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Avatar f tn Sorry it is RSV not nrsv
Avatar m tn Thirty-One Devotional Readings on Personal Prayer by John Bunyan Serenity: A Companion For Twelve Step Recovery by Thomas Nelson The Life Recovery Bible NLT by David A.
Avatar m tn At 10:35 Took readings with 3 different meters! readings from relion meter 66&68 Readings from contour 83&80, Reading from True result 70!
Avatar f tn Before Breakfast readings are Fasting readings, first thing after I get up.
1098065 tn?1260559236 [They are] new every morning: great [is] thy faithfulness.
Avatar n tn T3 - 5/6 TSH - 4.
Avatar n tn T3 - 4.9 TSH - 2.65 T4 - 11 IRON 3.
3118047 tn?1343308637 10a 141/94 80 3:30p 126/87 85 after nap 11:00p 152/98 82 Worked kids church from 6:30-9:30p they were wiled and I taught
Avatar n tn 1.15am levels 3.
Avatar m tn in hosp for turp..
Avatar m tn In C0ls.
599170 tn?1300973893 I am noticing when ever I read the Bible, I just pick it up and what ever page it opens to I read and it is always 100 % what I needed to read most. Yesterday I opened to Matthew 6:24..about anxiety...just what I needed to read and made me feel as if 500 pounds was truely lifted of my shoulders..I felt calmer than I have in a long time. I actually felt the Holy Spirit, move through me. What a amazing thing. I notice it happens every single time..
Avatar n tn out of 3 readings i get itleast 4 irregular squigglies.
Avatar m tn the 20th-23rd are averages of 2 readings each from my other online actual readings since this tracker does not allow me to put in multiple readings. on the 20th I did not measure, on the 21st there was 2 readings & the 22nd had 5 readings, the reading for the 23rd was the avg of last reading on the 22nd & 1st reading on the 23rd.
Avatar n tn been on and off amlo depending on readings. got some high readings so got back on. Today not on.
3187990 tn?1346441045 s readings. Today is my first vaginal reading so we shall see how different these readings are to last months readings, I should know in a few days if there is a positive change. Well this is all I have for today bye for now!
Avatar f tn No Lunchtime readings - out shopping
Avatar f tn I suggest you contact your doctor soon to discuss the glucose readings and go over your dietary habits. One or both likely need to be altered. Take care.
Avatar f tn weird temp readings 103,7 99.7 97.
909317 tn?1320849108 ***Arm Monitor Readings- now going forward***