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Avatar f tn Stay away from the bread stuff, ask for low cal or no fat salad dressing (even Olive Garden will do that). Think about calorie counts for basic things (chicken = good, tortillas = bad) and look at the menus before you go. That can really help.
Avatar f tn I *love* the salad dressing from Olive Garden and always get some to take home. It's the ONLY salad dressing I like! But it has 8g fat in every 2 tbsp! I try to limit my intake of the salad dressing to 1 tbsp at most but it REALLY helps me eat that salad which I know is healthy. My question is - has anyone had a low fat/fat free salad dressing that tastes similiar to this that you could recommend?
Avatar f tn Olive Garden for my birthday dinner with the hubby, hope my baby girl is hungry‚ô•
Avatar f tn 5:30 in the morning and wanting Olive Garden! Ugh! Does that ever happen to you ladies? You want something specific in the wee hours and the restaurant is closed?
Avatar f tn We had my cousins at olive garden last year gor two reasons, she loved the food and it was 15 bucks a head. Each person could pick anything from the menu and all foutain drinks included. We brought a big comfortable chair for her, cake, and decoration s. Everything was great and wr didnt havr to clean up.
Avatar f tn I go to olive garden all the time for the salad. I love the dressing and the way they prepare the salad. So good, THANKS now I want a olive garden salad. Lol.
Avatar n tn Hahah just though I would add that lol but that sound good ladies :)!
172023 tn?1334672284 I am not very...chefly inclined(? lol!) I LOVE Rosemary anything...Have you ever had the Mixed Grill from Olive Garden. Its just a couple of skewers, one chicken, one steak. They're both smothered in this delicious rosemary sauce and served with peppers and potatoes....SOOOO delicious! I would love to learn how to make that sauce...
Avatar n tn I ate olive garden had a tozcana soup with a salad and bread sticks...
203342 tn?1328737207 Olive Garden.........I just love that salad...........Olive Garden rocks !!!! Nauty...........
Avatar f tn ( and I also want their seafood alfredo
Avatar f tn So today my friend treated me to olive garden (for one I already don't really care for olive garden not big on their good) but since my friend wanted to take me to lunch I decided why not well I order stuffed chicken and as I get towards the middle of my chicken I noticed it's pink and I am like WTF so I let my waitress know and she apologizes asks if I want something else says she's taking it off the bill and takes it away.
Avatar f tn Low fat diet translates into a use of polyunsaturated (omega 3, corn oil, nuts, etc) fats and monounsaturated (olive oil, canola oil, peanut oil, etc) fats, no saturated fats and no Trans fats.
230262 tn?1316645934 It didnt leave much anyways, im always hungry even in WD, lol. but anyhow, Im finally getting some super ripe delicious tomatoes out of the garden and Ive been making homemade salsa with it along with garden fresh green peppers, ONIONS, cilantro and hot peppers! oh man i swear to god i could LIVE OFF just salsa and chips sometimes LOL I put tons of black pepper in it too and extra cilantro MMMMMMM does anyone else garden, and if so what do you make with your harvests?
Avatar f tn After my mother in law got her new car which took all day long, we went to olive garden to eat. Before we even went to olive garden I told them I was having contractions, and they all thought it was because I was hungry and said to wait it out. By the time we got to olive garden, my contractions were really starting to pick up. I couldn't eat or anything! My mother in law started timing theM and they were 4-5 mins apart, so we called the Dr. She said go to the hospital and we did.
Avatar f tn FRIED SHRIMP!!!!!
Avatar f tn I love to eat plain boiled potatoes with sour cream or potatoe salad with a little bit of olive oil, lemon juice, salt and crushed garlic.
Avatar f tn Dinner is grilled meat chicken mostly garden salad or steamed vegetables and a starch . And I love air popped popcorn in the evening as a snack.
Avatar f tn Yes its ok longs its cooked completely I craved calamari in the beginning of my pregnancy I love olive garden calarmi lol