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Avatar f tn Anyone live in texas? I am due in 21 days with my first. I would like to meet or talk with moms :) my friends where i am are so young and ots just not the same. :/ ive only been living in Arlington since August last yr ..
Avatar f tn Oh.. from houston that is... I just discovered this blog..
9171934 tn?1405180032 I stay in Dallas Texas oakcliff area
4456535 tn?1355894638 I don't live In Texas, but thought I'd try to help, looked It up and I got this: 8000 North Stadium Drive #3 Houston, TX 77054 (832) 393 - 5427 houstontx.
Avatar f tn Omg im in Rosenberg, Texas, thirty minutes south of Houston for those of you that dont know lol
Avatar f tn So looking through posts I see a lot of mommies on here are from Texas? I'm from north Texas and hateing this heat!
Avatar f tn I'm in spring/north Houston. So Texas children's is waaaay out tthere for me. Sorry I can't be of any help. But the UTMB clinics are always Wonderful helpful and they treat you like family. If you have a chance you should go see them.