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566175 tn?1278430472 1) KIWI FRUIT (80%) and 2) Walmart (Great Value brand) Fruit Grain bars (100% of your daily value.) I read that folic acid is extremely important in the first 28 days of conception as that is when the major organs are formed. Please write back with any other nutrional foods you'd like to mention, to promote a healthy pregnancy and babies.
7677085 tn?1395374075 Watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew hydrate you. Kiwi is good for you. Citrus fruits are all good for vitamin c. Strawberries are also a good source of vitamin c I believe. Ummm. Fruit in general is good for you & baby. But no fruit gives you protein. Try, drinking nutrition shakes that have protein like EnSure. My doctor recommended I drink one a day when I couldn't keep anything down.
Avatar n tn You should rule out a medical issue like thyroid problem or anemia. You could also be suffering from poor nutrition. Increasing vegetables and reducing carbs could energize you. If you have stairs at work, trying running up and down them at lunch time or going for a brisk walk outside.
662085 tn?1331345560 Well he lived in the idea that we arent alive unless we are experiencing our dream and then yes he died thats how the animator ended it.
Avatar m tn Oranges, bananas, kiwi fruit, melons, nectarines, mangoes, papayas, avocadoes, tomatoes, squash here's a site with more info: The following site breaks down the nutritional value of foods: Hope this helps!
Avatar m tn I am not overweight or unhealthy, but I do have mild anxiety and depression at times. I do believe in the power of nutrition. My question is: I am currently taking a multivitamin, 1200mg fish oil, 1000 IU vitamin D3 and 500mg Vitamin B3 (Niacin) every morning. I follow that with a homemade smoothie that I make that consists of apples, oranges, baby spinach, wheat grass, kiwi, banana and a teaspoon of Earth Rise brand Spirulina mixed in.
Avatar n tn Hello human corn flakes will not hurt your horse if the amount is with in limits how ever the balance of the cornflakes nutrition value which is designed for small human stomaches will not be high enough to give your horse the full nutrient values he needs and will only offer small amount of fibre as the flake is cooked and will be digested fairly quickly i hope the flakes are being fed with chaff or some hard fibre content which every horse needs to keep a healthy gut and i hope the feed if bei
Avatar m tn I am planning to go and visit nutrition doctor tomorrow. I want to make sure that I have good vitamins, minerals in my body to make sure that I am boosting immunity power. I don't know what all the tests they recommend, I will post you guys tomorrow. As I had Vit d3 level very low, I don't wonder if other vitamins/mineral levela are low. I will take supplements depending on the result. What you guys say? Is it better step or it's of no use for HBV?
Avatar f tn there is tremendous nutritional value to breast milk at any age. i think it's just that after 12 months, they do get nutrition from foods as well, so it doesn't have to be the primary source of nutrition anymore. if she is getting breast milk there really is no need for whole milk. plus, the immune benefits of breast milk are still there. as for the sleeping thing...
Avatar f tn I had a kiwi and some juice and while i was eating the kiwi my baby was going crazy... i've never felt him kick so much before...
Avatar m tn It has no nutrition value and they taste like mud.
2000931 tn?1401563007 Seriously just go back to a simpler time, in grandmas time food was actually nutritional, now a days cardboard has more nutritional value than half the stuff on the supermarket shelves. Hands up who thinks cheese is orange and stretchy enough to make a hammock out of, lol its simply not cheese if you can flapp it about for half an hour, cheese crumbles, breaks and does not have the colour of a mandarine lol who came up with cheese in a can??
649848 tn?1534633700 Med Help has just launched a new Nutrition Application, which will help make it easier to find the nutritional value/calories of the foods you are eating - this should make it easier to keep up with the food tracker; it looks like you can link right to your food diary and exercise/weight trackers. There's an area where you can "ask an expert", as well as a lot of other valuable information.
7831604 tn?1399711007 Pineapple mango and kiwi today didn't know about the kiwi and mango until I googled it but its got the same thing in it as pineapple.
Avatar m tn The doctor decided it was a kiwi allergy or sphincter of oddie dysfunction. I recenlty took a small bite of kiwi and went into another attack. My AST and ALT levels were elevated. Does anyone know if this is indeed an allergy? I used to eat them all the time. I cannot find anything online with these symptoms.
Avatar f tn Try to stay away from junk food with low nutritional value BC you need the nutrition.
519487 tn?1211896473 Is there any relation between latex allergy and kiwi. If you don't know the kiwi I attache a photo. I read a post, I don't remember where it said which people with latex allergy shouldn't eat kiwi, I don't know if this is true or false, any can help me?
Avatar m tn I am curious if I am still getting the same nutritional value from the uncooked oats as if I were cooking them?
208686 tn?1293030503 A 56-year-old carrier is highly unusual, said Dr. Robert Kiwi, who monitored the pregnancy after he worked with Dr. James Goldfarb on the in vitro fertilization. A typical carrier is a young, healthy woman who had a baby previously, said Kiwi, who was the doctor for the births. Dalenberg underwent hormonal therapy to strengthen her uterus, Kiwi said. Delivery at 31 weeks was necessary when one of the girls appeared to be not growing appropriately, he said.
Avatar f tn kiwi girl here woop woop lol not many kiwi girls on here.
Avatar n tn It breaks down what i eat into nutrition value. From there i can track my calories and carbohydrates. Both apps are linked to the health app of my iphone. But i physically type in the carbs value into sugar sense using the grams units.