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Avatar n tn Gift giving is from the heart and should never feel as if he is outdoing your gift, but what worked for me was a gift certificate to "Eddie Bauer", which is his favorite, classy men's clothing store and or a gift certificate from his favorite place to eat (like a steak house). There are last minute gifts that are great, especially the steak house such as 'Morton's", where you both can enjoy a nice dinner together, maybe for New Years...
14949743 tn?1440694796 Has anyone used any Eddie Bauer items? We just ordered the Eddie Bauer alpine 4 travel system from target and I can't find much reviews. We had our hearts set on the chicco bravo keyfit 30 travel system but ended up having to settle for this one. It's nice and all but I'm wondering how well it preforms?
205230 tn?1237405193 I finally received a call from my agency that we have been matched! These past few days have been so emotional. We spoke to our BM and she seems to be the sweetest and most beautiful person I have ever met. I keep reliving the moments of today when I spoke with my birthmom over the phone and she said you are having a son!!!!! I couldn't stop the tears of Joy!!!! That moment goes down as one of the happiest in my life!
Avatar f tn Does anyone know if Eddie Bauer makes double strollers?
Avatar n tn I loved graco .... but I've used safety 1st and Eddie Bauer as well .... Eddie Bauer is a little heavier but its a really sturdy and durable brand and I liked it for my son .... my sisters all used baby trend and loved them they are on the heavier side over graco, safety 1st and Eddie Bauer and there also a lot cheaper then the baby trend .... I also bought the travel systems tho BC I walk all over .... my coldest 2 girls love the park and this will be my son's first yr going ....
229857 tn?1319029907 Hey ladies. I have a question about the carseat I got. I got an eddie bauer stroller/ carseat combo and the car seat straps were pre-set on the smallet size (the bottom opening). When I bring baby home from hospital would he be on that setting or would I have to change it? I dont want to have to try to figure it all out at the hospital.... Thanks.
Avatar f tn I love Eddie Bauer, had it with my son. Gonna get it again with this one.
Avatar f tn Me and hubby are going shopping for Travel Systems this weekend , and we found one we like it's the Eddie Bauer QuadTrek but from what I'm reading is that Chicco is a better brand , what is yalls advice on these , I wanna get the safest one and I would like the jogging type of stroller any suggestions on these brands and if you already got them for your lil ones , my budget is max 225 $.
Avatar f tn I have an Eddie Bauer car seat for my two year old, and it is great. No recalls since I've bought it. For a new born car seat I ensured the name was trusted and that it attached to my stroller. Looked into recall history as well and ensured the buckles were secure. There seen to be a lot of recalls with infant and car seats.
5555127 tn?1373562243 I used graco with my daughter and loved it. Got my son graco as well.
9440890 tn?1415878121 Yay for awesome finds!
Avatar f tn 15 percent off eddie Bauer baby item @target,1 off mam pacifier or teether @target ,aquaphor 1 [email protected] target,  1 off Johnson baby product or Destin from buy buy baby, 8 dollars off pampers wipes and diapers Big box babies r us.
Avatar f tn I think jackie meant Eddie Bauer* could be wrong.... but eddie bauer has some really nice items that arent that pricey!
Avatar f tn Talk to your doctor or nutritionist and have them help you set up a healthy diet. Good luck, hon. I would suggest googling gestational diabetes, too, and see if you can learn something about how to handle it, just don't freak yourself out. The internet is full of people saying scary stuff.
Avatar f tn I'm going with the Eddie Bauer line at target ..
Avatar f tn I just talked to a counselor because I am too having a lot of negative emotions and she said it's really bad for the baby because he can feel what you feel and it can cause mental problems. I'm not sure if it's true but she is my nutritionist and counselor. Just try to think about your baby and cheer up for your baby that's the most important person in your life now.
143123 tn?1274300825 I think that Joy said she was waiting until Friday when she has a doctor's appointment to test again if AF doesn't show by then...
Avatar f tn It was only a couple of weeks ago when I was still somewhat wanting more pills, but it truly get better everyday. I can say that today I have joy and peace in my life. Those pills are such a false sense of security and happiness, true happiness comes from God and from within. Anybody who is even considering taking more of those pill just keep praying and know that you will see the light very soon!
229857 tn?1319029907 Me too Joy. I am so glad you are doing okay and that hubby is doing well too.
229857 tn?1319029907 Joy was in the 18-34 forum, she said should be getting her results back tonight.