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Nutrition calculator for recipes

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1916673 tn?1420233270 In due course, I will also be adding a fruit and a meat nutrition data sheet too - and I intend breaking down the recipes I have mentioned in my first post, so owners will know what is in each one.
Avatar f tn d like to start doing more work outs to make me fitter but never find the energy for them. Can anyone help with how to balance my nutrition? I have looked online but everything is about supplements or suggests I eat all the things I already eat. Thanks for any help you can give!
1943833 tn?1349276589 I believe I may be able to provide him a good life for a long time, if I can get his nutrition in check. I have done a lot of research, but am overwhelmed a bit, and confused because most of what I'm reading pertains to older dogs, not growing puppies. My vet has admitted he doesn't know much about home cooking, and has suggested I talk to a nutritionist, which I have done, but they are expensive, and our savings are nearly depleted at this point.
Avatar f tn Can anyone recommend a post Nissen Fundoplication diet and recipes to ensure proper nutrition?
176495 tn?1301280412 A good starting point
Avatar m tn thank u
Avatar f tn You can find a BMI calculator and other tools for determining a healthy weight on the CDC or NIH web sits. But healthy weight is only part of recovery, as I'm sure you know. I hope you're working on the other aspects, from good nutrition to the mental side of EDs and monitoring for anorexia sequalae.
Avatar n tn Are you looking for general nutrition info or does your shepherd have a medical issue? You might contact the German Shepherd Dog Club of America for specific dietary needs for Shepherds. Don't forget your vet as a resource either. There are many excellent commercial foods available nowadays - I'm partial to Royal Canin - so don't reject them out of hand simply because they are mass produced.
Avatar f tn they simply provide a means of keeping track of what you eat, calories, nutrition, weight, body fat, etc. Most have databases you can search for the foods you eat. There's one, called spark people . com (without the spaces) that might have some meal plans or give you a way to come up with some. It's actually quite easy to come up with your own menus, centering around lean protein, lots of veggies, low/no fat dairy, whole grains, healthy fats, nuts, seeds....
480448 tn?1426948538 If you areb diabetic, or pre-diabetic, diet is more important than ever. Ask your doctor for guidance on nutrition and diet control. 4. Regular Medical Care: This is so important. An annual physical with bloodwork is so important. The earlier your doctor can identify a medical problem, the better. It's a lot easier to manage a condition when caught in its early stages.
10947 tn?1281404252 I can hardly wait for this one. It will make shopping for the right foods so much easier. Don't have to input all the nutrition information to find something. Hooray!
Tbd // They have a positive effect on cholesterol because they provide soluble fiber. Studies have shown apples to be quite effective in lowering total cholesterol. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Good for you. I bought the bullet (cheap one, not the one on tv), I want to start making a liquid dinner! It's not easy for me to eat a meal in the evening, its hard for me to digest so I've just been having my whey powder. I need to branch out with recipes that are healthy. Good luck with yours!!!!!
Avatar n tn Or, you can make a completely vegetarian one, or one that is almost vegetarian that uses chicken broth for the added nutrition. The traditional recipes that originated in Germany had the smoked ham bone and chunks of carrot or diced carrot in them. You can be creative and add celery to split pea soup, too. By the way, there are green split peas and there are yellow split peas. If you have a store with a good bulk foods section you should be able to at least find the green split peas.
Avatar f tn my bf is in the army & I've found that over years whilst he hasn't been working away I have comfort ate when I feel lonely & I now look like a barrel. Luckily my babe is out in 40 days!
377493 tn?1356502149 And everything I find on line seems to be full of sugar. I would be grateful for any toddler appropriate recipes or ideas you may have. Thanks so much.
Avatar m tn com/hepatitis-free-book/ It might help others, but please keep in mind.. this is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. CONTENTS: 1. What is Hepatitis?...................................................................... 12 Hepatitis B ........................................................................................................12 Hepatitis C - the hidden epidemic............................................................16 2.
Avatar n tn She is on a liquid diet. I started with Ensure but felt like it was inferior nutrition for long term. I make a smoothie with fresh juice from my juicer, almond milk or Silk milk as a base. I went to GNC and bought a product that has 900 calories and 50 grams of protein in a serving. I also bought some powdered vitamins to mix in it. I have several different recipes. She can still drink it but she stays nauseated all the time due to her stomach draining so slow.
587315 tn?1333552783 //feline-nutrition.
579258 tn?1250649343 Be sure to search the Healthy Cooking forum, too, for similar recipes. We have tons of great holiday recipes...some are embedded in others' posts. If you enter your search term under the SEARCH THIS COMMUNITY area, directly above the RECENT ACTIVITY sidebar on the right side of the screen, you will find some great holiday recipes. (many people do not know how to search specific communities, that's the reason I mentioned this) Change up your search terms, too.
Avatar n tn Our nutrition & diet calculator can help you choose the foods and amounts that are right for you. For a detailed assessment of your food intake and physical activity level, click here.
973741 tn?1342342773 My, this post is old-- not sure anyone is looking for an answer, anymore. I would say start by emphasizing fruits and vegetables. Try to get the minimum of 3 servings of vegetables and two of fruits per day. Try new ways of serving the ones you like, and try out some that you haven't gotten used to yet. Another healthy food is oatmeal. One tool I like is the 'recipe nutrition calculator' on myfooddata.
Avatar f tn By the time I had my 3rd my starting weight was 140. As I got older, it was harder for me to lose the weight. I was also very sick with my 3rd, which caused me to gain a lot of extra weight from my steriod treatments (asthma). Eat well, exercise under your doctor's suerpervison and you'll be fine.