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101028 tn?1419603004 looks like the links on the forum to valuable resources are gone. The free herpes handbook by Terri Warren, medhelp's herpes expert is a terrific resource to learn more about herpes at! if you have been diagnosed with herpes, I highly recommend purchasing her book "the good news about the bad news". It goes into more details than her free handbook does and especially covers the psychological side of living with a lifelong infection.
Avatar n tn Thank you for the handbook and advice. From the handbook i see that for HSV2 the It is very rare for a igG to be false positive for a reading above 3.5. IS that a correct statement. If so, there is no point in wasting any money for a western blot.
Avatar n tn So there is a chance they may not get infected? I'm really worried and want to know if it is likely they could have unprotected sex once on they're okay? I don't have a handbook and don't know much. Thank you for your comments.
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1677693 tn?1304507630 This is a very helpful handbook, written by doctors, you can print it and take it with you to your doctor. CM and SM patient handbook......http://www.csfinfo.
Avatar m tn Thank you for any suggestions and information. I am really confused by these results.
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Avatar f tn HI All I was just reading some of the posts, and can anyone tell me where I can get a copy of Doctor Menezes Chiari handbook? I didn't know there was one, but a copy would be helpful.
Avatar m tn have you read the herpes handbook yet that we recommend in our read before posting post on the forum? the handbook has terrific info on testing.
645800 tn?1466860955 Too make a long story short while trying to find out more about the teleconference I found a MS handbook on the VA site. It was very interesting reading what was in the handbook in that there were things that the VA should be doing for me that they aren't and also a few things that surprised me. I think my biggest surprise was that they said MS patients should be tested for cervical and breast cancer yearly.
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Avatar f tn m on a low dose of glyburide at bedtime and just making sure I eat the right amount of carbs at the right times. Are you going to see a nutritionist or a maternal fetal medicine specialist? Seeing the nutritionist helped me a lot.
Avatar n tn So it is available because it is approved for something else? Is it expensive if bought this way? I believe the herpes handbook still mildly recommends it.
Avatar f tn I went to a nutritionist regarding my tiredness and weight loss. The nutritionist committed me to one month of perfect eating, sleeping, routine walks and no alcohol. After the month I was symptom free. No headaches, great energy, and the muscle aches have subsided. I've been maintaining the proper diet, sleep, walking and moderation on alcohol. The nutritionist suspected that I was using alcohol and pain releif in excess.
Avatar n tn It could happen, but herpes infections in the eyes are more likely to happen because of oral herpes infections that travel through nerve groups to the eye. Herpes in the eye isn't all that common, so try not to worry too much about it. (I know that is easier said than done.) Has anyone told you about genital hsv1? You can learn a lot about it, like it's less infectious than genital hsv2, in the Herpes Handbook here - https://westoverheights.
Avatar n tn (and you can find all this in the herpes handbook - HSV 2 genital 15-30% (55-110) of days evaluated per year HSV 1 genital 3-5% (10-18) of days evaluated per year HSV 1 oral 25% (91) of days evaluated per year HSV 2 oral 1% (~4) of days evaluated per year Do you know what type you have? Also, anal sex can make it more likely to transmit because it often causes tearing in the tissues.
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Avatar f tn Not if you have it genitally. Herpes is only infectious from the location that you have it. If you have genital hsv2, you are only infectious from the genitals. Oral hsv2 is rare, and even for those who have oral hsv2, it rarely sheds, rarely recurs, and means that it rarely transmits. You should read the Herpes Handbook at It's free, and written by one of the world's leading herpes experts.