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Avatar f tn I have a NovoLog FlexPen with 100 units which stopped working after about 1/3 of the insulin had been dispensed. It simply stopped releasing the insulin left in the pen. I pay a lot for these pens since my insurance only covers about half the cost. I took it to my pharmacy who said I must get it from Novo Nordisk, Inc. How can I get a replacement?
12183454 tn?1424003995 m a typ 2 using the Lantus Flexpen at night and Novolog Flexpen during the day with meds of course Last Night my BG was 328 and I was Just in the Hospital due to having a BGR of 468 a while back then I had abdominal pain with reminded of of when I had Pancreatitis So I went it, so they did ekg, blood work , urine sample, ct scan, and an xray on me they come back to tell me my white blood cell count was high and that I have blood in my urine and i have an infection but we don't know where it
704262 tn?1247674638 I take Novolog and Lantus insulin in the pen forms. I just started taking them like this about 6 weeks ago. I really like them!!! I take the Novolog 5 units in the morning and 5 units in the evenings, with meals. I also use a sliding scale with it. The Lantus I take just before bedtime. Right now, I'm at 25 units, from 45 units 3 weeks ago!!! I've found that when I take both just before bed, my morning fasting blood sugars are really below 80.
209227 tn?1242346745 Is there a difference between Humalog and Novolog insulins? I was told there are exactly the same. But is this true?
Avatar f tn Novolog is before meals And Lantus is before bed or late in the evening.
Avatar n tn My pharmacist is telling me that most diabetics use Humalog (and Novolog use is rare). Has anyone else had problems or switched from Novolog to Humalog? Are there Novolog users out there? Thanks....
Avatar f tn I have been using Novolog insulin for a month now and will run out before I can get my next supply. I do have some Humulin R on hand. Can I substitute that for 2 days?
Avatar m tn Normally your care provider would have provided you with instructions. Didn't instructional paperwork accompany the pen? Contact your care provider for the proper amount [units] designated for you. Then Google search "how to use novolog flex pen" [w/o the " " [quotes]], scroll down and click the link to [PDF] NovoLog Flex Pen. You'll need a .pdf reader to read it. If you don't have one, go to Adobe and download and install the free pdf file reader.
Avatar n tn "So I was wondering if that sliding scale is a standard one for all patients or different for each patient." It is best to consult with your father's doctor to identify the exact amount he/she recommends. A sliding scale can be used on most patients when only using ONE insulin type, not two as in your father's case. The 30 in Novolog 70/30 is short/fast acting [70 intermediate/all day] and Novolog Aspart is entirely short/fast acting. Too much can induce hypoglycemia.
Avatar n tn For the past year, I have been taking Novolog Insulin in combination with Lantus. I have noticed the beginning stages of cellulite around the areas where I give the Novolog injection. I am a 27 year old, juvenile onset diabetic. I am thin for my height and have never had a problem with cellulite until the change in medication. Can this be linked to either of the new insulins that I am taking?
Avatar m tn My niece takes NovoLog / Novo Rapid by pump and coming to visit me in Kenya but her plane was cancelled and her insulin supply has reached room temperature. I live in Kenya and cannot find any supply of NovoLog there is only Humulin R. I need help to know if this is accceptable please!!!
Avatar n tn After six month of roller coaster, my doctor put me on Novolog. When I started using Novolog, with in two hours of eating my blood sugar gets back to normal range. I can sense better if my blood sugar level starts to drop below 60.
Avatar m tn I am a type one and have been on novalog for 5 years. For the last 6 months sometime my novolog works and sometimes it don't. For example tonight four hours after meal I was at 280 so I tryed to correct with 5 units of novolog. Normally this should have brought my numbers down but, tonight and here laity 3 hours later i was still at 259...It's like i never tryed to correct.
Avatar n tn JackieJo, As you may know, we're not physicians here. While we have considerable personal experience with diabetes, we don't know you or your particulars, so it will be very important for you to meet with a doctor or a certified diabetes educator (CDE) to tailor your transition. As a start, I'd recommend you check in with your local JDRF chapter or branch. They sponsor this Forum and have physical offices all over the US and in several other countries.
Avatar n tn My son has recently switched to Lantus and Novolog. I have a question regarding bolus insulin for snacks. How many carbs can he eat without having to bolus? He takes Lantus at bedtime, then Novolog for breakfast, lunch and dinner at a carb/ insulin ratio of 1:12. He goes to school all day, and sometimes gets hungry and I am wondering if it is necessary always for him to take insuling even for snacks? Any ideas/input would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn Hello, I was wondering if anyone might know if there is any illness that can cause a rapid drop in blood sugars. I have gone from 20 units of novolog before meals to 6 units of novolog before meals in 3 weeks. What can cause this? Still eating same as always. Thank you for your time!!
Avatar n tn my fathers blood sugar is 224 how many units of levemir flexpen do i give him his Dr put him on a sliding scale. i dont know what the dosage is ???? i give him humalog the scale is 200 to 250/ 5 units and so on. Is there a guideline of units for levemir ?
Avatar f tn I take 40 units Lantus (long acting), and sliding scale Novolog (fast acting) insulins. My bg is always so high in the mornings, I have to take Novolog and wait for sugar to come down to eat. I've had diabetes for many years, but never knew for sure which one! My dr would switch my diagnosis all the time. But went to endo and they did a blood test, and said I'm type 1. I'm angry my dr. never did anything about this.
12861759 tn?1432917955 I am currently using Lantus and Novolog. Drs. advice is to start with 40 units of Lantus and up it 2 units every third day until I get a fasting BG of less then 130. Is it more important to get to my Lantus goal on a consistant basis before I try to adjust my Novolog?
Avatar n tn I've been a Type 1 diabetic for 40 years. I would suggest that you wait to take your Lantus shot until you normally take it the next day. You may need to check your blood sugar a couple extra times and may need to increase your Novolog dosage at one or more meals. Just be careful and take less rather than more to be safe. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Have any of you registered at Target and had trouble getting your 15% off coupon for registry completion? I haven't gotten my coupon yet. I called customer service and they told me the coupon code was emailed to me Nov. 5. I hadn't gotten it, so they said they would resend it and even though it's coming through email, it would take a week or 2 for me to get it.
Avatar n tn I use a short-acting insulin, Novolog, and a 24-period insulin, Lantis. I give Novolog with each meal, and Lantus when I go to bed. I am having troubles with my sugars in the morning. I wake up at 7am, and eat breakfast. I give my shot immediately after eating breakfast, around 7:20. I test my sugar before I eat breakfast and it is normally good. Then at 8am, I head to school. When I arrive at school around 9am, I test my sugar, which is usually pretty high (200-300).