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Avatar f tn Nutrition facts are based on the cooked product unless it specifies otherwise. And always on the recommended directions, so obviously if you make a change in ingredients it will change the nutrition. Does that make sense?
Avatar f tn You can eat lunch meat as long as it's cooked. You can eat some types of fish in moderation. Stay away from high mercury, sword fish, shark, and bottom dewellers. Listen to your cravings. They will tell you what vitamins you're lacking.
1136118 tn?1263609584 Do you need to 4 CUPS of veggies/day or 4 SERVINGS/day? You can spread it out a bit more -- eat a cup of raw veggies (carrots, celery, sweet pepper strips, etc) for snacks. Steamed or roasted veggies make a great addition to meals - you can use either fresh or frozen veggies. If you must use canned veggies, make sure you get the "low sodium variety. I also like to stir fry - you can take some shrimp, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, etc and stir fry them together.
Avatar n tn t just opt out from a healthy diet and eat a single food source like a protein bar or something. Balance, variety, lots of color, home-cooked, not processed and packaged.
Avatar m tn I eat organic... All kinds of veggies raw or cooked, like cauliflower, broccoli, cabbages, spinach, eggplant, squash, radishes, tomatoes, lettuce, sprouts, mushrooms (not magic shrooms, though)... come on. I can't possibly list them all, there are so many. Lentils, all kind of pulses, beans, peas, fresh or dried... then soaked and cooked. Chick peas I sprout now and then. Tempeh, tofu, miso, Dark rye bread, Danish style. Brown rice and other whole grains.
Avatar f tn Corn can be a troublesome food for many, as it's a common allergen and also contains a lot of sugar. Carrots are great cooked and raw -- cooked they have more carotenoids, raw more fiber.
Avatar f tn oatmeal for breakfast, whole wheat breads, oatmeal cookies, bran muffins, whole-wheat pasta, and brown rice. Serve fruit and vegetables in any form, raw or cooked. Salads are great if she will eat it. The most important aspect to increased fiber is increasing your fluid intake. Fiber is great for increased bowel movements; however, it needs fluids to get through the colon. Suggest you limit rice, bananas, and fresh apples.
7746659 tn?1393919637 Hoping Karla sees this as she us a good source for diets and nutrition. You can also do a Google search for home cooked balanced duets for dogs or something like that. No zucchini? Plant some.
874521 tn?1424116797 Nemo is on a homemade cooked pork diet, I already add zucchini and pumpkin and some wheat bran to his food....this hasn't helped, he needs the stool softner, however even that isn't working as good as it should. he is pooping but only about 2x a week. Should I add more than 2cc's lactulose 2x day?
Avatar f tn Add the zucchini and garlic, and season with salt and pepper. Cook until the zucchini is softened, about 7 minutes. Add the corn and thyme and cook for another 3 minutes. Place mixture in baking dish. Whisk together the eggs, cream and Gruyere, and sprinkle with 1/2 teaspoon of salt and 1/4 teaspoon of ground black pepper. Pour over zucchini mixture, and bake for about 35 minutes, until set. this can be served warm or at room temperature.
Avatar f tn I have severe pain after eating certain foods. I've been through having a gastroscopy, x-rays, blood tests, ultrasound, and barium x-rays from my lips to the end of my small intestine. My family doctor and GI specialist have ruled out diverticulitis, gallstones, pancreas issues, h pilori, ulcers, and a few other things I can't think of. The results of all of this have been the advice to avoid foods that I know cause problems.
Avatar f tn Okay what's everyone making/having for dinner tonight? Poor hubby hasn't had a cooked meal since xmas, I'm making turkey and cheese crescent rolls, diced potatoes tossed in Italian dressing, garlic salt, pepper& parmesan cheese, fresh green beans and mini vanilla pudding pies for dessert!
Avatar f tn not it! the zucchini from our garden does this to our skin and all we use is dirt and water for growing! please tell your nutritionist!!
172023 tn?1334672284 ll add cooked, diced chicken to it and put it in a wrap, sometimes add a cooked and chopped veggie burgur to it, you can add a scoop to any soup, use instead of cooked rice in any recipe...the possibilities are endless. COCONUT CURRY QUINOA STEW 2 T.
Avatar f tn Noodles do not have a lot of nutrition, but they could be a part of your daily calorie intake if you include some quality protein and vegetables in good variety every day. I agree that the lowest calories for a day would be 1200. Eating a variety of foods with lots of color is important to nutrition.
Avatar f tn hello everyone! i have a problem.....i dont eat any kind of vegetables except potatoes & corn(but ppl say those dont count because they are starches). And im scared that if i dont eat any that my baby wont get all the nutrition that it needs. I've tried to eat different ones but it doesnt work out. Is there any other healthy food that will make up for the veggies? Someone told me that my prenantal vitamins arent enough i need more nutrition. I want my baby to be very healthy.
Avatar f tn Thats actually how i found out i was prego cuz i could nt stop eating shrimp i cooked it five days out the week and whn we went out to eat thats what i would order so my husband made me take a test and i was in fact prego well thoes cravings went away and now at 22weeks all iwant is crab legs and lobster tails my doc says its fine cause of course its cooked just told me to slow down a little but its all i thing about.. any one eles w these cravings...