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7677085 tn?1395374075 Watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew hydrate you. Kiwi is good for you. Citrus fruits are all good for vitamin c. Strawberries are also a good source of vitamin c I believe. Ummm. Fruit in general is good for you & baby. But no fruit gives you protein. Try, drinking nutrition shakes that have protein like EnSure. My doctor recommended I drink one a day when I couldn't keep anything down.
Avatar n tn You should rule out a medical issue like thyroid problem or anemia. You could also be suffering from poor nutrition. Increasing vegetables and reducing carbs could energize you. If you have stairs at work, trying running up and down them at lunch time or going for a brisk walk outside.
662085 tn?1331345560 Well he lived in the idea that we arent alive unless we are experiencing our dream and then yes he died thats how the animator ended it.
Avatar m tn I am not overweight or unhealthy, but I do have mild anxiety and depression at times. I do believe in the power of nutrition. My question is: I am currently taking a multivitamin, 1200mg fish oil, 1000 IU vitamin D3 and 500mg Vitamin B3 (Niacin) every morning. I follow that with a homemade smoothie that I make that consists of apples, oranges, baby spinach, wheat grass, kiwi, banana and a teaspoon of Earth Rise brand Spirulina mixed in.
Avatar f tn I had a kiwi and some juice and while i was eating the kiwi my baby was going crazy... i've never felt him kick so much before...
7831604 tn?1399711007 Pineapple mango and kiwi today didn't know about the kiwi and mango until I googled it but its got the same thing in it as pineapple.
Avatar m tn The doctor decided it was a kiwi allergy or sphincter of oddie dysfunction. I recenlty took a small bite of kiwi and went into another attack. My AST and ALT levels were elevated. Does anyone know if this is indeed an allergy? I used to eat them all the time. I cannot find anything online with these symptoms.
519487 tn?1211896473 Is there any relation between latex allergy and kiwi. If you don't know the kiwi I attache a photo. I read a post, I don't remember where it said which people with latex allergy shouldn't eat kiwi, I don't know if this is true or false, any can help me?
208686 tn?1293030503 A 56-year-old carrier is highly unusual, said Dr. Robert Kiwi, who monitored the pregnancy after he worked with Dr. James Goldfarb on the in vitro fertilization. A typical carrier is a young, healthy woman who had a baby previously, said Kiwi, who was the doctor for the births. Dalenberg underwent hormonal therapy to strengthen her uterus, Kiwi said. Delivery at 31 weeks was necessary when one of the girls appeared to be not growing appropriately, he said.
Avatar f tn kiwi girl here woop woop lol not many kiwi girls on here.
Avatar f tn I love fruit. Apples, pears, peaches, plums, kiwi. I have dried kiwi which is really good. Cucumbers or carrots and ranch. Apple slices with cheddar, nuts (I love pistachios and pecans). I also love to snack on olives. Artichoke hearts or hearts of palm with a little balsamic.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if i should go see a nutritionist to make sure me and the baby are getting adequate nutrition. I have always been a small 110lb and no matter what i eat i never gain any weight. Has anyone gone to see one and was it worth it? Did it make a difference?
2104275 tn?1333736373 I have Gastroparesis, what is the best liquid way to get the nutrition I need?
5235065 tn?1369072032 I felt like that too people kept teeling me to eat crackes . . Did not work .
417564 tn?1287982827 I stopped getting proper nutrition but kept up with the massive amounts of vitamins. I used supplements...but it would really take alot. I simply did not feel like eating, so I listened to my body and I did not eat...I drank water, I did everything else right. As our counselor said...I am no doctor. Vitamins are very hard on your stomach...especially coming off methadone because you lack proper gut function. Nutrition is of equal importance.