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Avatar f tn If you like rice you might want to try quineoa. It has vitamins where as white rice has almost no nutritional value. It's very filling and you can most anything to it. I like it with parsley, mushrooms, spinach, a little garlic and olive oil.
Avatar f tn I was wondering at what to put the nutritional value of food over the amount of calories they contain. For example, I regulate my calories fairly closely and usually am always well under the daily recommended amount, but there are some days that I feel like I am hungry all day. As a general rule, I enjoy eating raw mixed nuts as a snack, but they tend to be high in calories.
Avatar n tn Juice covers a lot -- virtually anything can be juiced if you're doing this yourself. Fruit juices contain a lot of sugar, but can also be powerful antioxidants, but vegetable juices can be very valuable. Wheatgrass juice is great. So this depends on what you mean by nutritional juices. Most important, avoid anything that's not organic. When you juice anything, you use a lot of it, and that enhances the amount of harmful chemicals that exist on whatever you're juicing.
8793709 tn?1409594060 I do the same as you, except that when hubby gets home I turn the stove back on to reheat it instead of microwave. I believe that even if it loses a little bit of the nutritional value, it's still healthier and cheaper than ordering or eating out.
325405 tn?1262290178 I think if you freeze it, you would take away from the nutritional value. You could get the same nutritional value from eating bean sprouts on a salad. Would be easier for you.
1417802 tn?1282173063 Sorry to hear about your treatment not being effective.are you going to be treating again with the new DAA"s that are going to be coming out soon? There are many elixir"s and supplements people are taking for nutritional value and some it seems have value in regards to keeping liver counts (enzyme )readings lower. If the Hepa feels their is no harm ,and markers don"t rise..then yes nothing to lose Keep us informed and good luck.. Will.
Avatar m tn I am curious if I am still getting the same nutritional value from the uncooked oats as if I were cooking them?
Avatar f tn TEST NAME METHOD VALUE UNIT NORMAL RANGE Cholesterol Total Photometry 163.30 mg% 125 - 200 Cholesterol HDL - Direct Photometry 31.50 mg% 30 - 65 Triglycerides Photometry 199.00 mg% 25 - 200 LDL Cholesterol Photometry 92.
Avatar f tn Generally, you should try to eat things that have varied nutritional value and things considered 'healthy' but some cheesecake here and there doesn't hurt.
1544053 tn?1328691992 My dog likes apples. I give her about a 1/4 apple, cut into tiny pieces as treats. At apple time, she often picks her own from the low branches of the trees in the orchard! So I make sure she doesn't get any apple seeds too because they are toxic. Grapes are definitely toxic for dogs. NO grapes! Raisins are the same, ditto sultanas, currants, etc. I've heard of dogs who like bananas, but mine doesn't. Corn....
Avatar m tn Is bad bacteria damage my intestines causing irritation and reduced nutritional absorption? Can probiotics protect the GI tract and allow nutrients to be absorbed?
Avatar f tn You can eat them but you have to eat some thing else with them because they have NO nutritional value for you or baby.
Avatar m tn I hate to be like this but most of the items (if not all) the items listed consist of total unhealthy junk food with zero nutritional value. It is clear the person put a lot of time and research into the list but I am just saying.
Avatar n tn Beer has some nutritional value also.
7489014 tn?1429908568 Spicy is good but Cheetos are kind of like processed junk food. :>) I would try to limit that and go for more healthy options or something with more nutritional value for you and baby. Doesn't mean you can't have some spicy hot Cheetos from time to time though.
Avatar f tn Thanks. .
Avatar f tn My doctor told me that you don't really have to worry about nutritional value at this point. I had a sweet tooth until 9 weeks.
Avatar f tn Try to stay away from junk food with low nutritional value BC you need the nutrition.
Avatar f tn Canned tuna has less mercury than other fish like swordfish. Nonetheless, that's not nutritional. But I could be wrong. I'm just going based on what my doc said.
Avatar f tn The fresher the fruits and vegetables, the better nutritional value. If your mother is concerned, suggest going to your MD and getting your blood tested. It will indicate if any nutrient, vitamin or mineral is deficient or not. Thank you for your question.