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Avatar f tn but just recently i have been eating only ensure meal replacement shakes, lots of water, apple sauce and other fruit sauces, tuna, and chicken (even kfc) no dairy at all and no fruits with skins and well i can't wait to be able o eat regularly again but in just a few days of this diet i have seen and felt tremendous improvement, the blood has stopped and i am begining to have normal bowel movements. good luck and i hope this helps.
Avatar f tn But am confused about the nutrition fact they write in the box of food (rice for example) they say nutrition facts for 100 g but is it like 100g of boiled rice or the uncooked product ? I guess there's a difference because when you use dry product you need for example two cups but if you use cooked rice you may need a cup ... Since it sucked water and its heavier so .. Any thoughts or maybe am dumb lol ! Thank you .
2000931 tn?1401563007 E927b Carbamide - Browning agent - Used in: wine, pretzels, yeast foods, mouthwash, antipersperant, hand cream, fertilizer - Made from: Urea from human urine or animal origin.. URINE!!!!! Technically i'm healthy lol discount all the things that say otherwise but my diet works on the basics of whats classed as healthy nutritional levels.
Avatar f tn Oh KFC slaw!! We don't have KFC around us. I miss a lot of the southern fast food and bbq joints. We moved north after 10 years south sad lol I miss boberry biscuits!!!
Avatar f tn I bought KFC chicken popcorn and burger for my toddler.i tasted a chicken popcorn and it had an unusual taste. the chicken in burger too was sticky. How does spoiled chicken it sour or bitter? I don't know what is meant by funny or funky taste.
Avatar f tn I got a severe salmonella food poisoning from it,then I read that in different chains of KFC around the world ppl had the same posening. I HATE KFC and will never ever have it again.
7819795 tn?1394500455 My mother in law got me KFC. Then my hubby got me McDonald's bc he got it on his way home from work, and he didn't know that his mom got me KFC. So i am having both McDonald's and KFC for dinner.
Avatar f tn I had ate some before my doc appointment once and she said i smell like KFC . Doc said to avoid KFC and just eat other at other places that serve friend chicken because she said that there was a study showing that kfc's chicken doesnt have enouhh real meat to call it chicken so the company changed the name to Kentucky Fried Crisps . If you look into it you'll read it and see that its true. Your not eating chicken, idk what they serve us. Try not to eat there..
4503521 tn?1400858886 I'm having both KFC and McDonald's.
Avatar f tn The most important is self-care. Eating good nutrition, drinking plenty of water, decreasing caffeine (a stimulant). Exercise, even if it's just getting up and dancing or going for a good walk. Rest when you need to. Listen to your body. Distraction when the anxiety is creeping in - turn on some music, call a friend and talk it out, get up and go walk. But most importantly is retraining your brain. "This is just anxiety. It's no fun, but it's not going to hurt me.
547836 tn?1302832832 I was reading the nutrition facts under the links and noticed that although none of the two contain iron, the Protegra contains 5000 IU of Vitamin A! That's a lot of Vitamin A. Should I start taking these every other day? Or maybe once/ twice a week instead of everyday? or not at all? THANKS!
Avatar f tn Ohhh like Popeye's or KFC. Never heard of Zaxby's lol but i never spent much time in the south either Lol hubby made me chicken stir fry last night. mmm. curbed my chinese food craving lol.
Avatar f tn I just want KFC. Mash potatoes & gravy, Mac&cheese ...fried chicken! Corn on the Cobb. Yummm!!!!
Avatar f tn t craving anything until I saw this post. Now all I can think of is kfc mash potatoes. So again... hatred....
Avatar f tn Yeah is because I came to KFC & put some potatoes wedges & it had seasoning
Avatar f tn so saying that it is really hard to comprimise with cravings! lol i hate KFC chicken... not that i always have but i hate the smell of the building more than anything and i have been craving it! my BF always bugs me about picking up a bucket and was shocked when i said, we could lol we didnt, he wouldnt eat it anyway but its weird how cravings go! i bought a rotisserie chicken yesterday and it was awesome!
Avatar f tn Is the vitamin water even healthy to drink. The Zero oneā€¦ I saw the nutrition facts & it has alott lol like vitamin Bs vitamin A , Naicin , pantothenic acid & magnesium. Is this good?..
Tbd I have never used Medifast personally, but a quick glance at their nutrition facts, and I would say if you are struggling with high cholesterol, I wouldn't go that route. Any pre-packaged items/shakes like that tend to be high in sodium and cholesterol- two things you want to stay away from. As with any diet- I'd ask your doctor before you start any plan to make sure it's right for you. I know losing weight can be tough!
Avatar f tn I am experiencing night time vomiting before bed I had grabbed a plate of left over KFC and waited till I thought my food had gone down lay down 3minutes later I thru up my husband said for me to sit up and take it easy but as of last night I can't keep anything in my stomach HELP HRLP HELP !!!!!!!
3218865 tn?1346947351 all I've been craving is kfc and popeyes, my boyfriends at work for another hour and nothing but some good ol' chicken and honey will do i don't have a car so i can't go get anything I'm dying all I've had to eat all week is hot pockets and freezer pizza. I'm praying he takes me to town today so i can at least get some burger king chicken do you guys know if they have honey sauce there?
7187796 tn?1394574049 If I have some KFC macaroni salad with it hurt my baby. I'm really tempted to have it. Just what to hear some opinions. Thanks in advance!
Avatar m tn All patients are motivated to clear hbsag , some are ready to put their heads or fingers in hot oil just because they want to clear hbsag . They do not abide with certain facts that are inevitable . There's no curable drug available for hepatitis B for now .2 o/o with chronic hepatitis B has cleared the virus . some on treatment (ART) and others not . Some with chronic hepatitis develop hbsag without any treatment and are cured .
Avatar f tn I just want to freaking cry right nowbecause I really want a mashed potato bowl from kfc, and nobody will go get one for me. There is a car if I wanted to take it, but it has bad brakes so I ddon't want to drive it, especially at night. And I've been having contractions today, so I don't want to get out. My stepmom, stepsister, and her friend are at a movie, and literally have to pass the kfc to get home, and don't want to stop to get me one.
Avatar f tn I had fried chicken cravings a couple of weeks ago. Was too lazy to go out to my favorite place and ended up going through the KFC drive through. So disappointing. I vowed never to eat KFC again. LOL! I have also craved in the past: baja fish tacos, mexican food, banana cream pie, strawberries, chocolate, ice cread, steak...not all at the same time of course. Last night I craved red velvelt cupcakes and had to make a batch.