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Avatar f tn Some psychotropic meds also cause this problem, I would start with the MD and have him/her recommend a nutritionist if needed.
Avatar m tn At my clinic they want to make the appointments 30 mins instead of 60 minutes to see the nutritionist for the first time, but that seems very inadequate.
Avatar f tn Good question since your country doesn't have testing.... I went to a nutritionist who puts blood under a microscope....maybe you can find one? Look up Samento. See comments on HORMONE on this page....hope it helps!
Avatar n tn If you are thinking of liposuction, this surgery is not designed for weight loss, but rather body contouring. If you are thinking of gastric bypass surgery, then you should consult with a bariatric surgeon. The cheapest, least risky, and healthiest technique for weight loss is to take in less calories than you expend, i.e. proper diet and exercise. Fad diets do not work - ask any registered nutritionist. If you need help, then organizations like Weight Watchers are a good place to start.
Avatar n tn In the last two years although my blood tests have shown thyroxine to be at a normal level I felt unwell, aches and pains, lethergy, depression amongst many. Unconvinced I consulted a private nutritionist and thyroid expert who has been supporting me with a new regime for last 12weeks. This includes Nutri Adrenal 60mg daily together with nutri Thyroid as well as my thyroxine.
Avatar f tn If not, then suggest getting him evaluated, by going to your MD, and start therapy so he can start to eat regular food. Hoped this helped you.
Avatar m tn For coordinated rehabilitation program a team of a neurologist, a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist and a speech-language pathologist, a nutritionist work together to help you in your recovery. Therefore, I would suggest following the suggestion made by them and recovery will be although slow but most of the functions may be restored. In addition, it is essential to know that risk of stroke recurrence may be reduced such as by quitting smoking and controlling blood pressure.
Avatar f tn I have a friend with Type 1 diabetes who wants to lose 10 pounds that she has gained over the years (subsequent to her diagnosis 25 years ago). She is unable to do so, because when her insulin becomes "low" she has to drink coca-cola to quickly restore sugar into her system (she uses an insulin pump to try to stabilize her blood glucose levels). My question is, has anyone out there with Type 1 diabetes tried to lose weight, and if so, what sort of diet did they follow?
Avatar m tn There are many recommendations out there for treatments for children with disabilities, and in particular recommended for children with autistic spectrum disorders. Even if a person has a Ph.D. or MD, stay skeptical about what you see in books (as opposed to peer reviewed research journals such as The New England Journal of Medicine). I would not recommend you give your child any drug/supplement/treatment that has not been rigorously tested and found to be safe and effective.
Avatar n tn If you have not cut back on eating, then it sounds like something medically is happening and you need to see your MD to be checked. Have them do blood-work to find out why you are losing weight and have stomach issues. I am not trying to scare you, however, you need to not to delay because you do not want to lose any more weight (your hair is thinning due to weight loss) and you need to find out why.
Avatar n tn About a month ago I have started back to eating right and exercising without any success. A nutritionist told me it was my metabolism from being anorexic but it has been nearly 2 years! I dont know what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
516040 tn?1213837018 There are two ways to deal with your anxiety. The most common way nowadays is to take medication and it seemed your doctor has already prescribe something for you but you are not taking it. The second way is to get insight into the source of your anxiety and begin to think of anxiety as a signal you are giving yourself. The signal tells you to think about some problem or challenge in your life and to work it through.
741012 tn?1232418544 You have already received some very good advice...see your family doctor and also ask to see a nutritionist.
724811 tn?1291430786 I went to a nutritionist who told me the Dr. put me on the wrong vitamin D. The precription is D2 which is from plants and will only raise my level 5 pts. She said I need D3 which is made by the sun, but I can take D drops by Carleson, 10,000 IU per day plus go tanning (3 minutes on the lowest bed) to help get my numbers up. Has anyone else heard there was a difference in the type of D you take? Whom do I believe, the Dr or the holistic nutritionist?
Avatar n tn By mid-June I gained another 2lbs, and my doctor took me off the Levothyroxine. I am seeing a nutritionist, still on the Phen-phen, and a daily Vitamin B shots. By July 23rd, gained 2.4 lbs; no longer on Levothyroxine, still seeing the nutritionists and I am back to being extremely fatigue, lightheaded, chronic itchness, and not focused(it seems as my brain and mouth are at a disconnect). My life has been turned outside down.
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Avatar m tn She has been to an acupuncturist, an MD and a Chiropracter/Nutritionist. All to no avail. We regularly massage her calves, however it has gotten to the point that she may not be able to play. This would be devastating to her. I have just read on the forum about others that are experiencing similar problems. I am going to have her circulation checked and maybe compartment syndrome, although I don't know what that is. I would appreciate any ideas anyone has about what to do next!
Avatar n tn His stool is never formed, always sticky and semi loose. He states he can not feel it. We have gone to the peds MD and done all the tests for parasites, c-diff, bacterias, and everything else. all negative. His stool always has that wierd bitter halitosis smell. and he can't control it. always has dirty undies and pants. I don't really know what to do. can anyone help? thanks.
Avatar n tn If not, then suggest getting her evaluated, by going to your MD, and start therapy so she can start to eat regular food. Suggest giving her Pediasure or make milkshakes (milk and ice cream blended) as her source of food at meals/snacks instead of milk, if you have not already. Hoped this helped you.
Avatar f tn m on a low dose of glyburide at bedtime and just making sure I eat the right amount of carbs at the right times. Are you going to see a nutritionist or a maternal fetal medicine specialist? Seeing the nutritionist helped me a lot.
Avatar f tn I went to a nutritionist regarding my tiredness and weight loss. The nutritionist committed me to one month of perfect eating, sleeping, routine walks and no alcohol. After the month I was symptom free. No headaches, great energy, and the muscle aches have subsided. I've been maintaining the proper diet, sleep, walking and moderation on alcohol. The nutritionist suspected that I was using alcohol and pain releif in excess.
Avatar f tn No one is ignoring you; we just aren't online all the time, to catch every question right away. I'm sure your nutritionist thinks you're over medicated because of the low TSH, but that couldn't be further from the truth. TSH is a pituitary hormone, that's affected by a lot of things. It neither causes, nor alleviates symptoms and is often suppressed when one is on thyroid replacement hormones, particularly, one with a T3 component such as Armour.
472576 tn?1210868917 i took the sleep md last night , i slept like a baby. Not sure if it was because I had only 2 hours of sleep the night before and then cried all day (yea, I had a pity party yesterday) lol. But I'm taking the other one tonight so I'll see if it was just my own body letting me sleep last night or if it was from the sleep md. Update tomm.
Avatar n tn I am 30 years old and I had an episode of wet MD in my left eye almost a year ago. With one injection of Avastin we were able to halt the vision loss. My vision went from 20/60 back to 20/25 and has been at 20/25 for about 6 months. I feel very blessed by GOD. I go back for check ups every 8-12 weeks and he says things look stable. My question is, what is the typical time that this stays "stable". What are the chances of my other eye developing problems.
4987347 tn?1361974337 Has anyone had success with finding a good doc in Baltimore, MD that will look at symptoms, T3 and T4 - not just TSH. Thanks for being such a great message board!