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Avatar n tn I have had so much problem with that Lantus Opticlik that my Health Providers will switch me to the Levimere Flex Pen after I use up all the lantus cartridges. Is lantus a better insulin or is Levimere just as good as Lantus using it as a basal 24 Hour insulin???. I get my supplies from the Military Hospital because I am a retired service member and they do not have the lantus solostar flex pen but they do have the levimer flex pen.
Avatar n tn Mark's right. Switch to Lantus & Novolog/Humalog if you can afford it. Makes for better control. If you can't afford, Novolog or Humalog, use regular.
Avatar m tn I had much better control when I was using humuln n and humulin r . I am now taking lantus and novolog .I have had to increase my dosages and am still having a hard time getting control of my blood sugars. My aic is 7.8 this quarter vs 8. last quarter. should I go back to using the older drugs that gave me better control?
1763618 tn?1315810967 I'm taking Novolog 16-24 units every meal, and Lantus 12 @ bedtime. I've noticed that since then my face, and body, are both swelling. Not pain swelling but bloated swelling. I feel and look very....FLUFFY is the best way I can describe it. I havent weighed, but it feels like I have gained a ton. Is this insulin causing me to bloat and gain weight? Anybody else have this issue? I hate it, my face is starting to look very chubby.
Avatar m tn Long story short, I was not tested for type one or two diabetes before I was started on insulin. I went from Janumet 50/500 to adding Lantus 2 weeks later. When I hit 22 units, my fasting number went to 81 from a starting number of 324. My concern is that even with the fasting level in normal range, my two hour BG level still spikes to the high 200's. I have followed the recommended diet and watch my carb count very carefully.
Avatar n tn I also have type 2 diabetes, insulin dependent. I take 35 units of Lantus at night. I take Novolog on a sliding scale using 2 units per carb. My blood sugars are in control. I take Lisinopril 40mg. I take Amlodipine 5 mg. I have gained weight and cannot lose any. It is as if I have a tube in my belly pumping air in. I do treadmill , ablounge and pilates 4 days a week. I have even changed the way I eat because of this weight issue.
Avatar m tn I was on 60 Unites of Lantus at night, 20 unites of Lantus in the morning, 8 units of novolog before breakfast, 10 units before lunch and 12 units before dinner and 5 mg of Onlyza daily. I couldn't get good control of my bg levels with the insulin either. My doctor took me completely off insulin while taking Victoza but am still taking the onglyza. I was really hoping this would work and am worried my doc will take me off of it when I go back next week.