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539694 tn?1434565947 After climbing the stairs 4 years (in my university) I tried hard with the disease to climb the 5th but failed twice and was kicked out. I had to change school and with a lot of efforts i finally managed. BUT in my view blame yourself for the addiction. I wonder if you were able to avoid it.
Avatar m tn t just infiltrated hospitals and clinics -- it has taken over the medical education process too. You see, each year, doctors must take refresher courses to stay abreast of the latest "advances" in medicine. And these courses are funded almost solely by Big Pharma. Even worse, in most cases, drug companies get to pick and choose which courses they want to pay for -- and they usually opt for ones that promote their products.
Avatar m tn I had three courses of unavoidable antibiotics back in November 2016, and since then my digestive system has really been messed up. I've been having lots of yogurt and took acidophilus for a while but after five months I still have very loose bowel movements or diarrhoea daily - only during the night and in the morning. I tried taking some other probiotics but gave up after a few days as they made it much worse.
Avatar n tn My nephew underwent surgery for testicular cancer in January 2009 and subsequently had to undergo chemotheraphy twice ( 4 courses each). However, his AFP level is not coming down to normal i.e. 8.5. After completing these courses two months back it was 10.56 and now it has gone up to 12.5. Can you pls advise if this is something to be worried about ? If yes, what steps are to be taken to bring it back to the normal range. Shall be highly grateful for your valued advice.
5677659 tn?1379817567 I need bf and I met at the university we both were freshmen but of course I'm pregnant. He lives 1hour from me and going back to school is 2 and a half hours . Am I being selfish if I don't want him to go back to the university we met at and go to school closer to me? If so let me if not let me know before August.
Avatar m tn I know what I would do if I were you. I would put everything I have into a consultation with a veterinary nutritionist -if you possibly can, And work out a home-cooked diet based on advice from him/her. Some intensive research online may help... It will be hard work I am sure and may be confusing sometimes, but I think that is the way I would go. Sorry to project my own opinions....
9197104 tn?1402287751 That was followed by 2 throat infections and 2 courses of antibiotics. With the throat infection, i developed a food stuck in throat feeling and have had it ever since. It occurs with everything i eat, even smooth foods! Last year i had an endoscopy and esophageal dilatation with no improvement in my symptoms. This year i had a modified barium swallow which shows food getting stuck in my neck muscles. I wasn't given any further help from there. I only weigh 41.
Avatar f tn Hi, there are customer service jobs that you can do from home. You are the 'contact' person for a company. You need a computer and phone and possibly a fax. Someone has an issue or question, they ring a number or use the computer to contact the company---- they ring or contact YOU via computer and you help them and then report back to the company. Online teaching is also quite big these days. A good friend of mine was a math teacher before kids.
5603486 tn?1372218164 Ok so Im 30 weeks and I want to go to school to get a degree a certificate or something every since I got pregnant I have been moving around like crazy I worked for about a month and a week until I came back to California So now I want to go to school what should I do should I just start now or wait until after my baby comes and If I wait til after she comes how many months after or should I just take online courses so that way I don't leave her with anyone because I won't trust anyone w
Avatar f tn You can do it. I'm taking two 4 week summer courses at my university that end June 20 and my due date is June 29th.
266539 tn?1281402152 what happened to going to school to become a nurse? I dont know of any but I'd like to know myself. I believe Quinns momma does coding, not sure though.
730826 tn?1317943334 There is only a college near by so I would have to be able to take necessary classes there rather than a university. And I dont like gross things, or boring things. Ive been thinking about looking into something my cousin started doing...I think its a lab tech, I know she takes blood. Any thoguhts, thanks.
1675455 tn?1328478107 I did find this somewhere on a US University Health website, and it made total sense...I'm looking for it again but can't find it. It had a min of each, as well as reasons why. I think it was minimum in grams of 48 Carbs, 28 protein, 12 fat and 16 or 18 fibre. As far as I remember the reason for that amount protein was that less than that/day caused various effect, including death of braincells :) There are lots of theories all over the Net.
1042487 tn?1275279899 Oh and Biology 111 from HACC ( audiobooks lectures ),MIT 9.00 Introduction to Spychology and MIT 9.01 Neuroscience and Behavior. Those are the courses i did and i am doing until i can go to the university because now i can't because i got to take care of my mom who has a terminal cancer so that means being at home and help her until she leaves us. After that I'm planing to do get a P.h.D and be useful for real as a researcher or maybe do medicine... Already studying some of that too...
Avatar f tn Has anyone seen Dr. John Sampson at Duke University? I have an appt with him in early January. I was told by someone at their medical center that he was a cm specialist and was wondering if anyone has made progress under his care. Thanks!
Avatar m tn My life has flipped around 180 degrees since I came to grad school, in a bad way. I used to be an A student in undergrad. I used to be a Math major so now I decided to pursue a grad degree in Meteorology.The reason why I did a bachelors in math was so that I could be admitted into a graduate program in meteorology because back home none of the schools offered a meteorology degree. I cannot being to explain how horrible I've felt during this past year.
Avatar n tn nothing in life is going wrigth for me i cant fall asleep anymore i lost intrest in everything i lost touch with my friends i have low self esteem im in dept im failing my college courses i lost the job i love.
Avatar m tn If it does turn out to be cancer, I would go see a nutritionist and go see Dr. Friedman and Duke University cancer center in Raliegh NC. The best that I know of. Also, check out David Baileys website for inspiration. Good Luck and God bless. My 34 year old son is fighting stage 4 brain cancer.