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Avatar n tn 100% liquid egg whites, but in the nutrition panel, it says 95 mg of sodium per serving. Now, on a carton of eggs itself, it says 65 mg. of sodium per egg.... Should I take the white out of real eggs, or do you think the carton egg whites are safe???
Avatar f tn A couple of websites you should check out are and You can look up the food values of just about ANY food..just type it in the search box. I just looked up an egg white for you and it says an average large egg white with no fat added is about 17 calories. I also buy liquid egg whites in the containers. I don't eat the yolks either so I find that by buying egg whites in a container, it's less wasteful.
Avatar f tn that sounds amazing, so i guess real egg whites are sperm friendly. Hope it works out well for you this month, can't wait to hear how it turns out.
Avatar f tn Egg whites lmao. No girl, like the above comment said, its sperm. If your not on birth control you may get pregnant..
Avatar f tn Has anyone every used egg whites(in place of CM) to ttc. Or no anyone who has used them. Share your stories. My ob mentioned it to me after the m/c when i asked a few questions about cm. She also mentioned pre-seed. She did say some women experience yeast and infections from the egg whites but a lot dont. I didnt think about it until now, how i am 5 months since m/c and CM is only a little when b4 m/c it was a lot. I would get some b4 ovulation then a bunch on ovulation day.
9214378 tn?1408881584 Egg yolks contain about three times the amount of omega-6 to omega-3, so I have always said if you are going to give eggs, give three egg whites to one egg yolk, so the balance becomes stable and beneficial. Egg whites have (obviously) far more omega-3, but they are also high in cholesterol, so feeding too much is not good for a dog's heart or cirulatory system. A much better source of omega-3 is salmon oil, as this has many beneficial properties and is easy to digest.
1328278 tn?1276593668 So im ovulating sometime this week and have been researching into helping sperm survive longer and have a better chance of making it to my egg. Ive come across the egg whites theory, basically using the whites of the egg (raw of course lol) as a lube, apparently many couples have got their BFP this way...what do you all think?
Avatar f tn So-called egg white cervical mucus is the most fertile of all CM types because it allows the sperm to swim easily into the cervix. Its consistency is similar to raw egg whites and it can stretch an inch or two without breaking in the middle.
415867 tn?1323365503 Hi. CM is not creamy egg whites, it's clear egg whites. Think of it as raw egg whites, not cooked ones. :0) It's okay if you don't see any obvious EWCM, because it does belong inside after all. Some women don't see it when they wipe, so they will insert a finger and try to pull some out. You shouldn't have to go in too far to find some. If you are really concerned about lack of CM, then definitely mention it to your doctor. Good Luck!
1028452 tn?1537448484 First aid consists to spraying cold water on the affected area until the heat is reduced and stops burning the layers of skin. Then, spread egg whites on the affected are. One woman burned a large part of her hand with boiling water. In spite of the pain, she ran cold faucet water on her hand, separated 2 egg white from the yolks, beat them slightly and dipped her hand in the solution. The whites then dried and formed a protective layer.
366779 tn?1291343396 Or...if it doesn't show the doctor basically says, that eggs can contain salmonella, and that's why they are worried about infection. I don't know how long he's practiced medicine, but he said that he hasn't seen anyone become infected by using egg whites, there's also another site if you google, and I quote myself, "danger in using egg whites for conception" the second article should have www. trying to conceive .com as the website, or look for that one.
Avatar f tn Oatmeal, steel cut oats, fruit, toast, egg whites, etc.
360318 tn?1340393363 A variety of foods is better than eating just one all the time. Egg whites do contain protein, but so does a host of foods. Nuts, though high in fat, are actually quite heart healthy and very high in protein. Beans are another good source of protein. All animal food is high in protein, with fish being high in fat but good fat. You have a lot of choices.
Tbd Egg whites with vegetable omelet or Almonds and an apple, I like low fat or 0 fat Greek yogurt with blue berries too.
Avatar f tn Also anything raw, unpasteurized like a real Caesar salad or mayonnaise made with RAW egg. I make mayo from scratch but avoid it will pregnant. Cheeses with blue veins are also to Be avoided or raw, undercooked meat. I'm sure some of this is debatable but these are the things typically advised to avoid.
Avatar f tn t really gained weight since a long while (6-7 months or more). We recently found out that he has been allergic to egg whites and that has stopped his growth. Many things have egg in it so we cut out many things out of our diets. he doesnt eat much or at all somedays. just milk and juice. I have given him pediasure. but what alse can i give him to open up his appetite and give him the nutrients and vitamins he needs. please help?
594189 tn?1386916607 It depends if if its is creamy or if it resembles egg whites and stretches. If its egg whites then you are approaching ovualtion start having sex every other day.
Avatar n tn Droped to right about coverline yesterday but I also for some reason had egg whites yesterday. I dont get egg whites that much I thought only came when you are Oing. Then today I woke up my temp shot to 98.22. What could be going on. I am not sick and did not drink last night. Anyone can help thanks. Here my chart.
1320677 tn?1305757368 s is that on the 13 i notice a slipery clear stuff on my underwear it look like egg whites so i asume i was i right? would i get pregnant if i did it then?
Avatar n tn How your sister is feeding him makes no sense to me. She's afraid of mad cow disease in fish? And yet she'll feed him animal products like cheese (from a cow) and eggs...which carry a salmonella risk, but she won't feed him jelly or ice cream. Ummm... She, in my opinion, desperately needs to research basic nutrition needs. She is completely ignorant of any nutritional education and is therefore denying her son any nutritional value.
Avatar n tn If your skin overall isn't more yellowish, and the whites of your eyes are still white (not yellow) then you might be looking at a case of a fungal infection rather than jaundice. Poor nutrition is also a possibility.
60890 tn?1366358119 now lets get with the raw egg whites from real eggs first make sure there free range and clean before you crack the egg open. suringe some egg white insert and do the baby dance and yes ive tryed it once verry messsy so put a towel under you but since then iv'e only used preseed. the good side to eggs is its cheep the down side is its messy. thats the only reason i decided to pay a lot more cos its not messy. good luck and i hope ive helped.
Avatar f tn this is my 4th baby bt i only lost my Mucus Plug with my 1 st and it had brown in it but this time it was just clear looked like egg whites. i lost some yesterday but today i lost way more a big glob, sorry i know really gross lol. Could it be Mucus Plug or?
1415482 tn?1459702714 Ive been on a diet for a little while now and I am already tired of the food I am making. Can you give me some ideas of what I can do to make my boring meals fun. So far my diet consists of -- wheat bread, tuna, egg whites, special K cereal and milk. What else can I eat that's inexpensive and taste good? I'll accept recipes as well. Thank you! I am 20, I weigh 155 lbs and I want to be at about 125 there about.