs grow in one hair follicle.
Avatar f tn It is awesome. After examining his penis I noticed the skin bellow the head is taught. I believe that is the reason for the curvature. For anyone that is worred dont be.
Avatar n tn So, for me, apparently it's all genetics. My dad is Italian, so I got his darker skin, but the hair came with it- my little sister has it too, lots on her legs, a bit of upper lip, starting on her stomach and back, and she's only 9. But I have a feeling she'll have it worse because she has lighter skin then I do, so it'll be more obvious.
Avatar n tn My mother went through a horrific case of shingles without a rash this July 07. She is a healthy 61 year old woman who got the shingles vaccine Spring 07. Its started out as a pain under her shouler blade. She thought she pulled a muscle. The pain got progressively worse (especially when she moved around) and she ended up in the ER thinking she was having a heart attack. The doctors had no idea what was causing the pain (all tests, xrays etc. turned up negative).
Avatar f tn When I got pregnant it really got big and filled with milk my doctor said it was breaast tissue that traveled into my armpit and that as long as it didn't hurt it really wasn't anything to worry about. It just looks like extra baggy skin and as a result I can't wear sleeveless tops. I've never known anyone else who has this to ask what they think or feel. My husband thinks if it bothers me so much I shyould have it removed. I am scared and want to know what the health risks are.
Avatar n tn as the gel variety is safe for most skin types and heals incredibly fast. Since this is tumor based and will continue to grow and change, it will not stop the cancer process but it might help keep her comfortable by minimizing secondary skin lesions. Best of luck to you and love her every day that you have her.
Avatar n tn I got the H1N1 shot yesterday at noon and starting last night I feel as though my skin is crawling on my back and between my shoulder blades. I feel like I have the chills and freezing. Now granted it is freezing outside, so that could be why I am so cold. I am very pro-vaccine but now am scared. My friend just recently had a baby and started having the same symptoms all of you have about 6 weeks ago. She is going to check to see if they started after she got her shot.
Avatar n tn Arteries have many, many nerves and a carotid dissection is like having the muscle torn away from the bone, or your skin torn away from your muscle. It is very painful and takes a very long time to heal." He also made the analogy that going out to do sports after a torn hamstring (which I had a few years ago) would just cause more injury, slower healing, and longer time with pain. The doctor got his point accross to me after that description. I do live my life differently now.