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Avatar f tn 1 teaspoon of fish oil, 2 tablespoons hemp seed, 2 tablespoons flax, 2 tablespoon fine oatmeal, quarter cup sunflower seeds, 1 TSP chia seeds, kale, arugula, baby spinach, whey protein, 1 TSP bee pollen, half teaspoon of ginger, 3 large strawberries, handful of blueberries, handful of raspberries, half a banana, almond milk, and then I mix it in my nutriblast.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone, Congrats on all of your pregnancies :) I'm getting a lot of feedback from my husband about my nutrition. I feel like I'm eating well (kale or spinach salad, Greek yogurt, nuts daily) and taking my prenatal. Oh and I chug water all day. However, whenever I reach for crackers or ginger ale I feel like he's upset at me. I know nutrition is important but sometimes I just need some carbs or ginger ale to keep from throwing up. Am I being too sensitive?
Avatar f tn Anyone have any yummy protein shakes recipes for breakfast? Things without kale and nuts, i don't have a super fancy blender ;-) thanks all!
Avatar f tn You can do this in the "add recipe" section. Once you enter the recipe and nutrition data, it's there for future use.
Avatar f tn Yes, cabbage is good for you. So is spinach and kale. Try to get a variety of veggies in your diet with lots of color. It's nice on the eyes too! The colors of veggies indicate the nutritive value, so try new things. It's fun! Do stir fries with peppers, brocoli, asparagus, onion, eggplant, thinly sliced carrots, whatever looks good at the store. Buy organic when possible.
Avatar n tn Hello human corn flakes will not hurt your horse if the amount is with in limits how ever the balance of the cornflakes nutrition value which is designed for small human stomaches will not be high enough to give your horse the full nutrient values he needs and will only offer small amount of fibre as the flake is cooked and will be digested fairly quickly i hope the flakes are being fed with chaff or some hard fibre content which every horse needs to keep a healthy gut and i hope the feed if bei
3923358 tn?1358552214 Hi there, The gastroparesis diet helps reduce symptoms and maintain adequate fluids and nutrition. The diet should contain adequate liquids, provide additional calories wit restriction of fatty foods and oil .The diet must be tailored according to the individual patient and his degree of gastroparesis. In gastroparesis a doctor may recommend medicines to stimulate the stomach to contract. It is suggested to consult your attending physician and seek his advice.
Avatar m tn I am planning to go and visit nutrition doctor tomorrow. I want to make sure that I have good vitamins, minerals in my body to make sure that I am boosting immunity power. I don't know what all the tests they recommend, I will post you guys tomorrow. As I had Vit d3 level very low, I don't wonder if other vitamins/mineral levela are low. I will take supplements depending on the result. What you guys say? Is it better step or it's of no use for HBV?
Avatar f tn there is tremendous nutritional value to breast milk at any age. i think it's just that after 12 months, they do get nutrition from foods as well, so it doesn't have to be the primary source of nutrition anymore. if she is getting breast milk there really is no need for whole milk. plus, the immune benefits of breast milk are still there. as for the sleeping thing...
Avatar f tn They include drinking from a straw! Eating kale! Ate apple! Chewed gum! Ate beans or bean dip! You were hungry and ate too fast! However, are you nauseated or vomited? That can be a sign of a bowel obstruction. My mother had an obstruction that turned into a full on emergency and within a short time she went from normal to looking 9 months pregnant. That is a 911 emergency so please get immediate care if you are nauseated or vomiting with this. Here's an article to help combat it.
Avatar m tn It has no nutrition value and they taste like mud.
Avatar f tn I am more concerned about your kale smoothie intake. Kale contains a high amount of iodine and your copious intake of kale smoothies can lead to hypothyroidism. Be careful. You may want to moderate your intake of kale and other cruciferous vegetables.
2000931 tn?1401563007 Seriously just go back to a simpler time, in grandmas time food was actually nutritional, now a days cardboard has more nutritional value than half the stuff on the supermarket shelves. Hands up who thinks cheese is orange and stretchy enough to make a hammock out of, lol its simply not cheese if you can flapp it about for half an hour, cheese crumbles, breaks and does not have the colour of a mandarine lol who came up with cheese in a can??
2065676 tn?1331422440 Im growing Kale on Farmville ;-)
649848 tn?1534633700 Med Help has just launched a new Nutrition Application, which will help make it easier to find the nutritional value/calories of the foods you are eating - this should make it easier to keep up with the food tracker; it looks like you can link right to your food diary and exercise/weight trackers. There's an area where you can "ask an expert", as well as a lot of other valuable information.
Avatar f tn After a few months of feeling good and my hair finally getting back to normal BAM here's what happened. I started a health kick and was drinking green shakes (mostly kale) Now I realize a No-No in the thyroid world. Had my labs drawn a couple weeks after starting and still feeling great at the time. By late June the symptoms started again. Itchy skin, scalp, hair dry brittle falling out, trouble sleeping, just feel like crap! I had not changed my dose of NT. Still at 1-1/8 grains.
535822 tn?1443976780 Well you now know I love sprouts, I also love Kale ,,I have sauteed it and ate it like that with spuds and a meat ....but what else can I do with it , and its got to be high in the good' vits..
Avatar n tn These include cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale and other cruciferous veggies, as well as some fruits. Please note that cooking these foods removes their goitrogenic properties. All types of soy products should be avoided. That said, many of us find that eating these foods has little effect on thyroid levels. Iodine can often make things worse, if you have an autoimmune thyroid disease, such as Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.
Avatar m tn So, I'm a 25-year-old man trying to figure out why I had a large variance in thyroid test results between May 2014 and August 2015. My TSH and thyroid antibodies swung wildly high in that time, despite Free T3 and T4 remaining stable. (variance can be seen here: I've been analyzing any and all lifestyle/regimen changes in that time, and one of the largest is switching multivitamin brands.
Avatar f tn Try to stay away from junk food with low nutritional value BC you need the nutrition.
4545793 tn?1394592544 when ny doctor was doing the doppler she is so used to taking it on ny stomach that she was a lil confused at first them found him but he was all the way down by ny downstairs lol if any ladies are having iron issues and dont want to take iron meds bc mine make me sick I get a kale and spinanch smoothie its soo yummy so im having thoses like twice a week and then I take my other viatmins...but ya any day or week thinking next week or the week after...