Nuvaring and pregnancy symptoms

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Avatar f tn Hello, It may be difficult to confirm the exact cause of your symptoms without complete clinical examination and work up. If you have been using the ring as directed then the chances of pregnancy seem to be unlikely.Nuvaring causes bleeding between periods, breast tenderness, nausea and vomiting. It may cause increased vaginal discharge, vaginal irritation, or infection. Hormonal fluctuations might be causing these symptoms.
Avatar n tn So my dr put me on nuvaring to stop me from ovulating cuz it was so painfull, and told me to change it at 28 days and immediatly put in a new one to stop me from having my period, because my periods last for like 12 days and because i have severe headaches during my period. I used the nuvaring for 2 months, i never had any pain, no headaches, no periods. But I was just not myslef, i was mean to everyone, I was tired all the time, I never wanted sex. So i took it out and stopped using it.
Avatar n tn Thank you for your responses. I'll take a test tomorrow AM and test again next week.
Avatar f tn I havent had my period in 2 months (which is expected, im supposed to use the ring for 3 months and have a period the 4th) In the middle of month 2 of using the ring... Im having pregnancy symptoms. I tried a home test, and the results were off and non-conclusive. The doctor had me take a urine test and it came back negative. She sent me to xray to check out my stomach for why ive been having some stomach problems lately. Its been 6 weeks since sex.
Avatar f tn Like I said before I am off the NuvaRing now and I'm happier but when can I be at risk for pregnancy? Also is it safe that I have been off of the NuvaRing for about 4 months now? should I be using condoms even though I'm with the same partner?
Avatar n tn Is pregnancy symptoms (sore breasts, sensitive nipples, nausea, constipation, cramping, fatigue, increased urination) a side effect from stoping nuva ring? I had a normal period Dec. 18-22 and am not expecting my period until the 17 of jan. but my symptoms started the 24th of dec. I stopped nuvaring on dec. 15th. I have tried resting, drinking gingerale, drinking less fluids, eating more ruffage.
Avatar f tn Remember when you come off from BC after being on it so long, and stopping and starting BC can cause a TON of pregnancy like symptoms and irregular cycles, so that may be your problem, good luck!
187316 tn?1386360282 Some times the antibiotics can make you feel sick.. and sometimes I body's have symptoms of pregnancy around the time we start.. another thing is sometime birth control can make you feel pregnant.
Avatar f tn Ive taken two test and both negative, i still have all the same symptoms except breast aint as bad and still no period and no sign of it! I took it out almost a week ago, do u think im just testing to early or getting false negatives?
Avatar n tn Because of this, your body is trying to have a regular menstrual cycle, but still can't and it causes cramping and pregnancy like symptoms. I don't know if I fully believe that explanation, but I HATE the ups and downs of feeling pregnant, not being pregnant, and then going through the same thing the next month. I am going to get it taken out.
1027094 tn?1327433332 I got pregnant this time around on nuvaring but I had a UTI and bronchitis and was on a cramp load of medication for a month prior. You're only supposed to take it out maximum 3 hours a day and when you take it out for the week you are supposed to put it back in at the same time you took it out.
Avatar n tn I took about 5 home pregnancy tests and they were negative. I didn't put a new ring in because I wanted to rule out that those were side effects. The only other side effect that I have had on the ring is mood swings starting around 4 months of use. I recently went to the doctor and she said,"I have to tell you it's the ring." She didn't find it necessary to take a blood test or do anything. Then, she said that I should try the mirena.
Avatar f tn I took the pill Sunday and Monday. However Monday night I had unprotected sex and he came inside of me. This was the day after my 3 week period ended. My questions are A. Because of my long period when would I have been ovulating? And B. Am I pregnant? C. do i have to be ovulating to get pregnant I have no signs or anything but I do know it's early and because of the new birth control I really don't know when I will start my period or if it will be my actual period or spotting..
Avatar n tn period symptoms and pregnancy symptoms are pretty much the same. it is not unusual to be a few days late. i just got my period this morning and i was expecting it 3 days ago. i am usually regular/on time. i had all the mentioned above symptoms and i questioned in my i pregnant? then i said, wait a minute, my husband and i didnt have sex for a whole month so it cant be that! you probably have period symptoms if HPT is negative.
552853 tn?1278409503 Hmmm... Well, I had my last Nuvaring in either September or October... then (I was PREVENTING USING FA (fertility awareness) )... I got pregnant in December. I had thought I was pregnant in November because of the lazyness in which we practiced it, but nope... I was preg. in Dec. my first symptoms were that my BB's hurt from the day I ovulated and didn't stop at all. Then my migraines dissapeared around 1-2w pregnant before my BFP. I got my BFP at about 18DPO.
1297979 tn?1272749990 It could definitely be the hormones in the ring giving you weird symptoms, i however was on the nuvaring. i had a MC and went on the nuvaring right way after it and never got a period and ended up pregnant, so it is possible! especially since you had the sex before you even put it in and the time about 2 weeks after your period would most likely depending on your cycles, put you in a fertile time! good luck and hope things work out for you.
Avatar f tn Although, it's likely you are not- so many things have to happen at just the right time in order for pregnancy to occur. Are you having any symptoms or just worried in general? Hope things turn out the way you would like them to!
Avatar f tn Probably just break through bleeding. Mine was always brown with the nuvaring. And I would have symptoms like that from time to time too. I would take the test just to make sure. But I doubt it.
Avatar n tn I took a pregnancy test last week and it was negative. I still have these pregnancy symptoms, so I took another one after my missed period and still negative. I dont know what else it could be and the headaches and nausea are really strong. I also have more saliva than usual too. Three pregnancy tests and all of them negative! I know that I am not making these symtoms up and I am not having "phantom" syndrome. I dont know what else it could be.
228463 tn?1216765121 My nuerologist said that the doestrogen (something like that, the ingredient in NuvaRing) was actually exacerbating my symptoms, and took me off birth control entirely. My gynocologist had said that a hormone is released during your period that causes inflammation throughout your system, and that could potentially be an issue with me (he was not specific to MS).
Avatar n tn I pray to have a healthy child and that I don't miscarry (this is my 6th pregnancy, i have had a few ectopic) and only 2 were successful. And that I have had horrible cramps for the past 3 wks but its mostly in my back and at night. And my headaches are worse than ever. I don't know if anyone has any positive re-enforcement maybe they could send me some input or even words of wisdom or success stories.. I think the more horror stories I hear the worse I feel, as I am sure most in this boat.
Avatar n tn I am a 20 year old female, and I have been having pregnancy symptoms, but keep getting HPT negative results. Could it be that it is to early to determine or what. I have been on NuvaRing almost a year now, and I recently took my ring out on the 19th of september. I usually come on 3days after I take my ring out but not this time. I have a little pug in my stomach sometime feel the need to throw up but never do.
Avatar n tn I myself haven't had a period as yet, and i get a lot of pregnancy symptoms but i'm told these happen after coming off of depo. I wish you all the luck in whichever you choose.
Avatar n tn heck, i was on nuvaring for like 3 months, and made a freaking hit list....i dont remember any "symptoms" i had, but ooohhhh df and our friend will tell you, don't even stop to ask, just do it, and if it wasn't what i wanted done, just suck it up and drive on lol.....i do remember having spotting all the danged time....and i hated it, cos i'd keep thinking i was pregnant, when i wasn' about wasting money on HPT's....
Avatar n tn I had a normal period the first week in March, and just this week 3-24-08 I started getting a very little nausea, fever like symptoms and My breasts are alittle tender. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and the line was VERY faint. I guess I am just wondering if me getting of birthcontrol after being on it so long can mess up my hormones enough to get that result on a pregnancy test of if I am probably pregnant.