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107366 tn?1305680375 I haven't seen anything from Kimchi in awhile, and was just wondering if anyone had heard anything about what's going on with her.
Avatar f tn I noticed whenever I eat kimchi for dinner my morning sickness is better the next day. I know its bad to eat soft cheeses but is it ok to eat fermented things like kimchi?
Avatar m tn We have made 4 batches of kimchi over the past couple years. Our latest batch raised a concern. After fermenting for 4 days we went to remove it from the crock and the top layer was slimy and the cabbage started to deteriorate? Everything under the top layer seemed to be fine, smelled fine, was still crisp. Do we dare eat what was underneath? We went ahead and put it in jars and cut it up. It wasn’t totally submersed in liquid. Our first batch created enough liquid to cover the kimchi.
Avatar n tn Hello human corn flakes will not hurt your horse if the amount is with in limits how ever the balance of the cornflakes nutrition value which is designed for small human stomaches will not be high enough to give your horse the full nutrient values he needs and will only offer small amount of fibre as the flake is cooked and will be digested fairly quickly i hope the flakes are being fed with chaff or some hard fibre content which every horse needs to keep a healthy gut and i hope the feed if bei
194838 tn?1303428544 I was wondering if anyone had heard from Kimchi, Pink or Marie ?. I hope they are all ok as I have not seen them post for a long time.
Avatar m tn I am planning to go and visit nutrition doctor tomorrow. I want to make sure that I have good vitamins, minerals in my body to make sure that I am boosting immunity power. I don't know what all the tests they recommend, I will post you guys tomorrow. As I had Vit d3 level very low, I don't wonder if other vitamins/mineral levela are low. I will take supplements depending on the result. What you guys say? Is it better step or it's of no use for HBV?
Avatar f tn there is tremendous nutritional value to breast milk at any age. i think it's just that after 12 months, they do get nutrition from foods as well, so it doesn't have to be the primary source of nutrition anymore. if she is getting breast milk there really is no need for whole milk. plus, the immune benefits of breast milk are still there. as for the sleeping thing...
16702 tn?1234090645 I have an old old friend who has offered to take me (not sure if he will pay) to different places to try alternative treatments. He has a friend who is a bio chem friend studying cancer and this friend send him 3 links to consider. One that was mentioned to him isDr Holts clinic in perth (radiowaveclinic *******) and the other is Dr. contreras' clinic in mexico (oasis of hope) and Dr and the Italian Oncologist Dr.
Avatar m tn It has no nutrition value and they taste like mud.
2000931 tn?1401563007 Seriously just go back to a simpler time, in grandmas time food was actually nutritional, now a days cardboard has more nutritional value than half the stuff on the supermarket shelves. Hands up who thinks cheese is orange and stretchy enough to make a hammock out of, lol its simply not cheese if you can flapp it about for half an hour, cheese crumbles, breaks and does not have the colour of a mandarine lol who came up with cheese in a can??
16702 tn?1234090645 My 85yr Aunt has been diagnosed with alzheimer. The family doesn't want her on conventional medicine. An old friend of the family has been taking care of his wife who has been dealing with it for couple of years. He told me about this trials and errors with alternatives and managed to find a combination to slow down her illness. Going to start my Aunt on it right away. Anyone interested just Googlge jessesobservations (no appostrife).. scroll down a little...
649848 tn?1534633700 Med Help has just launched a new Nutrition Application, which will help make it easier to find the nutritional value/calories of the foods you are eating - this should make it easier to keep up with the food tracker; it looks like you can link right to your food diary and exercise/weight trackers. There's an area where you can "ask an expert", as well as a lot of other valuable information.
Avatar f tn Can I eat Cooked rice mixed with cucumber and carrots and string beans and snow peas with sesame oil and soy bean paste and eat kimchi with it.
16702 tn?1234090645 Has anyone been told by their Onc that cancer patients are vulnerable to Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Pulmonary Embolism (aka Economy Class Syndrome). My right leg swoll up for 3 days so rushed to hospital and after an ultrasound of the leg, was told that I have DVT. Been getting daily shots of Innohep to dissolve the clot and have to wear a thigh high Ted Hose.
Avatar f tn Think it will be at least a week before they can go home... Has anyone heard from Freshair???
Avatar f tn Try to stay away from junk food with low nutritional value BC you need the nutrition.
Avatar f tn I am currently taking the antibiotic metronidazole for SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth). I just ordered some kimchi for the first time, but upon looking it up online I saw that it's a probiotic. Should I not eat it if I'm taking an antibiotic?
Avatar m tn I am curious if I am still getting the same nutritional value from the uncooked oats as if I were cooking them?
451053 tn?1237577749 My friend told me to that okra builds up the red blood cells. Haven't had a chance to confirm this sorry. Like Helen, I eat a balanced diet (except beef) and I like my milk with my coffee and tea too. I also take lots of vitamins and supplements...Looking back at my blood tests, during chemo the red would drop down pretty low and then would bounce back up till the next round.
16702 tn?1234090645 I have Ovarian Cancer Stage 4 and have had 10 cycles of Carboplatin and Paciltaxel(Taxol) since Oct 2006. Have had no side effects except lose of hair, no nausea or mouth sores either. On July 31, 2007, I went for my 6 month dental check up and my dentist told me that my chemo treatments were causing" root resorption". I have been using a xtra soft/for sensitive teeth toothbrush for more than 20 years, brush and floss every day.
Avatar f tn I'm craving Kimichi :( I just want a bucket of kimchi right now... what are you ladies craving tonight?