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Avatar n tn I had a nuclear stress test. Before the stress part of the test my blood pressure was 213. The Dr said to go ahead with the test. During the test, I got cold and white, was unable to function well, semi unconsciousness, tremors particularly on the right arm, speech slurred, headache in the temple and forehead, fatigue. After many attempts to clear me from these side effects, they gave me a the antidote to the medication that they used. Did I have a heart attack?
212161 tn?1476095111 hi went to my cardio today , wants to do a stress/nuclear test this really gives me anxiety anyone have one and did you have side affects from the stuff they put in you to take pics of heart.
253496 tn?1235231285 I've had humpteen and as long as you don't take a beta blocker the night before, all will be well. My former stupid cardiologist had to clear me for sinus surgery. I had no idey it would involve a stress test. He said "can you take the stress test today?" I says sure why not. I forgot that you always skip your dose of a bb the night before a stress test, but the **&^%% doctor should not have.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I had a nuclear stress test and within a couple hours I felt a hot itchy spot about 6 inches long and 3 inches wide from my shoulder down. The place where the Adenesine was injected did not get red. About 4 hours later I called my drs service and one of them returned my call and we discussed whether I needed to go to the ER. I chose to take a couple benedryl instead. Today the red long blotch is still there. I went to my cardio dr.
Avatar m tn In 2009, about a year ago, I had a nuclear stress test. I have mild angina, and had a stent installed in my right coronary artery in 2003. During the test I had severe chest pains, my brow was sweating and I had a difficult time breathing (it felt like a heart attack). When the test was over, the discomfort went away, but I was very tired and light headed. The cardiologist told me that it was not unusual to have that experience.
Avatar n tn I have a few questions for y'all 1) What does a nuclear stress test do? What will i be doing? 2) What does this test show? 3) What does an abnormal ett indicate? What does the new findings on ekg indicate? 4) Why would my heart rate be so high? 5) Why do i have to cut out all caffeine? 6) Will they still find anything on the nuclear stress test if i am on new beta blockers? Those are a few questions i have that i never got around to asking my doctor before i left.
Avatar f tn The cardiologist put me on a 24 hour portable EKG machine to monitor the palpitations and prescribed a Echocardiogram and Nuclear Stress Test to be done the same week. I got both of them done last week. He said the echo looked fine, but the EKG under stress was abnormal. The pictures taken after the treadmill walk apparently also showed that some part (about 10%) of my heart was not receiving enough blood.
Avatar n tn In you, with several risk factors, the test would be generally fairly accurate. There are multiple parts to a stress test that are predicitve of outcomes including the amount of exercies, the ecg and the nuclear portion. If all these were negative in you, i would feel pretty comfortable with this as a definitive step. 2. I'm belching constantly. Many times it relieves the dead center chest pain. However the upper chest shooting pains come and go.
Avatar f tn My father 66 yrs old went and had a Nuclear Stress Test last week and had an accident and died. The stories I am getting are confusing but some people are saying he only had 1 & 1/2 beers but his blood alcohol level was 0.09. What I am wondering is what are the effects of having this test and then drinking afterwards? Can it cause a heart attack? I attached the picture of the test results. Is there a possibility that the drugs used could change the results of the blood alcohol levels?
212161 tn?1476095111 My doctors will not let me do a treadmill, I have to do the chemical stress test. Pretty much like Rich0314 stated they give you a shot through IV to put stress on your heart. They did not use caffene with me, I think they used dopamean or something like that.
253496 tn?1235231285 Just how relialble is a Nuclear Stress Test? Especially for woman? I've read that the MYOVIEW is mostly taken up the by the breast tissue in woman and that results in a abnormal findings which will lead to other testing such as Cardiac Cath. Also, are there any reactions or side effects from the radioactive Isotope. I will be able to do the stress test so I don't need the pharmaceutical med.
Avatar m tn Resently had a nuclear stress test with iV, an now have a heart murmer that never had before the test, could the nuclear have caused the problem. I am 80 an had a mitral valve clip installed 7 years ago an has been fine up till now.
Avatar n tn I am scheduled for a nuclear cardiolite stress test. I have only one concern, and that is the composition of the intravenous dye used in the test. Does it contain iodine, or an iodine compound? I am very allergic to iodine.
Avatar f tn I am thinking before I go in for stress test I would like to see results of angiogram rather than risk a stress test. I have heard the nuclear stress tests do cause heart attacks. Any feed back would be appreciated. I know I will have a panic attack :( during stress test. Ugh.
Avatar n tn holter monitors, stress test, cardiolite stress test. Just received cardiolite results - I'd appreciate y/opinion. Nuclear Perusion Scan Report: Following Stress, SPECt images reveal normal perfusion in the entire left ventricle. Rest images show no changes. Polar plots are consistent with these findings. Wall motion study: Gated images reveal normal wall motion and thickening throughout the left ventricle (should I be concerned about this?
Avatar n tn He did blood work and everything came back good except for minor lipids, he said I could work it out with diet and exercise then scheduled me for a nuclear stress test just to be safe. Triglycerides 284 Total Chol. 192 HDL 32 LDL 103 Chol/Hdlc ratio 6.0 I hadn't taken the propranolol for 48 hrs for the upcoming test And yesterday during the test I had a panic attack.
Avatar n tn After, it was like nothing ever happened. So, might be due to other test. Can't imagine that everyone feels great after swallowing that pill! Take care!
Avatar m tn I ask the Cardio Doc about the dangers of the Persantine stress test, he say that the Persantine drug dont stimulate the heart in the same way than the Doputamine and that I will feel weak, will have headache cause of the vasodilation (already have chronic headache), a drop of blood pressure and small increase of the heart beat, he said it's an easier test with less side-effects than the Dobutamine test and more accurate since it's a nuclear imaging test, who is better than the usual echocardi
Avatar f tn he told me he didn't think I needed the nuclear stress test....and he thinks the insurance company will be more inclined to pay for the echo stress test ....he again thinks that the test will probably come back normal but he wants to be sure since I do have discomfort from time to time...and I do have family history of heart problems. I feel better since seeing him....and my echostress test is scheduled for next Friday....and he will give me the results immediately following the test...
Avatar n tn Nuclear cardiac scans have been in use for 5 decades and no long term effects from the low radiation used has been found. The internet is a great place for finding scary things, this is because it's rare to see the millions of successes reported. It is common to see the odd cases were accidents, reactions or death has occurred. In the last three years I've had 2 nuclear scans, a ct scan and 6 angiograms as well as lots of x-rays.
Avatar n tn I will admit that I am not too terribly familiar with the test but I do understand it to be some type of stress /imaging test that shows how well blood flows to the heart. I am told that I am not to take Toprol (beta blockers) 48 hours prior to the test and I'm more than a little worried about this. I'm concerned about suddenly stopping any medication that I've been on for any long term period of time and know from past experience it can in my case trigger nasty migraines at the very least.
1711078 tn?1308255235 After I took the pill, I was able to leave and come back after 6 hours. I was told that I could eat after 3 hours. I returned 6 hours later and pictures were taken for apprx. 25 minutes. no discomfort at all. The next morning I had to go back to the hospital for additional measuring that took 5 minutes. I was told that this test is relevant to determine how much of the iodine was still absorbed in my thyroid within 24 hours. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn (4) Is a Stress Echo as good as a nuclear stress test? It depends. There are factors that can cause problems with interpreting the images in each one. However, if they are able to get good quality images in both studies then they are essentially equivalent.
Avatar m tn On 10-11-12 my journey began with a normal night out after work with a coworker. A few drinks, appetizers--all was well. Then three young women walk in, mind you the bar was packed, not a seat in the house. So, being an outgoing young professional I invited the women to sit with my colleague and I. We drank, laughed and got to know each other. As the night came to an end, I ended up going home with one of the girls.
Avatar n tn The severity of this after effects is the true measure of how sick we really were. That is why this after effects are much stronger in those who SVR then in those who did not. And what do we mean by a 'normal' state? Pre-treatment state was not a 'normal' state; pre-infection was a normal state, and many of us were sick for so long that we do not even recall how that felt. If we do not feel the way we felt before treatment that is good, is it not? It means we are cured.
Avatar m tn I've been having palpitations and some feelings of shortness of breath. My cardiologist wants to give me the Thallium-201and Myoview (Technicium 99m Tetrofosmin) intravenous radioactive isotopes for the Nuclear Cardiac Stress test because he said I have "ST changes" on my EKG. Is there another reliable way to check for cardiac ischemia without using radioactive material in the patient's circulatory system? I am frightened of this test.
Avatar m tn Questioning why the doctor wants you to have a nuclear stress test verses a regular stress test. People can have an reaction to the nuclear stress test. The test is not perfect. The only true test, which is a procedure, is the angiogram. My mom had the nuclear stress test and was told that it was not bad and a few months later she was totally plugged in two main arteries and about 99 percent plugged in the other. Have you had an echocardiogram yet?
1210142 tn?1266080631 I stopped Carvedilol last night due to a nuclear stress test I have today and felt like a new person. Was able to breathe like I have never had heart attack. Took Losartan which gave me the stomach ache and nausea. So I know how those two medications are affecting me. Carvedilol is not a good one- read some of the patient reviews and you will be shocked by the them. Thank you for your response.
Avatar n tn Using the amount of radiation received by one chest x-ray as 1, the dose received during one Thallium stress test is 590. Most nuclear stress tests involve 2 components, rest and exercise, and use a different isotope with a total exposure of 627.5. The latter test is usually more definitive except for certain specific situations when Thallium is preferred.