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Avatar f tn Hi there, Nuvaring contains the hormones estrogen and progesterone. It keeps the levels of these hormones at a constant level to prevent the eggs from maturing. When these hormone levels decrease and there is sloughing of the inner lining of the uterus you get your periods.
Avatar f tn Hello Doctors and fellow fibroid strugglers. I'm 37 years old and have been struggling with a life changing posterior uterine fibroid that has been growing the past 3 years. It first started giving me pain at 3x3cm and now its 5x6cm. I have had 2 Gyn Drs tell me to leave it alone unless I had severe pain. I have dealt with severe back pain, severe bloating, lower pelvic pain traveling down to my knee and sometimes pain to the point of nausea and keeling over in bed until the Advil kicked in.
Avatar n tn Hello, All your symptoms can be related to nuva ring use. NuvaRing is a contraceptive device. Like oral contraceptives ("The Pill"), it prevents pregnancy by providing a steady level of the female hormones estrogen and progestin.However, various side effects of using theses have been reported.It can cause nausea and vaginal inflammation and discharge.In some cases it has been associated with vaginitis and genital infections like candidiasis.
Avatar f tn Anything with a high level of estrogen gives me migraines and any that are low dose make me depressed. I have tried NuvaRing but my husband and I did not like it. We really want to wait awhile to have children and we are currently using the "withdrawal" method which can lead to accidents. I am thinking of trying Norplant, I have heard good things about it but I'm not sure I want something implanted under my skin when I can't even handle an oral contraceptive. Does anyone have this?
Avatar n tn I can't agree on taking the pill. The estrogen involved with those scripts can damage other things. Best thing to do is run the appropriate labs to look at the symptoms first FHS - LH - estrogen Progesterone and testosterone and balance those ratios. If thyroid level are off - then run all 3 TSH - FT3 and FT4 and again ratio out the Free Testing to see if she actually is low.
Avatar n tn But I have to figure out a way to control the pain now without it being the high level estrogen bcontrol pills. But this is our fourth so b control is very important now as well. LOL. Thanks for the advice.
Avatar n tn well you are certainly brave, given your level of reaction to hormonally based contraception.. The only choice you have is to work with your doctor and go systematically through different chemical configurations. It sound doubtful that you will tolerate them but you don't know for sure unless you try. I have talked to gynecologists recently who feel Mirena is a highly reliable IUD with few sideeffects for most people- however it is a progestin product- so it may affect you as the others have.
Avatar f tn I do not recommend Nuvaring. I am a very level headed person, but this made me very unstable over the littlest things. My friends even noticed it. I felt like I was a caged animal. I have been off of it since Dec, 31 (it is now Jan 21). I feel like a new person. (or the one that I use to be). Now on the other hand, I am having pregancy syptoms. ie Sore breast, light headed, need to pee a lot. I had Novasure done about a year go, but still have very light periods.
Avatar n tn The doctors first suspected my brain and did an MRI on it 2 years ago. The nurse spent roughly 45 seconds blazing through the images and then told me I was fine. I felt a little unsure about that prognosis and went back to my main doctor. She told me to forget the brain and just stop worrying. So, for almost 2 years I ignored all the symptoms. Ignoring = being miserable. So I was at the chiropractor about 2 weeks ago. I talk to him alot about these problems.
3903484 tn?1348535242 repeat test in 4-6 weeks 02/16/11 Took Stress Test 03/04/11 Electrophysiologist said stress test results were excellent BP 114/75; Temp 97.8; pulse 87; oxygen level 97. Pain was result of Beta blocker(are other alternatives if need - ablation still out there.) 05/09/11 Endo office called reading is TSH 5.95 want 5.50; Free T4 1.45; increasing dose from .050 to .
Avatar n tn I cant figure out how to ask a question so I guess Ill just leave it here and hope I get a response... I started Nuvaring on Monday the 17th of August on the first day of my period which came 2 days early. I continued it for the next few weeks and spotted moderately the whole time. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on Wed the 2nd of Sept which would have been day 16 on the ring. He also withdrew.
Avatar n tn My current gp has said that it could be abnormal flora (stuff that grows to keep the bacteria fed. so to speak) growth and that the ph level is not quite right from the copper and should normalize over time.
Avatar f tn I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a slightly low TSH level. At least 6 months later, I get diagnosed with slightly raise levels of testosterone/androgens. Apparently, birth control is how androgen levels are decreased and I was on it, so my gyno put me on lupron for 2 months (a drug that induces menopause temporarily- NOT supposed to be used for PCOS). It helped lower the levels, and then I went off lupron and the levels went back up.
Avatar n tn I then went and got a full physical and they tested for estrogen and it came out that I was producing estrogen on my own and it was in the normal range!! I also got results back from my physical that I had elevated liver enzymes and am supposed to come back in August to re-test. Dr. said it wasn't something to worry about, but it still worries me a little. Also I've lost about 3-5lbs after getting off the pill and my hair has been coming out a lot more..
Avatar n tn Interesting, klouise. After my last pap (which just a couple of months ago), my doctor told me I had "damaged cells" on my cervix and gave me a one-dose vaginal suppository antibiotic. He was not able to give me a viable reason as to why or how it happened, and I'm confused as to how it was never noticed before. I just had another pap to see if the antibiotic did any good. But like you, my paps have all been normal.
Avatar n tn prescribed an estrogen cream which did not seem to work. I have not been on any other medication for this. I am looking for some guidance as to what this condition may be and how to treat it. My husband & I want to get pregnant soon but I would like to resolve this issue first. Please help.
Avatar n tn o Allergy symptoms o Depression, fatigue and anxiety o Endometriosis o Fibrocystic breasts o Hair loss and facial hair growth o Headaches, dizziness and foggy thinking o Low sex drive o Osteoporosis o PMS o Urinary tract infections and incontinence o Uterine fibroids o Weight gain, water retention and bloating o Wrinkly skin Symptoms of hormone imbalance are caused primarily by the incorrect relationship between progesterone and estrogen levels in the body.
Avatar f tn The more adipose means more estrogen. If there's an excess of estrogen, the body can bleed excessively or be fooled into thinking it is pregnant. A hormone called "prolactin", which normally rises during breast feeding and stops ovulation/menstruation, can also rise because of a disturbance in the chest wall, as a consequence of hormonal fluctuations or imbalances or for reasons unknown. It is not really fair to simply dismiss your bleeding irregularities to your weight.
Avatar n tn none of my doctors will say anything about them....more estrogen and time they keep saying. it has been 5 months. I have tried vaginal probiotics, estrogen tablets inserted vaginally, creams, aloe and total abstinence from sex. every day, they look exactly the same.I don't think there's a happy ending here.
Avatar n tn After treatment, I started the Nuvaring and had 3 normal cycles and I thought I was cured... and then it began again... I have been on my period for 6 months now... My OB/Gyn changed me to Femcon which only made the cramps much worse, then changed to Nordette and that did not help at all... So I stopped taking all birth control about 6 weeks ago and this month, my periods have slowed down to about every 2 weeks which is better... but I still need to be on birth control.
Avatar n tn Hi there, I'm new to this and a little confused. My doctor just told me yesterday that I have hypothyroid, my TSH level is 12.4 which is "very high" and my husband and I should immediately stop trying to get pregnant because we will most likely miscarry if we can even manage to conceive. We have been trying for 4 months with no luck and no periods. It sounds like some of you have had levels waaaay higher than that though and have managed to concieve and even carry to term.
Avatar n tn The first time the acutely raised liver enzymes was due to me not tolerating the estrogen in birth control pills. The second time it was accompanied by nausea, and I immediately recognized the intense itching signs. A cause was never found, but a thought was that it could have been caused to me not tolerating certain vitamins (as the liver enzymes went back to normal once I ceased the vitamin intake, as multiple tests (incl.
Avatar n tn For the remaining 3 relationships (including the last, my husband), I have tried to use Nuvaring (a vaginal contraceptive). Each time, after using it for a few months, I had to stop, because of the intense burning and pain inside and out of my vagina. Although the pain seemed to go away after a few months of not using it, the last two relationships ended about then. Scary to think if they were related. So, beware of Nuvaring! I can't believe I didn't see the trend.
Avatar f tn Then Planned Parenthood changed me to Ortho tri cyclen lo after 5 years which screwed me up wicked.. Had spotting every week when I transitioned from dose level to dose level... Terrible... They just told me to "give it time" finally I had to stop using it and went on Levlen which is a monophasic pill.. Loved it! No spotting or anything.. then... after 3 years.... I recently developed massive anxiety all of a sudden....
Avatar n tn It worked for a while and then it started getting screwed up again. Now I am on Nuvaring and I am not bleeding irregularly anymore, but I have had the same problem you have since I started birth control. I have not masturbated without heavy bleeding (very very dark blood) since I started the depo as I recall,and most of the time I bleed throughout and/or after intercourse. I had the same result on my papsmear as well, so there must be a connection.
Avatar n tn To the point where i have been in tears on countless occasions because of the level of discomfort and weight gain. And on the topic of weight gain, i dont care what any doctor or ANYONE says, the Paragard DOES cause weight gain. I am a fit and active person and have maintained my weight for years. I HAVE GAINED ALMOST 15 POUNDS! SINCE JANUARY!
Avatar n tn You are probalby right, it is the kids. Especially since my oldest one has the energy level of 10 of me and runs me ragged everyday. Dh and me are actually getting away together this weekend for our anniversary, maybe this will bring a little spark back in me. Thanks again.
Avatar n tn My son has had 3 major surgeries since January and I noticed I had very heavy bleeding and tenderness (it felt like my uterus hurt) but again, it went away when the stress level went down. I do agree that no one BC method works for everyone since everyone's bodies are so different. But it's been GREAT for me. When I was on the BCP before our daughter was born, it really affected my moods and my sex drive. It took me forever to feel ready to have sex.
Avatar n tn She said that women experiencing a lot of bleeding on Seasonique typically need a pill with a higher level of progesterone, so she switched me to Junel (I think that's the spelling?). I started the new pill on Sunday and after just 2 days, the bleeding is beginning to subside. I still have a little spotting and need a pantyliner, but it's not nearly what I had experienced for the past 8 weeks! I definitely think you might want to talk to your doctor and discuss any other options.