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Avatar m tn Immigration Reform Bill Includes National Biometric Database Sunday, 12 May 2013 09:58 AM By Todd Beamon A national biometric database of virtually every adult in the United States would be created under the comprehensive immigration reform legislation currently being debated in the Senate. Such a database, introduced on page 178 of the 844-page bill, has privacy groups fearing that it is the first step toward a national identification system, Wired.com reports.
1301089 tn?1290670171 _________________________________________________________ President Changes Tune on Health-Care Costs By Gerri Willis Published September 13, 2010 | FOXBusiness From day one of his administration, President Obama has said his plan to overhaul health care will bring rising costs down. But as time passes since signing the new law, the White House, including the president himself is seemingly hemming and hawing on that. A report from the U.S.
Avatar f tn Health care reform will expand access to high-quality health insurance, and give individuals, families, and businesses more choices for coverage. Right now, big corporations decide whether to give you coverage, what doctors you get to see, and whether a particular procedure or medicine is covered—that is rationed care. And a big part of reform is to stop that.
Avatar f tn I had respected his service - but last night with him wandering around while Obama was speaking rather than sitting down (like Obama did), and calling him "THAT ONE" - what was that about??? THEN, did you notice he diverted himself from shaking Obama's hand? I guess he thought "that one" might rub off on him or something.
572651 tn?1531002957 I encourage Americans to be skeptical of what their politicians claim about health care in Canada, particularly those politicians who are opposed to health care reform. They usually get it wrong. I have familly members who have had hip and knee replacements who did not wait nearly as long as those timeframes you mention, Kyle, though I appreciate some patients probably do.
1530342 tn?1405020090 The Top 10 political quotes of 2010 Brooks stirred up a kind of hornets' nest of discussion by asserting that the Republican Party is so fixated on one issue – tax levels – that it may have become "an odd protest movement" rather than "a normal conservative party." Some fellow pundits agreed, while critics said Brooks, not the Republican Party, was unreasonable.
1310633 tn?1430227691 officials have said that Obama didn't know about problems with the health care enrollment site before it launched and that he only recently learned about a National Security Agency operation that wiretapped German Chancellor Angela Merkel's phone for a decade. "It is my understanding that President Obama was not aware Chancellor Merkel's communications were being collected since 2002," Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein said. "That is a big problem.
306455 tn?1288865671 He has brought us closer to the changes necessary in the health reform issues, which personally I do think will happen, maybe not the one with the one payer system that I am for but there will be some changes. I think he is doing an awesome job of handling the republicans on calling them out on not doing anything to contribute to the process of helping the people. Not one republican voted for the stimulus but now 111 of them are taking credit for its success.
389974 tn?1331018842 That is advantageous for an elder who has money and not a large number of health problems. To qualify for assisted living, the elder must have sufficient cognitive skills, and must be able to do basic activities such as feed themselves and be able to move around (albeit, with assistance).
306867 tn?1299253309 Limbaugh, on the other hand, can stoke racial animosity on his show by suggesting that health care reform is a civil rights bill -- reparations -- and no one seems to mind. And no, the impotence isn't an adequate Karmic punishment for Limbaugh's roster of trespasses. The tea party is an extension of talk radio. It's an extension of Fox News Channel.
Avatar f tn Below is from the New York Times. I was floored! 52% of Americans voted for Obama, so many Dems want his healthcare yet this special ranked THIRD??? BEHIND CBS;s rerun??? What's up with that??
306867 tn?1299253309 If there were any specific abuses of power such as this I would be against them regardless of my stance on health care reform (which is one bill only, there would be others I would not support, no specific efforts have been made to return the troops, I don't automatically support any public official, although I am in favor of certain legislative efforts).
Avatar f tn How many articles have been posted on this forum dissing everything obama did! But THIS particular article is NOT about Obama! It is about a statement made by PAUL during the debate, after he had denied asking or requesting ANY stimulus, period. Ryan to the voters: The stimulus was a failure that did not create growth or jobs anywhere. And he knows better because he himself advocated these same stimulus for his state, because he said he thought it WOULD create jobs!
163305 tn?1333672171 reentry, court reform, jobs, treatment and legal aid. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/16/cory-booker-drug-war_n_1676008.
Avatar f tn I believe as a christian that we have been warned of things to come. Another reason I find it silly to blame all on Obama, yet the reactions to Obama do not surprise me for the same reason. This author has some good stuff to say, however I am personally uncomfortable mingling the two because as we see political division is bad enuff and to mix that with ones own individual outlook on what the bible says can only lead to disaster. C where Im coming from here.
Avatar f tn } I think a point Susans thread brought out is who's going to do more good for health care, make changes, etc. Helping health care, making changes is my main concern, whatever the disease may be. X is correct tho, in that it is up to many of us to change, make awareness in hep c. Quick note on the 'war' our soldiers, etc. While HATING seeing our people go fight, get killed, leave home and so on..….
1530342 tn?1405020090 A month ago I thought we had reached a rare meeting of minds here. Mass shootings are a mental health issue, not a gun issue. But all I saw for the first week after -- and still a month later -- was gun talk. Let me preface this by saying I find censorship distasteful, but what is there about unrealistic gun violence that is so compelling? I watched and enjoyed the movie 'The Matrix' -- as an adult.