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Avatar m tn What makes you think that a T2 diabetic cannot do bodybuilding? Physical exercise is one key to burning off excess glucose and managing your glucose levels.
Avatar n tn Hello. I've got these dark patches on my skin: (the big one to the right of the pic-rib area) I have another one of the same size just under the armpit(at the joint, not in the arm pit) These two are about 1.5-2cm in their greatest length and i have no idea when they appeared as being in these areas it was difficult to notice them. I have them for 4 months but probably started around 6 months ago.
1938479 tn?1325705620 If Arnold Schwarzenegger was to use a BMI (weight vs height) chart while bodybuilding, it would have classified him as obese. Another way to look at fat versus muscles is that a cubic inch of muscle will weigh more than a cubic inch of fat. Muscle is about 18 percent more dense than fat. So a better question is am I in shape or do i need to convert more areas of fat to muscle? With that said, here is a weight chart that should only be used to give you an idea, so don't take it as gospel.
Avatar m tn I started bodybuilding almost 1 year ago with improving my nutrition which included protein and vitamins supplementation. My last time working out was shoulders; at the end of the that workout I had a bit of a pain on my neck which was familiar to me because I had similar pain in the same workout before many times but it healed on its own. However, the pain that time was extremely worse when I tried to sleep that day. I woke up having stiff neck and couldn't move my head from side to side.
Avatar f tn BMI is a useful way to determine a healthy weight. You can find a BMI calculator and other tools for determining a healthy weight on the CDC or NIH web sits. But healthy weight is only part of recovery, as I'm sure you know. I hope you're working on the other aspects, from good nutrition to the mental side of EDs and monitoring for anorexia sequalae.
Avatar m tn I thought of taking whey protien shakes and creatine as a post fundoplication diet as for the first couples fo weak I am only supposed to get liquid intake. Does bodybuilding supplementations or even Bodybuilding dietary plans in anyway affect the fundoplication?
Avatar m tn Although I am female I have not noticed the throid interfering with my workouts. Make sure you are getting the right nutrition, that is everything. You probably should be eating 3,000 calories a day roughly and 200 grams of protein at the low end. Nutrition is everything when it comes to putting on mass. Drink some extra protein shakes and have a great workout!
Avatar m tn You've already made up your mind this is something you want to do. As this is a nutrition forum you're not going to get the help you actually want here. Go read the bodybuilding magazines, they have issues that compare supplements and tell you which ones in their experience work best, and they don't care about health concerns.
Avatar f tn Hell yea! I replaced my addiction to opiates to exercise and eating healthy...being specific bodybuilding. It won't hurt to get addicted to something healthy. I know I'm hooked on bodybuilding now because it releases those feel good chemicals naturally and I get great results so it doesn't hurt. Exercise would be my best suggestion. Nothing wrong with sex too!
Avatar m tn First off, you don't say how old you are or what you're doing when you're working out. Height is a function of genetics and somewhat of nutrition -- but unless you've been starving for awhile your body hasn't shut down long enough to worry about the nutrition part. You're going to get as tall as you're going to get whether you work out or not.
Avatar n tn Our nutrition & diet calculator can help you choose the foods and amounts that are right for you. For a detailed assessment of your food intake and physical activity level, click here.
372416 tn?1242665752 Yes,i am an ex-bodybuilding competitor.I have a diploma in health & sport nutrition. i competed in the late 70s and early 80s,i was quite successful and very dedicated to my nutritional criteria.The narcotic pain meds-when in our system,slow the metabolic rate,I.E.Fat-gain,Remember now you are Clean & Sober. Some of your weight gain is from the Catabolic,Wasting of muscle&bone tissue,a direct result of substance abuse.
Avatar n tn t have a calorie/nutrition calculator (but what a good idea). If you have the ingredients, you can add the info and then enter it as one of your foods. I'm glad it's working for you now, and let us know if you need further assistance.
Avatar n tn 3 and albuman in urine is some time nill and some time trace i m little bit afraid should i continue bodybuilding or should i leave it . for bodybuilding i m taking high protien and low carb diet , and testosterone and growth harmone .
Avatar f tn Controlling blood sugar may reduce the severity of fatty liver in patients with diabetes. Increasing nutrition can help fatty liver caused by malalnutrition. Anyway, eliminating the basic reason is helpful for curing fatty liver. Second, to make a healthy, well balanced diet structure. Eating more foods with high protein, high vitamin, low sugar and low fat like vegetable, fruits, lean meat, river fish and bean products etc.
Avatar m tn Do your mean lifting weights as in weight lifting the sport, or lifting weights as in bodybuilding, I cant think of a reason that bodybuilding should stunt your growth, but that you may just a small build, in that case you may find it hard to build your weight up, and weight lifting could stop you growing by the amount of weights that you lift over your head.
Avatar f tn m a former bodybuilder and national-level powerlifter and I know a thing or two about nutrition.
Avatar m tn I would only say that this website probably has a different approach every five minutes. Bodybuilding magazines, and this is basically one, usually in the same issue will have three or four different theories of the same exercise. I used to sell bodybuilding supplements in small quantities when I managed health foods stores, and they always sent several magazines with every order.
Avatar f tn // If you want to lose some weight steps: Nutrition: Speed your metabolism by eating 5 small meals instead of three big ones. Eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and protein. careful with carbs especially at night and sugars. Cardiovascular: Exercise 3-5 times a week cardiovascular endurance (aerobic training) Strength training: use light weights and lots of repetitions to improve your muscular endurance.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if i should go see a nutritionist to make sure me and the baby are getting adequate nutrition. I have always been a small 110lb and no matter what i eat i never gain any weight. Has anyone gone to see one and was it worth it? Did it make a difference?