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Avatar m tn She did a swab test and I will hear back in 10 days, but she also gave me meds for a yeast infection as well as herpes. I took the pill she gave for the yeast infection and got monistat and have put cream on it and any pain I have had has gone away within the last 24 hours. I know the sores are still there, but they are smaller. Am I right to assume that a combo of all of the above has just lead to the most painful yeast infection ever?
Avatar n tn I heard that the nuvaring birth control helps alot with women who are prone to yeast infection... I have been using it for about 3 years and it does help however I was married for the most part of that and maybe only got one or two but i mostly contributed that to receiving oral after my husband drank alot of beer...
Avatar n tn They called and said I had a VERY bad yeast infection. This time I started feeling similar to the last time. By day 3 I was swollen and red again with mild itching and a white/clear stretchy discharge. I have been with a new partner since Nov. 2005 and these problems have started since then. I seem to be irritated down there almost always after we have sex. Do you think maybe it's his body chemistry that isn't mixing well with my "inside"?
Avatar f tn Hello, All my issues began when I started using NuvaRing for Birth Control which was in May this year. A month later (June) right after my period, I developed a yeast infection or so thats what I thought. I went to the Dr and was prescribed medication she did not do a swab test bc the month that I got on the NuvaRing I had her check for any stds or any other type of infection and all the tests came back negative.
5121963 tn?1363908857 1) Would I be getting UTI's or Yeast infections more? (I do get them very easily) 2) How do I take the NuvaRing out?? There's no string or anything attatched to it, such as a tampon has. And how far do you have to put it up? 3) Does NuvaRing make it difficult to have sex? Would he notice it? Thank you everyone for taking your time to read my questions and give the best advice!
Avatar n tn Did she test you for a yeast infection? BV? I had something similar after trying the new birth control Nuvaring...once a month I would have increased discharge (no odor), and severe itching. The cracking and bleeding would occur when I scrathe3d (but I really couldn't help it! The itching was INTENSE!). Monistat helped (I thought it was a yeast infection) for a few of those months, but then I started having some pain on intercourse over the course of a few months.
Avatar n tn I would go to the docters and get it checked out. it good be an infection that needs to be treated with antibiotics or other medication. if it is worse after sex .. you may want to lay off the intercourse until it clears up might make it worse for you,Hope this helps.
372900 tn?1315515902 I got very very mild hot flashes and frankly, I got some kind of yeast infection type of thing which I'm attributing to the hormones but who knows. I'm hoping to conceive this month but have two more refills just in case.
Avatar n tn I had a little bit of itchiness which is not common for me, so I went and got some yeast infection medication. For the record, it wasn't Monistat. Anyway, I inserted the first one and went to bed. I awoke with the most painful awful burning itching I have ever felt down there in my LIFE. I accidentally cut the skin down there from scratching too hard if you can believe it. It felt like my vagina was on FIRE!!!
Avatar n tn Update -- I posted back in July and suffered with the persistent paper-cut like cuts for about 18 months before a doctor finally was able to help. I had previously been told that it was NOT yeast, but the symptoms did improve somewhat with Diflucan, and worsened with some of the traditional yeast-promoting things (non-cotton underwear, drinking alcohol). One GYN finally did find yeast on microscope, and discovered that the yeast persisted despite multiple doses of Diflucan.
Avatar n tn Without anything, they opened the incision to a full 1cm at the point it opened and squeezed out as much of the fluid as they could. A week later, I got a UTI. The next week, I got a yeast infection. Then I noticed a little red dot coming out of the incision. Three weeks later, I had a wound care specialist cortirize the wound. Then after the pain killers were done. I felt strange sensations down my left leg and a burning pain across the incision.
Avatar f tn After doing some research, I decided to treat myself with an over the counter yeast infection medication. This cleared up the problem. In December, I went to my general doctor and had her test me for all STDs/STIs because I was having a lot of discharge in varying colors and amounts. I also at that time told her about the paper cut that I had previously felt.
Avatar n tn I have similar issues-i'm 19 and am going to the doctors this coming tuesday and i'm afraid they may say its herpes-i thought it was a yeast infection-i just got off of antibiotics and then this yeast infection, or what i htink and hope is one, came around, and i know that can happen. but then i have some cracks in my skin down below and some reddness, i sometimes have gotten cracks before, and thought it was maybe from stretching the skin from sex or something.
Avatar n tn I've tried Diflucan pills, I've had a biopsie (it was negative), I've had an ultrasound (nothing unusual for found), I've been tested for every kind of VD (all negative), I was tested to see if I was diabetic (I'm not), I was even told that it might be ecoli attacking and eating the skin and put on anti-biotics that had no effect (except to give me a yeast infection). And everytime I have been cultured for yeast, it has been negative.
Avatar n tn During sex it doesn't hurt but about 2-4 minutes afterwords it starts to burn from the outside of my vagina to about 4 inches in and lasts for 2-3 hours. I can't sit. I've tried every yeast infection medication and nothing works and my doctor said my test results for a yeast infection came back negative. Ive been with the same guy for 2 1/2 years and have only recently had the problem after I found out I was pregnant.
Avatar n tn Ask the doctor do look at it. Test for herpes 1 & 2, make sure they type it. (If you have herpes 1, you need to be able to distinguish if you have it orally or genitally, that's why you should also have the sore cultured.) I agree with Peek & also have them test for yeast. Amoxicillan can cause a yeast infection.
Avatar n tn I always run frm one obgyn to the next they keep saying I have re urrent bacterial infections or atleast thats what they treat me for but after the antibiotics i soo after get a yeast infection. The smells clears for awhile then comes back. Abstinece doesnt necessarily help, nor does protected sex with condoms.. Sometime the smell is fishy but primarily its undescribalbe (not fishy just somethkng foul) ive went frm test to teat no std's nothing abnormal!
Avatar n tn She said it wasn't a yeast infection, but a bacterial infection. She gave me a prescription for Metronidzole Vaginal 0.74%PRA - which is a cream you insert with an applicator each night before bed. I feel relief already! She gave me a running prescription because she said this often reoccurs in women due to a pH imbalance - starting or ending your period is the trigger. I also use vagisil only on the affected area, and that helps alot.
Avatar n tn Not sure if it's a side effect from that (I was sexually active when I was unaware of the yeast infection), or a side effect from the flucanazole (oral yeast infection treatment). It doesn't hurt, but it definitely feels like I have a piece of tape stuck to my lip. It peels. The skin is thin. My lip is starting to develop a wrinkle in the spot. It's red, and when I have lip gloss on, it is not visible to the naked eye.
Avatar n tn She said I had a sever yeast infection, gave me 3 of some pill that gets rid of the infection, but it really only takes one. She then gave me a cream called Nystatin. This cream is wonderful. With it I could pee without it burning. Within 10 days the sores went away. Now, 3 months later, I have one sore again, and I actually felt this one develop. I put more of this cream on it, and again, its working perfectly.
Avatar n tn This wards off Yeast and Bv as well. Also another trick if you have a YEAST INFECTION which u MAY have if you have Bv is to take Alka Seltzer. It has citric acid in it as well as Asprin that helps cure u IMMEDIATELY! I KNOW! I've used A LOT of stuff w/trial and error. And Yes, the Rephresh DOES work, BUT, as SOON as you stop using it u get a yeast infection ( @ least I did) and your vagina becomes USE to it.
Avatar n tn This week for the first time, I have 3-4 cuts after sex accompanied by a low-grade yeast infection. I went to the doctor today and was tested for Herpes and given a prescription for Valtrex (which I can't afford). She said she thought there was a 40% chance it was herpes (my boyfriend gets mouth cold sores, but neither of us has any other history of HSV) and a 60% chance it was "just tears" and said I should just make sure I use KY, which I already do.
Avatar n tn i am going to see a doctor tomorrow because i thought it was a yeast infection but i have been tested for that before and i didn't have anything. I've have the problem for as long as i can remember..and i did realize that wearing tight clothes makes it worse...but im only 20! all of my clothes are well fitted!..and i realized when i take off the clothes and get into my PJ's the itching is horrible! its always worst in the night... i don't know what to do!!! HELP!!!!
Avatar n tn then she told me she was using the nuvaring for birth control...and she had switched during to it while with her last partner, and hadn't had any issues. but it clearly was hurting me during sex. she switched to the pill (though she hated it) and it took a long time for me to completely heal...we waited as much as weeks at a time hoping i would be completely healed, but once we would start having sex again the place where i had been cut would start to reopen...
Avatar n tn I also developed a vaginal yeast infection this weekend so I think the itching could be Candida overgrowth. I am going to see someone this week for a candida test and a liver enzyme test. I'm afraid my liver could be failing because I have had a drinking problem for several years and itching is a symptom. If they find nothing I will have a test for diabetes. I have been diagnosed 3 times with high blood sugar but negative for diabetes in the past.
Avatar f tn My heavy bleeding is from fibroids, did manage to get the doc to answer that one question, they go away on there own when you are totally thru with menopause, as for the watery discharge, I have to wear a pad everyday, its not urine so the only thing i can thank of is that my organs are pressing down on my ovaries and this causes the wetness,during sex its awefull Tooo wet to enjoy and my ph level in my vagina has changed because of this, I have been to the doctor to make sure i have no yeast i
Avatar n tn They both came back positive for yeast but the lab forgot to culture them both times. I have another yeast infection for the 8 month in a row and have had to take meds each time only to have it come back. I am done. I am calling tomorrow to take it out. The miren was great for over 2 yrs but is not working now.
Avatar n tn Your not alone. I am having the same thing happen to me. Please let me know what you find out I am having a similar problem exepet i have not been told i have Endomertiosos and Adenomyosis. 3 years ago i started getting 2 periods a month. Nobody could figure out why. Hormonoal imbalance was occuring. I wanted to find out what was causing this and solve the problem not cover up the symptoms by taking birth control pills to get regulated or fertility drugs to have kids.
Avatar n tn Since I have it inserted, my sexdrive has decreased, and I have yeast infection all the time. I'm planning to talk to my doctor, and have it removed as soon as possible.