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Avatar n tn I'm not sure what it means but I've craved salt in all my pregnancies. I usually just eat a few green olives bc they are super salty and that helps tame the craving. I have to watch it and count how many I'm eating though or I would probably eat the whole jar lol.
487969 tn?1249316891 Me who used to go bananas at anyone adding salt to their boikling water is now eating rock salt.Ok not in great amounts but yesterday I would have walked over broken glass to have salt. Ate some chippies and then got some rock was sheer pleasure...after the 3rd lot of rock salt I realised it didn't taste so wonderful anymore. BUT, I knew it was more than just a passing doubt in a few days I will crave it again.
Avatar n tn hi, i eat salt all the time, huge pieces of salt, i cannot get myself to stop, it's becomming a problem. what is wrong with me?
1398693 tn?1343688338 I had a little too much salt yesterday with my dinner normally I'm more careful of that but I wasn't wearing my glasses for 1 and I ran out of my special butter ( no salt ) so I used my mother's and I'm paying for it at least I haven't started to throw up if I do I know I'm going to end up in the ER I just hope it doesn't happen at work. I don't want the kids to see me like that I don't want ANYONE to see me like that.
Avatar f tn I am so wanting a big GIANT plate of french fries (but not like Mcdonald french fries...I'm talking real diner food french fries) w/ salt and ketchup right now!! That sounds utterly yummy and bad all at the same time! Oh man...look what our hormones do to us each month! Especially around AF time...cravings sometimes get so bad!
7945295 tn?1397662420 I have tried my best not to have salt and I don't add salt to my food but the last few days I having been craving salt. could I have maybe cut it out too much? anybody else ever had salt cravings?
Avatar n tn i have craved salt since chilhood often punished for eating out of salt cellar or over ice. over the years i also suffered digestive problems and rapid heart rate but no hypertention and intolerance to vitamins and glucose. wheat often out of control and insomnia. any ideas for these symptoms would be appreciated also suffer anemia in last 10 yrs.
11294269 tn?1422406507 His cousin would have had to eat an extreme amount of salt and not drank nearly enough fluids and water. I would not worry about a normal amount of salt and by normal eating two cheese burgers and a cup of soup everyday with a bag of salt and vinager chips for every meal should not give enough salt to harm baby in that way. I am not saying it would be good for you and may cause problems if you eat like that for years. I assume her baby had health issues before she ate the salt.
Avatar m tn i found the answer or something close to what im looking for because i know that i do not drink enough water. Answer: salt forms on your eyebrows, under-eyes, and many other places as your body's last effort to stop dehydration. when you have gotten near the point of dehydration your body releases salt out of your sweat glands to clog the pores and keep you from sweating out all the water in your system and prevent you from dying of dehydration.
8653699 tn?1409723732 My nutritionist said that there is a 20 minute window when you get hungry. You have to eat during those 20 minutes if not you will lose appetite. I had issues with weight gain at first due to no appetite so now I eat right away when I get hungry.
Avatar f tn I havnt eat anything no matyer how much ive been trying to force myself to eat. I cant i throw it right back up. I found one solution that was to eat on pickle beer salt but i cant live off it. So im not sure what to do the motion sickness is getting worse ive tried eating crackers taking my naseuas meds before getting up. But nothing works. My sons old candy bucket is now my throw up bucket i keep next to my bed its that bad.
405406 tn?1247432342 In my case, after approx 12 years RAI treated Hyper/Graves', with TSH in the low hyper side of Lab range, I had issues with iodize salt. I suggest to take it little at a time to see how your system reacts, adding little quantities at a time as your system will accept.
Avatar n tn But if you have a weight problem, or this eating leads to bad health, then you will have to confront this as an emotional eating problem, a bad habit that can be broken, still allowing you some of what you love, but not in the obsessive proportions that you now suggest you are taking....
Avatar f tn is it bad that I been craving salt lately?
Avatar m tn Then I was fine for about a week, and then my current symptoms started along. 1) very MINOR heartburn. Not bad enough where I needed to take an antacid. Usually happened right before I went to bed. 2) Major nausea, and my gag reflex goes absolutely crazy. 3) Major indigestion. 4) Two different coloured BM's, orange and dark, dark brown. Not the normal consistancy, it's very loose. 5) Extreme weakness and dizzieness.
Avatar n tn Craving for excess salt or eating excess of it comes under an eating disorder called Eating disorder not otherwise specified (EDNOS). Salt cravings and drop in blood pressure is often due to adrenal gland problems, usually exhaustion of adrenal gland. Often this is due to high stress life. Please consult an endocrine specialist and get tests related to adrenal gland done, which may include ACTH and free and total cortisol. Withdrawing salt can cause physical symptoms such as chest pain.
Avatar n tn I would go to the health food store and get some "celtic sea salt" this is pure salt and does not have the same damaging effects as regular salt. The body needs salt in certain amounts, so, I would try this. I feel the "no salt" diets are not safe, just my opinion, anything a person over does to extremes is not good.
445362 tn?1206969318 I still have weird cravings at times but I do not go around eating these things. When I get the salt cravings it is not a food issue so much as a salt issue. I have to have whatever salt is there. I have drank pickle juice, hot sauce out of the fridge. If I don't get it I don't feel well. I do not drink or smoke.
Avatar n tn I will not eat if I don’t have salt, its just plan not enjoyable. My mother and my friends are very concerned. I have never seen anyone eat salt like I do, and neither has anyone that I know. I drink LOTS of water all day to make up for it. Actually water is the only thing I do drink. I have asked both my doctors about this. What is wrong with me? Does my body have a deficiency in something? Will this affect me in the future?
Avatar n tn How little salt is too little? I mean table salt, but I wonder if the salt I don't use at home even matters based on what I've read. See, I seem to have some symptoms of thyroid problems, & I just don't like salt very much, it's a constant bone of contention between my husband & I (he salts EVERYTHING). Available info is very confusing, and apparantly iodized/not iodized salt in processed foods is impossible to determine.
Avatar m tn Have found most, if not all, attacks brought on within 20 minutes of eating a high salt meal, (around 2000 mgm, sometimes less). I am having to live on a very low salt diet for this reason. How common is this. I am taking 225 mg rhymol and 5 mg lysinopril twice a day. On really low salt days I don't believe I even need the lysinopril, although I continue to take it. Any advice on controlling the salt induced atrial fibrillation. My heart is otherwise fine, no blockage, no plaque, nothing.
Avatar f tn not like the drug but regular iodized salt is there a reason i have to have salty foods?? my friend was saying i could have a chemical unbalance and maybe i just need more of a certain vitamin do you guys know any reason i want it so much ?
731160 tn?1297275908 Yes Lithium does make a person thirsty. The best thing to do is to drink a reasonable amount of water but not anything with sugar in it even though it might make you hungry as well (if that happens). In fact, its generally reccomended to have a fair amount of water (but no more than is healthy) each day to keep hydrated with Lithium. Although Lithium is derived from a salt you are not "tasting salt", "metallic taste in mouth" is a common side effect of many medications.
8171562 tn?1408632433 I seem not to notice or realize my food may have too much salt. I am not a person who usually uses salt in general, but here lately I want it in my food and my 6yr old has complained there is too much salt as well as my husband telling me there is too much salt. (My family usually doesn't use the little salt I added my seem like to much vs it may really have a lot more salt than I think, I'm not sure which) Could I be lacking something for me not to notice the salt?
368690 tn?1284360853 Hi, Does anyone else get heartburn from eating a small amount of sugar (like the amount in a fiber one bar..not sure how much is in there!!! they sure taste good though, lol). And I've noticed heart palpitations too...could this be from too much sodium? Thank you!!!
Avatar m tn i'm 37 years old and since i was in my twenties i have had re-occurring a inflation on my lips. the only cause i can deduce the issue to is an allergy to raw salt. the issue generally arises after eating chips, french fries, or popcorn with raw salt sprinkled on them. while i try to avoid foods that have been prepared with raw salt, not every place i eat has "no-salt" alternatives (ex. movie theater popcorn).
Avatar f tn I have always eaten quite a lot of salt and I am wondering if this has caused my illness and if I stopped eating salt would it cure this problem? I really hope someone will have an answer for me.