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182493 tn?1348056515 Just like it takes time to alter profoundly the body’s biochemistry with drugs…it takes time to repair with proper nutrition. Oral nutrition is best but often is difficult for those in their first week of detox and recovery. Proteins, complex carbs, and essential fatty acids are necessary building blocks for repair and return of proper function of organ systems and brain neurochemistry.
Avatar f tn Yes there is a difference between a Hospice and Palliative Care Programs. A few of the differences are where Care occurs. Hospice is an all inclusive generally at home program - Palliative Care is usually in a hospital, long term care facility or it may be in the home too, it is not all inclusive. The differences can be slight or not-so-slight, depending on the person's wishes and prognosis. This site may benefit from a better explanation in another thread.
Avatar n tn The plan of care should include cleaning and trimming fingernails and toenails. The plan of care should include sunlight 45 minutes a day. And exposure to sunlight or the artificial equivelant every morning between 6 A.M. and 9 A.M. The plan of care should involve outside stimulation. I took my 100 year old patiuent outside in her wheelchair every day for sixty days for four hours or more. And inside stimulation. A good television set that is constantly on.
Avatar n tn I don't like insure for a number of reasons. First, it is a milk product and milk is a food not well-suited for the elderly. More importantly, I view every meal as an opportunity for a "happy experience". An experience that also has the purpose of rehabilitation. Not simply nuitrition. Teaching the person to feed themselves, for example, and lift a cup to their mouths. Re-learn to use the fingers and hands. To grasp a spoon. To hold and tilt a cup. And how to use a napkin.
182493 tn?1348056515 Just like it takes time to alter profoundly the body’s biochemistry with drugs…it takes time to repair with proper nutrition. Oral nutrition is best but often is difficult for those in their first week of detox and recovery. Proteins, complex carbs, and essential fatty acids are necessary building blocks for repair and return of proper function of organ systems and brain neurochemistry.
Avatar n tn The Framingham Heart Study was started in 1948 to study 5209 men and women between the ages of 30-62 without heart disease to track the incidence and progression of heart disease in order to better understand it. They are now continuing with offspring studies. It is this long term study that has been cheifly responsible in identifying "risk factors" to heart disease, stroke, and other disease processes.
Avatar n tn We have been through the entire process with my mother over the past 3.5 years and she is now diagnosed terminal with no more treatment options remaining. She will be discharged to home shortly with the gastric tube and has been told 10 percent at best of the contents of her stomach will process food. She will have IV hydration 12-24 hours a day. My long can she survive with virtually no nutrition?
Avatar f tn You will notice the difference very soon after you start a normal skin care routine with natural skin care products containing ingredients such as sea kelp. The aging process is insidious and gradual so it is crucial to begin to address the rough, wrinkled appearance of your skin before the damage is widespread and obvious. Nutrition for your skin is just as important as food for the rest of your organs.
163305 tn?1333672171 I'm not claiming to know of a better way but I know there needs to be more emphasis on care rather than just profits. The web sites mentioned here are for anyone interested. If you're not, pass on. No judgement.
Avatar m tn I have had a nagging problem for 4 1/2 years. I have a pain that goes through my arms and legs, an aching dull pulling pain. Doctor DX me with Fibromyalgia after complete blood panel, ANA, CPK. 9 months ago it took a turn for the worse, I started getting tingling in the hands and feet. I went to the doctor who said that the neuropathy was not a symptom of the FM, and suggested to go to the Neurologist.
521840 tn?1348844371 How to find free or reduced-fee treatment in your area The following is a guide to finding affordable psychological and psychiatric services in your area. Many people call or write me asking how they can find treatment if they do not have insurance or can not pay their deductibles. It is extremely frustrating to need help and not be able to afford it, even if you have insurance.
Avatar f tn Hello, After a radical nephrectomy it is best to avoid any alcohol consumption and smoking for a few days as it interferes with the body’s natural healing process. Eat more vegetable fats and sugars to avoid losing weight, and follow nutritional guidelines to make sure your body receives proper nutrition. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn A few methods such as application of warm oil on the scalp to stimulate the hair follicles and promote hair growth have been described, however their efficacy is no known. Adequate nutrition vitamins and minerals, leading a stress free life, moderate amounts of physical activities may also help in the process. Hope this is useful. Take care!
Avatar n tn Proper rest is a critical factor in the healing process too. Proper nutrition is also of great importance, so eat right. Best.
202436 tn?1326477933 Ok, so there's a cat at DH's work that had kittens yesterday. She was taking care of them until some idiot there decided to move them. He didn't touch the kittens themselves but the old T-shirt they were laying on and now the mother won't take care of them. I'm going to get them here in a bit and bring them home. I want to know if there's any hope of getting the mother to take care of them again. If so, how? Or should I just let her be and take care of the kittens myself...
Avatar f tn I do think you should concentrate on the eating part .... nutrition is an integral part of the healing process. As you well know that we comprimise our immune systems when we don't supply what our bodies need. Headless chickens don't usually run very far you know. Take care .....
Avatar n tn How can i care my thyroid surgry scar 1 week post operative,i want to know about diet which can improve healing
Avatar f tn Increased water absorption by colon slows down the process of digestion. This decreased appetite can affect the nutrition of any woman and hamper the growth of the fetus. It is recommended that you consult your gynecologist about this loss of appetite and start taking a healthy diet. Do keep us posted with more queries. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar m tn Thank you for your comments. Yes, I am diabetic type 2 with fairly good control through nutrition and exercise, but it is a difficult process, as you know. I typically have a quarterly physical examination, of my own choosing. Last week, I asked my doctor that I wanted to ease my regimens and broaden my nutrition a bit more and requesed basal insulin, which I just started.
Avatar n tn in the neck region and I find this quite strange as I am doing some research online and find that it's part of the aging process..... but at 31? Her symptoms were pain, weakness in the arms, tingling, fatigue. I don't understand if it's something that is quite common or if it's rare. I would appreciate some input. I also found a lot of info that talks about it being usually associated with legs, so I'm assuming it's usually in the hip area not in the neck area?
Avatar f tn I am currently in the process of trying to stop purging, and am a couple months free of doing it. When I was purging, I would constantly get sick after eating and it would feel like my body was going to reject the food. I would get bloated, nauseous and hot. This went away after I went awhile without purging. Recently, though, this feeling has returned. For the last couple of weeks, I have been getting horribly sick after eating, to the point where I think I'm going to throw up.
Avatar m tn Hi, The recovery time of disc replacement surgery is shorter and takes weeks for recovery .The process of healing a fusion can take many months or well over a year to be complete. For these reasons, it is important to realize that positive results will be slow to realize and patience following your surgery is be necessary. A fusion is not a quick fix; rather, it is a commitment of patient and surgeon to a long process of improving your back and leg pain. Total or 100% cures are rare.
3060903 tn?1398568723 Members of Nutrition Australia include the general public and some of Australia's most influential food and nutrition experts, together making Nutrition Australia a key nutrition voice in Australia today. Nutrition Australia operates through a National Board which is responsible for its policies and national programs. Our divisions respond to local needs and opportunities for nutrition education and health promotion. Nutrition Australia has staff with expertise in a range of disciplines.
Avatar f tn How long is this healing process, so that he is eating and urinating again?? He does have an apt. tomorrow with the vet. Is there anything i can do at home to help him, or any ideas with getting him to eat food?
685623 tn?1283485207 trained, not certfied) and I spent the next 14 years learning everything I could about wellness care, nutrition, surgery, and all aspects of veterinary medicine. I eventually oversaw all the training of all non-doctor employees and even developed my own program for insuring their continued education. I also spent about 2 years during this time frame working part time at a rural Indiana animal shelter. Now, I help Dr. Jim Humphries with the Veterinary News Network and
458384 tn?1295724256 When you restore the person to normal nutrition, her immune system improves, which is no surprise. But what they're just learning is that when you continue to improve nutrition beyond mere adequacy, the immune system continues to improve, even in healthy people. One thing that a lot of junk food has in common is excess fat. Fats, especially polyunsaturated fats, tend to suppress the immune system. Cut your total fat intake to no more than 25% of daily calories.
921323 tn?1268679412 I remember unpacking the tube from its plastic wrapper and submerging the tip in ice water so that I could form a small bend that would help the tube pass through the nasopharynx and down into the esophagus. The patient would sit bolt upright, and I would take care to direct the tube to the side of the nostril so as not to damage the nasal septum.
18954 tn?1314301717 You might want to start with making sure that you understand how his diagnosis was made, what if any additional tests are necessary to confirm the diagnosis and what sort of care he needs now. Care he needs now would include medications but also nutrition (which is often very important for infants with chronic disease) and can impact lung function. Given the rarity of the diagnosis, it is fair to ask his doctors how much experience they have in managing infants like your son.
Avatar n tn I just posted a question and then found yours from the end of November. I truly hope that by now things are on the upswing for you though I know it is a long and arduous process. I need basically the same info you asked for and can see that no one responded to you on this site. Have you any suggestions for me to forward on to my brother based on your own experience? He feels he is going to starve to death. My question was posted today on the 12th of Jan.
Avatar n tn 15 Dear Hank It takes a good 6 weeks for the sternum to heal. Assuming you are getting good nutrition, there is no other way to speed up the healing process. The popping sensation you describe is not normal. It may suggest that the sternum is unstable. The degree of pain you describe is also much more than I would expect at this point. You should ask your surgeon to take a look at the incision and make sure it is healing properly. I hope this has been useful.