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Avatar f tn It's hard to tell from what you write whether you have an eating disorder or something medical going on. Do you worry a lot about gaining weight? If you are throwing up without making yourself do it (or feeling nauseated) when you eat, you should probably get checked out by a doctor. If he doesn't find anything wrong and you are worried about your weight a lot and don't eat enough, then you might ask the doctor for a referral to someone experienced with eating disorders.
2032629 tn?1329622088 Don't force it. Just eat what you can. Your craving will kick in soon enough. For now just stay with what is good for your tummy. I always kept a bag of crackers by my night stand for the first 12 weeks or so. Eat a few first thing in the morning will calm your stomach and reducing vomiting. Otherwise try ginger ale and apple sauce. Drink plenty of water and take your prenatal vitmines. As for the body pain, try a body pillow.
Avatar m tn (My PCP prescribed sono to look at kidneys). I read last night that some of my symptoms (feeling full when eating) could be ovarian cancer. Would the abdomen sono show anything relating to ovaries even as a sideffect like fluid? Could OC cause urinary leak? Will the urologist also look for this or do I need to make appts asap to see my obgyn also and/or gastroent? Thank you.
Avatar n tn but more importantly, drink WATER, not other stuff mostly... lots of it.. take a good prenatal vitamin (though I am not prego) making sure to get calcium and magnesium too (about 1000 calc and 400 mag) ...I drink OJ w/vit D and calcium rather than milk most times... get some sunshine when you can (a few minutes is all for Vit D).. AND.... the kicker? Well I eat those snacks. A snack can be a small piece of fruit, fresh. Nothing big. Breakfast, snack in about 2 hours.
1460652 tn?1340252330 Have you tried any lifestyle changes yet? Things like eating really well, supplementing electrolytes, reduce stress, avoid caffeine, start doing something to take care your well being like meditation, yoga, or exercise. Getting diagnosed at an ER is probably not serving you well. The ER will stabilize you in case there is an emergency. Once the emergency is over, you should be thinking about the next step which is following up with a primary care doc and/or a specialist.
334926 tn?1436815123 I know that they are teething at the moment so this might be why they are eating poorly. Im not to concerned about Aleks so much as he at least eats 3-4oz every 4hrs. But Maks barely wants his bottle. An example he will eat a bottle of 3-4oz in the middle of the night ( he used to eat 6oz) and its usually at like 3-4am then he wont have a bottle at all till about 12p or 1p thats 9hrs of no food. And he does this whether I give him the fruit in the morning or not.
1179774 tn?1310136250 Sometimes it can happen if I don't eat within an hr or two. This whole not eating emotional deal doesn't always happen though. Thanks. Ps, sorry if this bugs anyone sense it's not exactly in the right place. I've put it up once before in the proper place but no one ever said anything:/. I'm just really curious about it and people seem to be writing back in this one. Thanks again: ).
Avatar f tn I've never known a three year old who wasn't picky about what they ate, and often the parents worry that they aren't even eating enough to sustain life...but they are and this phase passes. To be losing weight is of concern, so work closely with your pediatrician on this. It sounds like she can communicate very well with you, so ask her where it hurts her to chew, gather all the clues you can so you can tell her doctor.
Avatar n tn The Kirklands foods are just average quality...Much better than Nutro, but still not great....IMO, it still has too many grains and not enough protein....I have read where others have had gurgley stomachs, loose stools and other digestive issues including bloody stools, while on this food....Others did fine.... It's my understanding that Costco has started carrying a new grain free food called "Natures Domain". It is getting good reviews and the ingredients look even better...
Avatar n tn side, not sure if they are going to be able to do much, not healing well, he has various forms of mental illness, phobias and eating disorders associated with his diabetes. I hope every day he can find some reason to go on...
Avatar n tn I've been making him chicken boiled and can get him to eat that but he's not too excited about it. I'm sure he's not eating enough to sustain himself and I'm at a total loss. I'm afraid he'll quit eating the chicken too. The vets I have taken him to seem to have no further options for me. Does anyone out there have any ideas, suggestions. . . .anything. He's a black lab. He's gone from about 92 lbs. to 78 lbs in the last month.
Avatar f tn I am very worried about our 14 yrs old Blue Tick hound and Black Lab Mix. He is not eating. I can not get him to eat anything, Things I have tryed. Moist dog food, hambuger & rice, hot dogs ( he did eat a couple but now nothing), Ground turkey I even went to mcdonalds and got him a cheese buger and nothing. I know his teeth are bad but i am afraid to put him under to have them taken care of b/c i dont think he will wake up.
Avatar n tn thanks for the comment...i dont take anything that u say bad...and yes i know this isnt right....i know it.....i just cant seem to get my mind to accept that i must eat more.....sometimes i eat and i feel like i did good....for instance today my meal plan for breakfast.......two pieces of bread with mustard on it for lunch......and salad for supper......and i feel like that should be great....but everyone says its not enough....then i start to panic...
541150 tn?1306037443 Abby, on the other hand, is very angry all the time, growls when Dillan gets near him, and is not eating. I don't think he likes our new place. He has lost weight. I know moving is very stressful for kitties, but we are talking about a cat who is used to traveling and has never shown symptoms of stress when moving to new places. This is a first. Abby doesn't look too good. Is there anything I can do to make him eat?
181549 tn?1277211196 in the evenings if I am not hungry I have started making a milkshake, again it's not heavy but seems like just enough and it goes down pretty good.
Avatar n tn Hi Can anyone else describe what type of symptoms they had with a high TSH level. It seems like I can't sleep enough, depressed, gastro problems, pre diabetic, confused. I sure would appreciate it!
Avatar f tn Or, did you not have noticeable symptoms, and found out through an exam? What made you suspect you had diabetes?
Avatar f tn Chiari symptoms can cycle, come and go which is why u feel some days ur symptoms are not serious and some days it is more frightening. All ur symptoms can be associated with Chiari or a related condition. U will want to see a true Chiari specialist and get more testing to see just how ur Chiari is affecting ur overall health. Many NS's will say surgery bcuz of the length of the tonsils....but it is not the length as much as it is the width and if they are blocking the flow of CSF.....
Avatar f tn My voice is hoarse much of the day and night I experience acid reflux a couple times a month if I have over eaten. I do not have any pain of any type in my throat before, during or after eating or while sleeping. However, I am 75 lbs over weight which may be causing my problems. I have had a barium swollow done and my ENT scoped the inside of my neck. There was no conclusive information other than a red throat.
Avatar f tn I will be 11 weeks on Sunday and my symptoms as of 2-3 days ago have significantly decreased. Ok, so now I am gonna be one of those who worries w/ "not enough" symptoms...LOL I feel just a twinge of nausea throughout the day and then in the evenings after dinner is when I get my true nausea feeling. Other than that, I have been doing well. I am thankful for not having to throw up anymore, well, not the past few days, but now of course I worry that I don't have enough symptoms...
Avatar n tn I suffer those symptoms as well, so you are not alone don,t worry they will go in 10 years time....
Avatar n tn I was slowly losing weight (about 1 lb every 2 wks), but that had been a long term goal, and maybe I had finally been getting enough exercising and eating the right amounts to make that happen. Then around 9/1, I noticed that my upper abdomen, just below my rib cage, was uncomfortably bloated. I put on 3 lbs overnight, and a felt like I needed to urinate all the time. I also had more frequent and softer BMs.