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Avatar f tn HONOLULU (Reuters) – Squirting insulin up the noses of patients with early forms of Alzheimer's disease showed signs of improving their memory, U.S. researchers said on Wednesday. Patients who got the treatment for four months showed improvements in tests of memory recall that lasted for two months. "We believe our results are very promising and they warrant future trials," said Dr.
Avatar f tn Wish I was somewhere colder, it's harder being pregnant where the sun is constantly blazing Hot!
Avatar m tn i am a diabetic and have high blood pressure.i take meds for both.i was just in honolulu and had blood wrk done and said i tested positive for h.
Avatar m tn A while back I was with a CSW in Honolulu HI, we were having sex WITH a condom when it broke. A minute or so later we realized it was broke and stopped. I wasnt too worried at first, but then 4 or 5 days later I got a fever (101 or so) and a sore throat. The fever only lasted a couple of days and the sore throat only lasted 4 or so days. I was wondering can ARS symptoms show up that fast? I have had no other symptoms like a rash or anything, and I know the HIV rate in Honolulu is only like 6.
Avatar f tn Hawaii would be hard. Honolulu has a higher UV index than Las Vegas. I love San Diego and have friends and family there but the sun would be so hard to handle. I have an abnormal, severe photosensitivity and have to cover my face during the day and still need to apply sunscreen under my clothing. Of course heat is bad but it doesn't hurt me like the sun.
1478333 tn?1287401534 Experts presented the guidelines at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference on Alzheimer’s disease in Honolulu. A board of experts gathered by the National Institute on Aging and Alzheimer’s Association met to develop the new approach.
Avatar n tn I am 24 years old and I live in Honolulu Hawaii. I recently visited a sex worker, and we were having vaginal sex. I was wearing a condom, and about two minutes into it the condom broke. We stopped immediately. Two or three days later I started feeling really bad. I had body aches and a sore throat. I just felt foggy. I was wondering if this is a sign of HIV or am I being paranoid. I have been avoiding sex with my wife as to not expose her to anything. Any info would be appreciated.
167426 tn?1254086235 Ashley made a great wish, Hawaii is a great place!!! Now as for the party, I arrived at Honolulu International airport but can't find my limo??? Is the party over??
Avatar m tn Six Years of Treatment With Tenofovir DF for Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection is Safe and Well Tolerated and Associated With Sustained Virological, Biochemical, and Serological Responses With No Detectable Resistance Reported by Jules Levin Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver (APASL) Liver Week, June 6-10, 2013, Singapore Naoky Tsai1, Maria Buti2, Edward Gane3, William Sievert4, Ira M. Jacobson5, Phillip Dinh6, John F.
Avatar f tn What's the reference range for the Free T4 and the Total T3? Reference ranges vary lab to lab and have to come from your own report. Unfortunately Total T3 is obsolete and not very useful. It would have been much better if your doctor had ordered Free T3, instead, but we'll work with what we have. I'd bet my right arm that your doctor took one look at your TSH and decided your fate...
Avatar f tn HONOLULU – A federal jury convicted a former B-2 stealth bomber engineer Monday of selling military secrets and helping China design a stealth cruise missile. Noshir Gowadia was accused of pocketing at least $110,000 from China, which he allegedly used to pay the mortgage on a multimillion-dollar oceanview home he built on Maui's north shore. Gowadia, who has been in federal custody since October 2005, faces life in prison when he is sentenced in November.
Avatar m tn It seems from my searching online that their is very little data and the DR told his assistant that i am the first one he has seen with Myopic Degeneration and he serves Honolulu and the Island i live on but never once mentioned this to me. Are their activity that i should be avoiding? I surf and swim on a regular basis. Is their any thing i can take to help strengthen my eyes further. How fast can the loss of central vision progress? Or is it just a toss up?
Avatar f tn m on a low dose of glyburide at bedtime and just making sure I eat the right amount of carbs at the right times. Are you going to see a nutritionist or a maternal fetal medicine specialist? Seeing the nutritionist helped me a lot.
Avatar f tn I went to a nutritionist regarding my tiredness and weight loss. The nutritionist committed me to one month of perfect eating, sleeping, routine walks and no alcohol. After the month I was symptom free. No headaches, great energy, and the muscle aches have subsided. I've been maintaining the proper diet, sleep, walking and moderation on alcohol. The nutritionist suspected that I was using alcohol and pain releif in excess.
Avatar n tn that the docs,near the ocean on honolulu,i watched the most beautiful sunset and cried...its been a little over a year...its still hard to handle...but life gets easier....
Avatar m tn I went to an adult bookstore in honolulu and was in a preview booth with a glory hole. A younger man of unknown status on the other side began to give me oral. He unexpectedly turned around in an attempt to have me penetrate him anally. It took me less than 5 seconds to realize something wasn't right and a pulled away. I do not think I actually entered him because I doubt I could enter blindly with such ease.