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Nutrition calculator tim hortons

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8650265 tn?1421565413 So i just got a job today, i start monday. It is at a tim hortons.. when should i tell my boss i am pregnant? I am not showing much yet.. i am thinking i will just wait a coupke weeks and then let him know... ?? Idk really what to do. Lol i just wanted this job soo bad.
Avatar n tn Lol I still droul a lot especially around food lol and I work at Tim Hortons hard to not droul all day haha
Avatar f tn I just want subway and cake with an iVe cap from Tim hortons
1985196 tn?1402190098 But if I drink more than that (or tim hortons -- yeah a canadian here lol -- it has more caffeine), it really messes with me. After two cups I can feel myself more fidgety, and unable to focus, and I end up talking a lot and ...
Avatar f tn like for my son right now he has to go to chuck e cheese every day and the car wash and to Tim Hortons for a choc chip cookie things are constantly changing for them
Avatar f tn t even drink anything in the morning it makes a strong gag, to the point where I feel like I am going to puke. I am usually fine by time I get to Tim Hortons for my coffee. My major concern is it stopped for like 5 years. Why is it back?
Avatar f tn I'm 33 weeks pregnant and I'm 17, I was done work at Tim Hortons as of January 25th and I been home relaxing for the past 2 weeks, last night my feet started swelling and when I woke up this morning it's now my feet & hands , should I be concernd ?
Avatar f tn I live in canada so I think im gonna hit up tim hortons breakfast sandwich with bacon on a biscuit and a tea.
4874331 tn?1361466885 Im 38 weeks... at forst I wanted pepperettes now I want ice capps from tim hortons (canadian) and anything sweet...
1208279 tn?1289020783 OMG i get this as well... i have it right now after drinking a tim hortons iced capp. I noticed i get this feeling every single time i have one, and to find out if it was just in my head i got one about 2 hours ago and bam...same feeling. light headed, arm feels weak, cant think that well..bit of a headache..face sounds nuts as my boyfriend was drinking one as well and felt nothing. he thinks im crazy....
8650265 tn?1421565413 Was that what it was for you? I am a ftm and i was just too scared to keep working as i work at tim hortons. I am 21 weeks monday.
884943 tn?1241659398 Today I ran 1/2 of what I could yesterday but have no coffee in the house on purpose. I will run to Tim Hortons to get some and walk home. Talk to your friends, counselor, whoever. I take Nootropics but that's another day. Your mind is stronger than you think, be good. If I see anyone who needs anything maybe I can help. I promise it won't be great, but you will be fine. Mediate.
Avatar f tn I had mine at Tim Hortons. Lol, my mom is a manager there. It went pretty well, actually. && I think having it at the park is a nice and better idea. You can be more creative with decorating and people won't have to pay for their food.
5431850 tn?1381682097 Lol I've always been a picky eater too! If my man doesn't cook me a healthy meal then I just go get something that is quick lol I hate cooking, I like baking though...go figure LOL I also keep telling myself I'll do yoga a couple times a week but never do.
Avatar f tn The odds of getting listeria are slim. I ate deli meats when I was pregnant, and no I didn't heat them up unless I was getting my sandwich toasted at Subway or Tim Hortons. I have never heard of anyone I know getting listeria from deli meat.
Avatar f tn BMI is a useful way to determine a healthy weight. You can find a BMI calculator and other tools for determining a healthy weight on the CDC or NIH web sits. But healthy weight is only part of recovery, as I'm sure you know. I hope you're working on the other aspects, from good nutrition to the mental side of EDs and monitoring for anorexia sequalae.
266539 tn?1281402152 well that totally rips it! i hear that chocolate bars are going up in price too! this is not a good idea hershey's, not a good idea at all. this is like tim hortons switching from baking to the frozen "fresh bake" idea. totally didn't work!!
435139 tn?1255460391 most have an organic section these days, or even check the regualr tea section.....
1877875 tn?1422446857 I had that happen when I was pregnant at 5 months, 6 years ago. Except I DID faint. It happened while I was standing in line at Tim Hortons. Luckily there was someone right there to catch me before I hit the floor. And also lucky for me there happened to be a nurse there that came over and was checking my vitals when I woke up laying on the floor. I tell ya, that was the scariest thing ever! They called an ambulance and I went to the hospital. They thought it was low blood pressure.
Avatar n tn Our nutrition & diet calculator can help you choose the foods and amounts that are right for you. For a detailed assessment of your food intake and physical activity level, click here.
Avatar n tn t have a calorie/nutrition calculator (but what a good idea). If you have the ingredients, you can add the info and then enter it as one of your foods. I'm glad it's working for you now, and let us know if you need further assistance.