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Avatar m tn Eye nutrition follows the rule of good general nutrition: Lots of vegatables including dark leafy greens, whole grains, and a reasonable amount of fish especially those which have the omega fatty acids. The book named "Superfoods" has a good list and I think these are commonly listed online. If you remember to blink more and look away from your computer occasionally, you will improve regarding your blurriness. Keep the ambient air more humid and try some artificial tears.
Avatar f tn population). And if so, is this process reversible? (Will good nutrition, good stress management, exercise, etc put me in the same, or lower, range as a typical person my age?) Update: I have agreed (reluctantly) to have a mastectomy and also, the mhs are still (in my opinion) providing limited support. I fail to understand the mhs. I don't understand why they're not working with me to help improve my situation (or at the least, to help contain me).
743476 tn?1236614823 this will not ruin your life and actually, if your friends are your real friends they will understand and help you through this. if you dont take care of yourself now, it can affect you in the future. we (my boyfriend and myself) are in college now and he is actually doing much better than in high school. checking your blood sugar before eating is so important so if you dont eat right at this present moment, please be sure you are checking blood sugar.
Avatar f tn The only recommendation for the moment it was the retina nutrition with vitamin tablets such blueberry and avoiding the weight and hot shower. The advancing of the myopia shall be seen only on the next visit after several months or one year. Does exist any other option for feeding the dystrophyc retina? thank you to a comment.
Avatar f tn It's a slow process, and it should be -- slow is healthy and stays off. You haven't said what your diet is like, so we can't comment, but it sure sounds like you're working hard at it so I'd expect you to start seeing results slowly.
417564 tn?1287982827 I stopped getting proper nutrition but kept up with the massive amounts of vitamins. I used supplements...but it would really take alot. I simply did not feel like eating, so I listened to my body and I did not eat...I drank water, I did everything else right. As our counselor said...I am no doctor. Vitamins are very hard on your stomach...especially coming off methadone because you lack proper gut function. Nutrition is of equal importance.
2000931 tn?1401563007 Hmmm well my special diet is, to eat food because of the time of day lol i dont actually have any memory of feeling hungry, never ever and that goes back to being a babe in my mothers arms, i really can't be the only person on the planet with this lol. I've always lost weight too easily, now the issue is more so because my body is constantly moving and burning energy.
Avatar f tn Nourishing your body with fresh food is great...I do that to....but for the mental part of this disease, I'm not sure that science and nutrition is enough??? The lack of neurotransmitter firing is where some sort of psychiatry, N/A, A/A, therapist, or other form of one on one with other PEOPLE is necessary. Vitamins, good green leafy veges, foods high in protein, all totally necessary, but so is therapy of some sort.
Avatar m tn Yes, I am diabetic type 2 with fairly good control through nutrition and exercise, but it is a difficult process, as you know. I typically have a quarterly physical examination, of my own choosing. Last week, I asked my doctor that I wanted to ease my regimens and broaden my nutrition a bit more and requesed basal insulin, which I just started.
Avatar n tn Is this disease pretty common or rare? My daughter who is only 31 just got diagnosed with "mild disc degenerative disease" in the neck region and I find this quite strange as I am doing some research online and find that it's part of the aging process..... but at 31? Her symptoms were pain, weakness in the arms, tingling, fatigue. I don't understand if it's something that is quite common or if it's rare. I would appreciate some input.
Avatar f tn Increased water absorption by colon slows down the process of digestion. This decreased appetite can affect the nutrition of any woman and hamper the growth of the fetus. It is recommended that you consult your gynecologist about this loss of appetite and start taking a healthy diet. Do keep us posted with more queries. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar f tn I am currently 23 weeks and have already started looking for child care providers. I know it's going to be a slow process as I have already had major meltdowns just thinking about it! How did you guys cope and when did you start looking?
Avatar m tn My question is, what dietary changes can I make to aid the bone healing process? Also, being confined to a bed for three weeks and then having my leg immobilized for 3 additional weeks led to severe muscle loss, what dietary changes could aid in the muscle strengthening and building process? Thank you.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if i should go see a nutritionist to make sure me and the baby are getting adequate nutrition. I have always been a small 110lb and no matter what i eat i never gain any weight. Has anyone gone to see one and was it worth it? Did it make a difference?
2104275 tn?1333736373 I have Gastroparesis, what is the best liquid way to get the nutrition I need?
5235065 tn?1369072032 I felt like that too people kept teeling me to eat crackes . . Did not work .