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Avatar n tn So I switched to ocella after being on beyaz and this month I have been way moody. I did miss a few pills do to the stress of our house burning down. And my husband and I do have unprotected sex. Around day 4 of the period pills I started having clear discharge with bloody streaks so I put a tampon in. There was hardly anything on it and it continued that way for aprox two days. Should I seek doctors help or wait till next month to see if aunt flow comes around? Thank you in advanced.
Avatar f tn Yaz made my skin clearer, made my periods lighter, and took the edge off of my cramps. However, I am switching to Ocella because it is cheaper. Since I am changing to a drug that is similar to Yaz, will I probably not have bad side effects? The one I'm mainly worried about is breaking out. I am not a smoker or a drinker either.
508106 tn?1269962799 I was on birth control for quite a while and it did regulate my periods but I was still fainting and vomiting so I was given 2 types of painkillers which were acids or something that were supposed to stop the bleeding therefore reducing the pain but I still continued to collapse. The pain usually starts the day before or right as I start to bleed. What is endometriosis? I googled it but didn't really understand. And Aleve is .. ?
1122431 tn?1263319041 Pills (starting and stopping) and sickness can definitely cause your hormones to fluctuate and could definitely cause your period to be delayed.
Avatar m tn I am 22 yrs old and married. I have been diagnosed with PCOS and have irregular periods due to the same reason. I was taking Ocella last year (for 6 months) because I was told my hormones are not balanced. Now, I have the same problem and am taking Yasmin. My periods have been going on for almost 10 days now. Its not heavy, just spotting. But I am concerned because this has never happened before. Has anyone experienced this? Please help me out.... Thanks!
Avatar f tn We have been using other forms of protection since. I finally got tired of such heavy and long periods, so I decided to start taking the Yaz I was described again. Since beginning it, I am having terrible heart palpitations. I feel like my heart is jumping out of my chest and I don't like this feeling at all. I am trying to decide if I should stop taking them or if my body will adjus to them and the palpitations will subside.
Avatar f tn Did you make sure to give the pills (when you tried both ocella and lybrel) a few cycles to work? I know it's annoying, and in the mean time you have a life to contend with... But sometimes it takes a while for these things to work. It's weird that ocella (generic Yasmin, I think) would make you bleed, because that is usually one they give to women who have problems with breakthrough bleeding. How long did you try it before you quit?
Avatar n tn I just started taking the birth control pill Ocella, and I haven't gotten my period yet and I have had unprotected sex with no ejaculation, but I have been feeling pre-period symptoms, tender breasts, moodiness and so on. But I am not sure when to expect my period, any advice?
Avatar f tn 3 months ago during my period, I was massaging the muscles in my lower right abdomen to try and relieve some of the pain, when I felt something slide (that's the best I can describe it), and the pain was sudden far less than it had been. After the 'slide' thing happened, the periods were getting longer, and I was spotting lightly but frequently throughout my cycle, and heavier in the week before my period started. The spotting always looked brown, and was thicker and darker than period blood.
Avatar m tn I was wondering if switching birth control pills could have helped maximize the anxiety. I switched from yaz to ocella and have only been on ocella for a few months and the anxiety started like a month ago.
Avatar f tn however here is my situation. In april i had a weird peirod, and i took a ept and it came out negative. almost 3 months late still negative ept, but i had about 1 1/2 of diarhea, now my diarhea had stoped but i have a little discomfort in my left side of my pelvic. sometimes it feels like i am obvulating but no period.
Avatar f tn Took pregnancy test because my period was months late. I had been sexually active with Austin after stopping oral birth control, but it was very very unlikely that I was pregnant. Took test anyway...not pregnant. Danced around room with Amanda. November/December 2009: First period with noticeable PMDD symptoms. Felt depressed, anti-social, anxious, tired on first few days of my period.
Avatar n tn My fingers and face was swollen with water. My periods would last sometimes the entire month and were super heavy. I tried several different pills and nothing stopped it. Immediately when starting Yaz I stopped bleeding. I peed for like 4 days straight and lost all the water weight. I also get migraines with my period, and Yaz hasnt seemed to help them at all. The first 3 weeks I had horrid migraine. The most noticable change though is that I am extremely emotional.
Avatar f tn She takes Ocella active pills continually for 6 months for menstrual suppression (to get only 2 periods per year), plus she is on Lexapro and Lamictal for her depression and bipolar. She does not have breakthru bleeding (unless she occasionally misses a pill) but gets almost daily cramping, hot & cold flashes, nausea. It appears to be "hormonal" symptoms, yet they started about the time her Lamictal got up to the 150-200mg point.
Avatar f tn im also 14 and on ocella, a birthcontrol pill, the pills DO NOT stop your period, it just makes it less then a usual week, mine is 5 days. Now the DEPO shot, you may have your period non stop for about a month, the horomnoes in the shot finishes cleaning you out...
280369 tn?1316705641 When my OB put my on the pill again, I got the generic version of YASMIN called OCELLA. I love it. My cycles are 28 days now, my periods last only 2-3 days and are VERY light. Good luck with your choice.
4254567 tn?1351779535 doctor's office calls back and notes high insulin and high levels of testosterone in my blood = referral to pediatric endocrinologist February 18, 2010: first appointment at the specialized doctor's office...
1022778 tn?1251685500 My only one concern was that I was on the brand name Yasmin and then in June they switched me to Ocella (that the genric brand), I found I was so over emotional with taking it. I had cramps for 5 days straight and only bled for 3 days. So I'm not sure if that was any reason of concern, but it did bother me a bit. The Depo shot I've heard a ton of bad news about it. That can stay in your system for over 1 year after you stopped taking it. Plus the weight gain I heard was bad too.
Avatar f tn The weight is going away slowly but surely, and my periods, although slightly irregular, have been better. I'm a bit more moody than before, Yaz always made me feel PMS when I shouldn't have though. Getting off the Yaz was the best thing I could have done!
Avatar m tn hello. I am taking ocella birthcontrol because i used to skip my periods for months at a time. i am a virgin, and recently everytime i get my period, i feel a burn in my vagina and it is uncomfortable sometimes when i am walking or urinating, is this bad?
Avatar f tn Me and my boyfriend had made love about 2 days ago. and the condom had broke and we didn't feel it break. So now I don't know if I'm pregnant or not. I'm on Ocella (Birth Control) and I was wondering do I take the pill even though I have an irregular period?
Avatar f tn I had shorter periods after being on my pill and they say after three months of starting it it will begin to regulate. This sounds normal to me but if you are concerned maybe contact your sexual health clinic?
Avatar f tn hi Doc , the result of my hsg shows i have blockages around my tubes not inside the tube my doctor advise to continue trying for another sixmonths which has past but still not pregnant and my husband has a low sperm count please what do i do at this stage save my marriage pls.
Avatar n tn Some women experience heavy periods (breakthrough bleeding) and some may not experience any periods at all. I suggest you to continue taking the pills for 3 weeks and then the sugar pills for 7 days. Periods are likely to occur in this 7 days and it should get regularized in the next cycles.Pls do not take Yasmin continuously without any hormone free periods on your own as you may experience breakthrough bleeding or spotting.
Avatar f tn I read that the best was to take these pills for skipping periods is to take three weeks of white pills, three weeks of light blue pills, and three weeks of dark blue pills, and then have a period. I started out doing this and taking my pill at the exact same time every day, but three weeks in I'm again having spotting. I really don't feel like having a period but it seems to get heavier every day even though I take my pill on time. Now.... some questions.
Avatar n tn If you like bananas and orange juice, try to eat those and drink OJ at least once a day and see what happens. Your potassium levels may be low which can cause the dizziness and headaches. The OJ will provide the Vitamin C that we need as well. I hope this helps. Also, you may want to request a MRI just to be on the safe side.
Avatar m tn I recently (within the last few months) switched to Ocella and within the last month my anxiety has begun to control my life. I know I always had issues, but they were minor and manageable and now there not.
Avatar f tn But now she stopped Aldactone and gave me Birth Control Pill ( Ocella, its generic of Yasmin). But How long can I take this BCP I am not sure. My period are always been so frequent since they started ( in the age of 13). Recently my doc took vaginal and abdominal ultrasound. She found that I have Poly cystic ovaries. But she told me that I don't have PCOS as my periods are very frequent. My doc took all the test. First they took my blood sample, and then gave me a injuction of Cortrosyn.
Avatar f tn When i was using heavily there was months that i would actually skip a period here and there. After i detoxed and was clean my periods did get pretty bad along with the cramps but after a few months of that it did work itself back out. The cramps are still bad but you have to remember...you have no pain meds in your system. Hope this helped. Take care of yourself! hope you feel better soon!