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Avatar f tn I have a 3 year old male cat. He occasionally regurgitates immediately after eating..this occurs 1-2x monthly. I have fed him Nature's Variety line since he was a kitten...for the past 2 years I have fed him Nature's Variety Instinct. He LOVES this food. I brought my cat to the vet today for a physical...and the vet recommended I give him a type of Purina food that is easily digestible. However, Nature's Variety is such a better quality food....
Avatar n tn i have a weimeraner i have had endless trouble with her diet and finally have found something, i was making fresh chicken for her which proved very time consuming and expensive then i found frozen meats, they come in blocks of 400g chicken, beef, lamb, fish, tripe, they have to be cooked but i jus bang it in the microwave for 6 mins let it cool simple as that. i mix it with a handful of vitalin.
Avatar n tn Hello human corn flakes will not hurt your horse if the amount is with in limits how ever the balance of the cornflakes nutrition value which is designed for small human stomaches will not be high enough to give your horse the full nutrient values he needs and will only offer small amount of fibre as the flake is cooked and will be digested fairly quickly i hope the flakes are being fed with chaff or some hard fibre content which every horse needs to keep a healthy gut and i hope the feed if bei
Avatar m tn I am planning to go and visit nutrition doctor tomorrow. I want to make sure that I have good vitamins, minerals in my body to make sure that I am boosting immunity power. I don't know what all the tests they recommend, I will post you guys tomorrow. As I had Vit d3 level very low, I don't wonder if other vitamins/mineral levela are low. I will take supplements depending on the result. What you guys say? Is it better step or it's of no use for HBV?
Avatar f tn s nothing more than doggie junk food with little actual nutritional value. If you Google it you will find many sites that will probably surprise you considering the way the television commercials tout this food as "healthy". Nothing could be further from the truth. You want to look for a food that has meat as a first ingredient, and since your dog has allergies, try to stay away from any type of poultry as that is also a common allergen.
Avatar m tn It has no nutrition value and they taste like mud.
2000931 tn?1401563007 Seriously just go back to a simpler time, in grandmas time food was actually nutritional, now a days cardboard has more nutritional value than half the stuff on the supermarket shelves. Hands up who thinks cheese is orange and stretchy enough to make a hammock out of, lol its simply not cheese if you can flapp it about for half an hour, cheese crumbles, breaks and does not have the colour of a mandarine lol who came up with cheese in a can??
649848 tn?1534633700 In Berlin, two students at the Berlin University of the Arts have built a makeshift guillotine that they say they will use to kill a live lamb if the internet wills it so. The artists have set up a website, Die Guillotine, where you can watch a looping video of the guillotine and decide whether or not you want the lamb to die. There is also a short documentary about the project, which shows the artists smoking a hookah and building their contraption.
649848 tn?1534633700 Med Help has just launched a new Nutrition Application, which will help make it easier to find the nutritional value/calories of the foods you are eating - this should make it easier to keep up with the food tracker; it looks like you can link right to your food diary and exercise/weight trackers. There's an area where you can "ask an expert", as well as a lot of other valuable information.
250155 tn?1485295939 Lamb and rice is usually a good choice. We feed our dogs diamond lamb and rice.
Avatar f tn Try to stay away from junk food with low nutritional value BC you need the nutrition.
Avatar m tn I am curious if I am still getting the same nutritional value from the uncooked oats as if I were cooking them?
Avatar f tn They say all the time look at the ingredience on your dogs dog food to be sure it has real meat, lamb. rice etc..The good dog food is soo expensive these days and coupons well you cant find them always. I heard of Rachel Rays new food and was wondering if anyone has tried it? How are you suppose to feed your dog healthy when the food out there are soo expensive.
Avatar f tn I suspect that somehow eating lamb gives you comfort. Lamb can be very high in cholesterol depending on the cut, and you might be really impacting your heart by concentrating your diet on one food type. I'd reconsider your health decisions, it seems to me that you are compromising your health because of irrational fears. Sorry, this doesn't sound like a cardiac issue. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn It breaks down what i eat into nutrition value. From there i can track my calories and carbohydrates. Both apps are linked to the health app of my iphone. But i physically type in the carbs value into sugar sense using the grams units.
Avatar n tn However, in order to try to eliminate food allergies (if she has them), you would have to feed her only a protein source that she has never been exposed to before. So, if she has never eaten lamb before, try giving her Baby Food lamb since it may be difficult to find lamb canned cat food, unless you get a prescription from your vet for lamb based hypoallergenic canned food. Try it for at least 4 to 6 weeks.
Avatar m tn is lamb skin condoms and latex condoms totally different? how are they different? are lamb skin condoms transparent and plastic like latex condoms? Can you see the obvious different from each other?
Avatar f tn I was wondering if i should go see a nutritionist to make sure me and the baby are getting adequate nutrition. I have always been a small 110lb and no matter what i eat i never gain any weight. Has anyone gone to see one and was it worth it? Did it make a difference?
2104275 tn?1333736373 I have Gastroparesis, what is the best liquid way to get the nutrition I need?
5235065 tn?1369072032 I felt like that too people kept teeling me to eat crackes . . Did not work .