Numbness in tongue and jaw

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Avatar n tn After the dentist gave me an injection of novacaine, I have no feeling in the tip of my tongue and along the right side of my tongue. I am afraid I will never regain the sensation in my tongue again. Can you tell me if this is normal, and if so, how long it will take for the feeling to return? I'm thinking my dentist did something wrong to cause this, although he is adamant that he did not. I have more dental work that needs to be done, but am afraid to continue.
Avatar n tn I am currently experiencing numbness with my tongue that cause extreme fatigue and makes it difficult to talk, I also have trouble remembering simple tasks and focusing. I also have a lump under my chin that I was told was just fat but I know that it's not because some days it appears bigger and I will wake up with my jaw area feeling swollen and will last throughout the day.
Avatar n tn But, the tremors (inside and out) are still visible and there. My tongue is very swollen and I am excreting alot of saliva (which, I think, is causing me to bite down alot - jaw clenching). I have so many symptoms of Hyper than I do of Hypo (even though I have a TSH of 10.8 as of 2 weeks ago). I read up on Hashitoxicosis, and I am hoping that I have self-diagnosed myself correctly, because if it's not that, I am looking at Parkinson's, MS or Brain Tumor!!!!
Avatar f tn Common cold, sinusitis, ear infection, sensory nerve compression, peripheral neuropathy as in diabetes, inflamed wisdom tooth, impacted wisdom tooth, dental caries, etc can all cause facial numbness and pain (in and around jaw area). Hemi facial numbness is also seen in Bell’s palsy, trigeminal neuralgia where a spasm may cause numbness, or due to acoustic neuroma which is a benign tumor of the eighth cranial nerve. Please discuss with your doctor. Take care!
Avatar n tn I had my lower wisdom teeth removed and am now suffering from partial jaw and tongue numbness. Since the side that is suffering the numbness is the side that had the most work done, I was okay at first with not feeling any of the pain. In addition, my doctor says that it will probably take a couple of weeks for the feeling to return and not to worry. It has only been one week and I am already highly frustrated.
Avatar f tn I went to the dentist on wednesday 04/02/08 to have old fillings removed and I did have a cavity which was cleaned out. That afternoon...the feelings came back except for the left side of my feels swollen at times and definitely numbness is there....burning sensation at times and i cannot taste food on that side. I was brushing my teeth and tongue on that side and I could feel the heavyness of the toothbrush but not the sensation like the right side of my tongue.
Avatar f tn The usual severe cervical headache, for me, also causes the numbness of half or less of the tongue, and sometimes the same side lip or jaw and shooting pains down one dermatome in the upper arm, or stabbing eye pain on the same side. A way to check if it is possibly the cervical headache: Lie on your back, have someone very, very slowly move your head (ear toward shoulder) without turning your face toward your shoulder. Have them move your head from your left to your right.
Avatar n tn For about a month I have had a numbness and or tingeling in my left cheeck and side of tongue. Usually I also have a burning on my tongue and or a metalic taste in my mouth. I first thought it was a sinus infection but I now have no other sinus symtoms. Now I am having a some uncomforatability above my left uper back teeth. Is it possible to have these symtoms before the tooth ach? I also have TMG with clicking that can be heard by others while I eat.
Avatar f tn I have been getting some relief with carbamazepine (generic tegetrol) and lidocaine patches that I cut and put on jaw and in front of ear at night and lidocaine gel I can swab on my tongue during the day. I guess I'm still pretty terrified of what they are missing, but trying to move into the get relief phase.
Avatar n tn The numbness was kind of a numb sensation, but it was not numb to the touch nor did I lose any movement. The numbness in my face is along my left jaw line kind of into my cheek and along the outer corner of my left eye. Also, the left corner of my mouth and the left side of my tongue sometimes feel numb. There is no drooping or anything like that. I do not have these symptoms all the time. I can sometimes go weeks without them.
Avatar n tn im haveing the same sort of problem my jaw is hurting 8 days after a filling on my top and bottem teeth in the back of my mouth but were my tongue was num it hurts and i have swelling and sore were i was injected with novican 3 time and it feels like the pain is getting worse
Avatar n tn Well, I am still having facial pain/numbness and pain/numbness in my right arm. It seems to come and go, sometimes barely noticeable, other times quite annoying. I often find myslef massaging my right cheek and jaw area and the top of my right arm in some effort to relieve the feeling.
Avatar n tn whenever I open my mouth (not even wide)there is a VERY sharp pain in the jaw area and there are no signs of swelling either. I'm a bit nervous, but am I making a big deal of something common that will heal over time, or should I see a doctor? Or if you know..what is the cause of this?
Avatar n tn Hi Lisa, I would start with a CT scan of the jaw to evaluate the position of the wisdom tooth and other teeth in comparison to the nerve, as opposed to a regular panoramic xray. The CT scan shows a 3D version of your jaw. Then if nothing on that, then an MRI would be needed. Evaluate before cutting or doing surgery. The MRI shows the nerve damages.
Avatar n tn It then moved up into his forearm and after a few more minutes it travelled up to his left jaw and caused the left side of his lips and his tongue to be numb. This lasted about 20 minutes total. He recently had pneumonia and was on Zythromax antibiotic for 5 days. Could anyone explain this strange occurance in what is a typically very healthy young man?
Avatar f tn as I put it started, I have lived at chirporactors and had physiotherapy, after the massages I sort of feel ok, within the next session they may just massage too drastically and the muscle spasms and tingling in the arms and fingers and of course into the face, jaw and tongue start up all over again.
Avatar n tn Hi there. Numbness or tingling in the tongue also known as paresthesia, occur most commonly due to damage to the nervous system. Damage to the lingual nerve supplying the tongue as a complication of dental procedures like wisdom tooth extraction, implants or root canal procedures. Other conditions could be stroke. Sometimes these can involve the lips or jaw. Calcium and vitamin B complex deficiency needs to be addressed. Consult an oral surgeon for assessment of possibilities. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Immediately after I started to have passagery feelings of numbness in my hands and feet, then constant pins and needles in the extremities, and after a couple months I had daily sharp, hot neural firings. About 5 months ago I had anotherbout of fatigue and muscle tightness, but this time accompanied with weird feelings like ants crawling in my skin. I saw a neurologist who suspected MS. My brain (but not my spinal cord) MRI had some smallish lesions that might be MS.
Avatar n tn I have a severe case of burning tongue but it's not just the burning tongue my whole mouth seems to be inflamed. My tongue is swollen and feels raw, my gums and teeth hurt, my jaw is tender and gets very tired if I try to eat. I was diagnosed with a chronic sinus infection earlier this year and then again several weeks ago. I have been through two rounds of antibiotics and a steroid pak with this infection.. When I lean back my neck and back of head hurt???? Thanks for any help or advice.
Avatar f tn Tongue tingling is a fairly common symtom in MS. I've had that for 2 1/2 years straight, and in the beginning I also had slight numbness on the left side of gums and lips. These are paresthesias (abnormal sensations), as there is nothing structurally or functionally wrong. Tongue pain falls into the same category, though it sounds a lot worse. You might get some relief from a medication for neuropathic pain such as Neurontin or Lyrica.
Avatar n tn you could be suffering from jaw muscle spasms causing tongue and lip bites. You may be experiencing numbness in the tongue, a common symptom of multiple sclerosis per se. Review with your neurologist if your disease spectrum has changed and for these newer symptoms. He might like to add some muscle relaxant like tizanidine, baclofen or carbamazepine. You are welcome with any further clarifications. God bless.
Avatar n tn I was told by the dental assistant to go and get an over the counter product from the drug store and rub on my jaw and that it would increase the feelings in my jaw. A week later the numbness is my left jaw area had gone away, but the left side of my tongue was still feeling numb, tingling and felt very sensitive. I went back to see the dentist and he checked my tongue and said that he could see nothing wrong.
Avatar f tn Since Jan. 2007, I have been experiencing facial numbness. When I get up in the morning, I am fine but as the day starts a numbness overtakes my face traveling along the jaw line into a triangular pattern up to and including my eyes. This area becomes very cold feeling and before the day ends it has encompassed by eyes, cheeks and mouth to my chin. Though it is not what I would consider painful it is very unconfortable and I sleep with a heating pad to reduce the discomfort.
950480 tn?1246074352 every so often at random times I become extremely dizzy and almost forget where I am. I also get numbness mainly in my tongue that radiates to my lips and jaw. some medical background if it helps... my mother has fibromyalgia, I have been diagnosed with interstitail cystitis and vitreous detatchment in both eyes. I also have a ganglion cyst on my right ring finger. cancer runs strong in my family and I'm 22 mother of one son.
Avatar m tn Its been about three days now that i have this feeling of burned tatse buds on the left side of my tongue, and numbed inner jaw feeling and weird feeling as if i just came from the dentist after being numbed for a tooth removal. This feeling wont go away even when i wake up, i noticed it to be weird when i put on chapstick and moved my lips in the motion as one does in order to smooth over the chapstick evenly between both lips.
Avatar m tn about two weeks ago i felt some strain, pain, and discomfort on the back left side of my neck and head. the discomfort is still present. two days ago i felt numbness on my tongue but payed it no mind. it wasnt till last night when my wife and i were telling eachother jokes and i laughed and my wife noticed i had a half of smile. i went to my dr. and she says its bells palsy. I had a ct done to check the discomfort in my neck and back but came back normal.
Avatar m tn I am in same boat, I have been having tingling and numbness going on now since april this year, today I still have tingling in groin, feet and weird sensation up both legs, numbish feel to face although when I touch face I can feel it, under my feet also have numbish feel and i have a numb patch under one foot, I have mri of brain and spine in July, my neuro says I don't have ms but I am still not convinced so am going for a 2nd opinion this sat as I still have symptons.
Avatar f tn In February 2008 I had a tooth prepped for a crown. During that night, there was a "hot" spot in the injection site that woke me up, very painful. I put some soothing compound on it and the same thing happened the next night. Because of that pain and pain from lose cement used to secure the temporary crown that I was finally able to floss out, I didn't notice for a couple of days some tingling that still remained along the jaw.