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Avatar n tn re complicated to use, and a naturopath or holistic nutritionist would be someone to consult. A good book on it is Natural Highs by Hyla Cass, a psychiatrist with UCLA. As for being scared of meds, it's health to be aware of meds, but counterproductive to be afraid of them. They are strong drugs, and should be used only with foreknowledge and sober reflection. But if you need them, then let them do their thing.
Avatar f tn s why I still recommend a hoilistic nutritionist or naturopath. At the least, try a book called Natural Highs by Hyla Cass, a psychiatrist at UCLA.
Avatar m tn I recently had a consult with Dr. Batzdorf at UCLA. Does anybody have experience with this doctor?
Avatar m tn UCLA docs are typically top notch. Google "UCLA Physicians". Try the Pfleger Liver Institute, if that is close to you. You might want to seek a gastro with knowledge of Hep C, if there isn't a big choice in Hepatologists. Best to you!
Avatar f tn Cedars, UCLA and many of the other larger hospitals in LA have a pituitary center. I hope you find a great surgeon! I had my surgery in LA and I live in NJ!
Avatar f tn Aaron Banks in Bakersfield and were set up to see him. Then my daughters neurologist at UCLA refereed us to Dr. Olujimi Ajijola who also practices at UCLA in Westwood. Has anyone been treated by either doctor and I'd love to hear your opinion as to whom we should see?
501032 tn?1210273298 I'm fighting my HMO. I've been to court to get my HMO to let me to go UCLA, for a rare popliteal venous aneurysm I was diagnosed with last July, and I won. The court has ordered they authorize my referral to UCLA. But now my HMO has called my Dr to get him to send a letter to the courts saying he is rescinding his referral to UCLA. Thus giving them a right for appeal, on the grounds I have lost the support of my Dr. I feel so alone now.
Avatar f tn Insurance weirdly denied my request for a second opinion ns at UCLA but instead approved a ns at USC. Let's just say they are rivals. When I called because I thought it was requesting nl instead of ns they told me that the reason for the USC doctor was because no UCLA doctor would come to bakersfield. Yahoo I get to see my ns where I live. I'm guessing it happened because of the hospital is in Bakersfield that the insurance covers.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had decompression surgery at either UCLA or UCSF? I would love to hear about experiences. I'm trying to decide between the two. UCSF is much closer to me but I really liked my exsperience at UCLA.
Avatar f tn ve alrdy called MD Anderson and UCLA and booked apointments with them. Who is your doctor at UCLA if you don't mind me asking ? Do you know of any clinical trials they are running for OVCA ? Shes currently being treated at the Chao Cancer center at UCI ... should i suggest Gemzar + Avastin to them ? Unfortunately she has a horrible apetite ... and making her eat is very very difficult .... Any ideas ?
5946521 tn?1377153547 When I went to UCLA last year I had insurance that covered the visit. Now I am on Kaiser, so any visit to UCLA is off insurance. My Kaiser docs have lost interest and have no further plans to assist me. I am thinking of going off insurance to get another MRI, wondering if there are possibly now MS lesions that did not show up last year. In either case, I have to carefully think about spending that kind of money.
Avatar f tn old woman an approx 3 months ago i was diognosed with having cavernu hermagioma after mri showed bleed in skull now im having throbbing in left temple an coolness in back of skull an i am going to UCLA but just for a consult,i thought it was for the gamma raes,so now im having all kinds of weird feelings an i have been in an out of E.R. four times this month with chest pain an shoulder with lower pain as well.
Avatar m tn UCLA Scientists: Vitamin D Deficiency Linked To Increase In All Diseases And Illnesses... "A group of scientists from UCLA recently published a paper, “Toll-like receptor triggering of a vitamin D-mediated human antimicrobial response“, wherein they revealed that Vitamin D, a naturally occurring steroid hormone was a very potent antibiotic. Dr.
Avatar f tn As far as I can tell he is the only doctor at UCSF who is qualified to do decompression surgeries but it seems he has little experience with them as chiari is not a specialty for him. I have done my own research and UCLA seems to be a good option for me as I have blue shield instance and the have a spine center there with several NS listed as being chiari specialists. Am I correct. Is UCLA a good place for me to go for a second opinion after UCSF?
Avatar m tn s out there, read Natural Highs by Hyla Cass, a psychiatrist at UCLA. It has a pretty thorough list of the most common remedies for depression and anxiety and dosage instructions. But to do it in the most complete way, you might want to see a naturopath or holistic nutritionist or herbalist. Diet, exercise, meditation, visualization, acupuncture, etc. are also used; it's not just things you take.
Avatar f tn I would like to ask your opinion- I took my Cymbalta Wed (12/4) morning as normal (been on it 4-5 yrs for depression but been depression free since 10/2012) anyway Wed 12/4 I went into the hospital for a scheduled Gastric Bypass Reversal (long story) and I did not find out until the next morning 12/5/13 that I could not have the cymbalta that day.
1318483 tn?1318347182 Finances are an issue for me. My PCP is already starting the procedure to get me a referral to UCLA. But, then when I saw neuro Thursday, he said Mayo. I have an appointment with PCP Wednesday and had plans on talking to him about this issue. Now I have some more info for him, thanks to you guys.
Avatar m tn 5 we lost his twin brother from restrictive cardiomyopathy after heart transplant complications. Doctors at UCLA maintain it was a virus that unfortunately caused the myopathy and ruled out genetics. My 9 year twin old son is short for his age and does not seem to be growing in height like his peers in 4th grade. He does not like physical exertion. He sometimes complains of stomach aches and leg pains.