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Avatar f tn I love the fruit thing on our app. I have a mango this week! Im 19+2 this week. Age it's going great my little man is moving a little I still don't feel kicks or at least if don't think I am lol. How's everyone else doing?? What fruit are you this week??
Avatar f tn I am 19 weeks today I am a mango due sept 7 the anyone else a mango or due the same day ?
7552771 tn?1469929649 Today 19 weeks mango. 21 weeks left well 22 if this ones like my last son Haha. I'm having another boy little Rambo:) What's your fruit or veggie? Boy or girl? Names?
7463033 tn?1399311106 Officially 19 weeks today && my baby is the size of a tasty mango . 147 days left (: what about you ladies ?
Avatar f tn I was only able to hold down a couple pieces of mango and some gaterade. So my question is, is that going to hurt my baby? I feel better today and have been able to eat a little more and drink some water. Any advice and comments are very welcome.
Avatar f tn Unless your making this a habit then your not getting the much NEED nutrition and neither is your baby!! Ya gotta eat girl!! If you can't eat or are to busy try drinking a Carnation Breakfast essential. It's high in sugar but it's healthy to a certain extent especially since your not eating properly. Take your prenatal vitamins, it will give you a reason to want to eat!!! A quick Apple, mango, something!!!!
Avatar f tn As of yesterday I am a mango! :3 next week will be a banana. Lol its so weird how they compare it to fruit but I like it (: I'm due April 8th, anyone else a mango?
Avatar f tn I prepared mango milk shake using mango pulp. Is it safe to drink mango milk shake prepared using pulp during pregnancy. Did any one tried it so far? it is store bought pulp so I'm just scared whether it's safe or not.
Avatar m tn // ------------------------------------------------------------------- Make sure you talk with your doctor as in the past grapefruit has not been advised.
Avatar f tn I don't think it's bad for U, just make sure you wash the mango before you cut & eat it. I did have a friend who was allergic to mango skin, when she touched the open mango skin she would break out in hives. Maybe run it by Ur dr at Ur next apt. I think Ur fine though as long as U wash it & have no allergies.
Avatar n tn On possibly 2 or 3 occasions recently I have felt varying levels of unwellness after eating Mango fruit. Not necessarily from touching the fruit (since I was not the one who prepared the smoothie), but following ingestion of the fruit pulp itself. All incidences have been within the last 12 months. I'm not even sure if Mango is the trigger, but on all 3 occasions I can think of, Mango was an ingredient.
Avatar n tn i found out that the skin of the mango is kind of like poison ivy and since i had peeled the mango myself and touched my face and neck, it made sense to me why it was there. it started going away 5 days ago and all of a sudden i'm starting to itch again in the same spot and i think i'm getting the hives/rashes again. i haven't eaten/touched a mango since the incident. i don't know what is causing this. i haven't changed detergents or shampoo or anything.
Avatar f tn I crave mango drinks and flavoured food amd eat them didn't know I shouldn't.
7890617 tn?1398081296 Today my baby is 19wks gestation.....The size of a mango...Yaay,almost at my half way point(20wks)....thought I would never make it this far What size is your bundle of joy(s)???
8529755 tn?1412629642 Mine girl is size of a mango too. We took our 3.5yr old to grocery store today and showed her a mango up next to my belly. It made it seem more real. And she is beyond excited. Congrats to everyone.
7831604 tn?1399711007 Pineapple mango and kiwi today didn't know about the kiwi and mango until I googled it but its got the same thing in it as pineapple.
Avatar f tn The app says shes the size of a bell pepper almost the size of an banana, but how can it go from a banana / carrot to a mango? From what I know isn't a carrot larger..