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Avatar f tn For a couple of days I've been experiencing random nausea either in the morning or randomly in the day, breast tenderness and pain, lower abdominal pressure, head aches, light headed, increase in appetite, wierd eating habits or eating things I never ate before, I'm a smoker and lighting a cigarette makes me feel sick especially in the morning, today I've been urinating frequantly and my emotions are very high, moods swings, this morning I was feeling intense nausea at my bus station and just s
Avatar n tn Hi Everyone, I just recently started experiencing similar right upper quadrant (RUQ) abdominal pain and came across your thread in my search for information on the Internet. I did find an interesting and seemingly credible site that recommends various clinical and diagnostic parameters for the diagnosis of the etiology of RUQ abdominal pain:
Avatar f tn I have been having right abdominal pains for about a month now. The pain extends from under my right rib, down to my hip, and around to the back of my right rib. I went to the doctors, he felt my stomach and asked me questions and said he thinks its probably stress. I have been very stressed out lately, lost my job, dealing with a breakup, wondering how im going to pay the bills, have a one year old.. just got done with her birthday party and planning it and everything.. just alot going on.
Avatar m tn My main cause of worry is swelling and slight pain in my lower abdominal area. I feel bloated as though I would be starting my period soon, but I am not due to begin until about a week to ten days from now. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar f tn A few times I've waken up in the middle of the night and felt like I had food poisoning because my abdominal cramps were so bad. The thing is, I originally got the Mirena because I actually got PREGNANT on the nuvaring! And based on the timing of when I got pregnant and how diligent I was about using the thing correctly, the doctor I saw was pretty sure that that nuvaring just failed (it is after all about 95% effective).
Avatar f tn Endo can cause severe lower back pain, hip pain, sciatica pain, leg pain, pelvic pain, abdominal pain. Before my lap I tried several different forms of birth control and none of them alleviated my pain at all. My ob/gyn told me that BC hardly ever helps endo pain. You need to ask your ob/gyn about a diagnostic laparoscopy. It's same day surgery, only takes about an hour, and it is the only way to diagnose endo.
Avatar f tn So If my pain doesn't resolve in 48 hours I will have to have a cancer screening as well as another lab workup to rule out pelvic infection Make sure to get labs drawn to rule out other causes of your abdominal pain. Keep an eye out for fever, diarrhea, bleeding etc. and if you have any doubts...go to the E.R.
Avatar f tn I would greatly appreciate any advice! Symptoms -Chronic lower abdominal and pelvic pain. I also have pelvic pain when I make a bowel movement yet I don't believe I have an anal fissure or hemorrhoids. The pelvic pain has been more intense the past two weeks in the right side near the ovary and has begun radiating to my right hip and lower back. -Fatigue. I feel like I have no energy these days. -Recently started feeling full after eating very little, but this doesn't happen all the time.
Avatar n tn However nausea after eating can be due to gall bladder disease or acid reflux also.Gall bladder disease is quite common in females and it typically produces nausea and abdominal pain esp after eating. Eat small nutritious meals at frequent intervals instead of a heavy single meal. Exercise frequently and take your dinner atleast 2 hrs prior to bedtime. Also raise the head end of the bed by 2 blocks.
1287128 tn?1331138138 They did think a while back that I had it because midcycle every so often I get lower abdominal pain so bad that I could cry but the obgyn said since I have no problem with fertility that he highly doubts that's what it is.
Avatar n tn Out of the blue there is knee pain, a headache, abdominal discomfort, a stich in the side, tingling down a leg. Sometimes such problems are continuing or recurrent, yet no specific cause ever is found and clearly no important infection or disease is present. Why should the genital area be any different? Not every symptom means disease. People with such symptoms of course should see a health care provider.
Avatar f tn I was suffering from painful cycles for over a year with severe bloating, etc. Suddenly I was experiencing severe, acute lower abdominal pain for about 2 months, I was given a transvaginal ultrasound that read found the following: - Bilateral complex cystic adnexal masses - Right mass, multilocular (6.0 x 3.5 x 3.2 cm) - Left mass, unilocular (6.0 x 4.8 x 5.
Avatar f tn I'm a 20 yr old girl. Usually healthy, but for the last yr I kept having this strange feeling on the left side of my abdomen, under my ribs - like my ribs were poking my guts & the area felt like a big wet sponge. It would come & go and I mainly attributed my discomfort to the the pounds I'd gained in college. A few weeks ago, I went to the doctor for a cough & I noticed while I was waiting that it was difficult for me to sit up. My guts felt scrunched.
Avatar f tn I had it for six months before I had it removed because it caused pretty bad abdominal pain even when I wasn't on my period I won't get it again because I didn't like it but you could be different
Avatar n tn I moved to a diff state and can't for the life of me find a good gyno. I have had cysts removed off both ovaries and have had very bad abdominal pain. It also hurts really bad during sex sometimes. I am kinda scared that this may have something to do with that. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn I felt today and i feel 3 major bumps 2 small and one larger. I'm really freaking out. I also get major abdominal pain that goes deep down almost to my pelvic area from time to time where I almost fall to the ground because it is so painful. Should I be worried!?!?! I already am worried...
415165 tn?1243663947 I cramped some and spotted a tiny bit, but nothing to constitute any sort of pain killers. I then got sick and was having abdominal pains but here's the thing - I have kidney stones and stubborn ones at that. So it was my stones that are slowly moving down. So it's when it flares from the stones that hurts which was happening anyway even throuhg my pregnancy (passed a LARGE one at 23 weeks pregnant).
Avatar n tn I was on Nuvaring, and for about a week the abdominal pain went away, but then it came back. and with avengance. I had a few days where it hurt to stand up, but once I did it would loosen up a bit. The pain gets extremely bad when I get my period or am ovulating, hence why he think it might be connected to a stroke and the pituatary gland (linked to hormonal changes). Thank you for your prompt reply.
Avatar n tn so I hadn't been on it but for aprx. 4 months before I stopped it for good. I was using the NuvaRing which was also causing SEVERE health problems which was more of a reason to stop using it than any. Anyway! I am now 9 days late and for the past maybe week and a half I have had intermittent cramping... kind of like menstral, but this time, different...
Avatar f tn I'm not sure if this is related, but back in May 2011 for a couple days I had severe abdominal pain that almost prompted me to go to the ER (but I didn't have insurance at the time). When I was sitting or standing I felt like I had a brick in my stomach weighing me down, but lying down flat I felt fine. This went away after about 2 days. Then over the summer I would have mild intermittent pains all over my abdomen. These pains feel like dull burning pains.
971967 tn?1272994802 // as it is she mentioned them theres a chance.
Avatar m tn That was 2 years ago. I have not taken any birth control for about 5 years now. I was previously on the nuvaring (after both kids). It worked well for me at first but eventually I ended up with severe headaches, acne, mood swings. After removing the ring, all symptoms went away. I just had my yearly appointment with a NP at my OBGYN's office. I left feeling so defeated. She recommended birth control pills ( Minastrin).
Avatar f tn I've been experiencing lower abdominal pain for 2 1/2 weeks. It is a severe sharp pain in either my right or left side that lasts only for about 30 seconds, then is gone. This happens 30+ times a day. I have no other symptoms. Could this be endo?
Avatar f tn The beat way to describe the sensation is a dull ache mixed with a bit of being queasy, and it was often accompanied by lower back pain that began at a 5-7. At times I'd feel a pain in my ribs and/or side which was sort of like a stretching type pain. Finally Tuesday 01/04/2011 I was down to a very minimal spotting on and off, down to nothing. The next day I awoke to a terrible lower back pain registering easily at a 10 and bringing tears to my eyes despite my high pain tolerance.
Avatar m tn I have been nausea on and off for about 2 weeks, constant back pain, cramps and sometimes sharp stabbing cramps in my lower abdominal area on my right side just today it has been both sides. I have done several test even as recent as Saturday and everything is negative. If I was pregnant I would be roughly 7-8 weeks along. Is it possible or should I worry more is wrong. My lower back pain has now moved up to the middle of my back. Any answers please...
228463 tn?1216765121 This ob/gyn is the first compassionate guy I've seen in this field. He did all he could to help with my abdominal pain when I go to the bathroom, and about the menstruel cycle questions I have, and now said it's up to the neurological specialists, but he wants to be in the loop and work with them on treatment. (A response I liked, it was honest.) I just started to notice irregular periods too, but noticed after my last visit with him.
Avatar f tn - Upper back pain just left off of my right shoulder blade. The pain seems to be deep. This pain has been around for months, but the intensity varies. Some days, it's so bad that I take Motrin to try to help it, not sure it helps. Other days, I can only feel it if I press on the area. I'm currently being treated with an antibiotic for a cyst on my back (upper left side). I started the antibiotic yesterday, and now I think I have a yeast infection.