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Avatar f tn Could it be that you have a pimple developing on or in your nose as well? This would make your nose sore and tender to touch.
Avatar f tn i have a bump in almost in the middle of my nose ,its very sore when i touch it. do i need to see a doctor, or is it something that goes away,how can i get rid of it?
Avatar m tn I've had this nose sore for a year that is a little painful. Nasonex doesn't work. Finally after neilmed solution 5 times in each nostril I started to have blood mucus and the area has scabbed up it feels like. my father was living in this house and came down with a fungal sinus infection that was incurable This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/410163'>Nose sore</a>.
Avatar f tn Hello, I have a canker sore on the inside of my left nostril that is swollen and painful, can neosporin heal this?
Avatar n tn It started 4 days ago with a sore on the right inside part of my nose. The mucus was crusty and sort of stuck to my wall of my nose. Of course i would pick it off because it was annoying. Then it got worse and worse. It is extremely painful and my right side just keeps making mucus. Now my nose is raw and bloody. Along with the mucus attaching to the side of my walls. ALOT!! VERY PAINFUL!!!!!!
Avatar m tn Close ears with thumb, index finger on forehead, and rest three fingers on base of nose touching eyes. Breathe in through nose. And now breathe out through nose while humming like a bee. Duration : 5 to 10 times Press the calf muscles(between knees and ankle) on both legs for about a minute. Only by doing you will benefit and will feel good that you can do something to help the body.Copy and print this to master the technique.
356929 tn?1246389756 t really pay too much attention. But by yesterday evening i noticed that it was the bridge of my nose that was painful, it is very sensitive to the touch and swollen, and as so many people have put here it really does feel like someone has punched me in the nose! it is not red where the swelling is and the inside of my nose is not swollen but an occasional clear mucous is needing to be blown out periodically which is now quite uncomfortable to do.
Avatar f tn Hello, I had a canker sore develop on the upper gum line about two days ago. It is right at the base of my gums where the inside if my lip meets, and there is actually a few of them right there on the gum and inside lip. I'm no stranger to canker sores but this one is actually causing my upper lip and the bottom of my nose to swell and the entire area is extremely painful.
Avatar f tn Were the end of your nose bone is thats where is is painful the most. When I move my nose all I can hear is crunching. What is wrong with me?
Avatar f tn (he has never done that before so it must have been painful) all I could get out of him was that the pain was at the back of his nose?? He got 2 painkillers and about and hour or so later the pain started to ease, he went to work as normal, but he is just off the phone saying his face is feeling a little unconfortable and the pain seems to be coming from his upper front teeth?? Can anyone provide any answers.... please...
5719303 tn?1402825867 ve also had a cold the past days, sore throat, blocked nose and now nose bleeding, I get period pain like cramps every now and then but don't have any bleeding or spotting. I'm very scared right now I don't feel preg my boobs feel less painful I don't have any other symptoms just a runny nose and cramps my boobs have gone to their normal size (I think) plus they are less painful. Help anyone???
Avatar f tn It generally feels itchy and sore and it is painful to walk, sit down and urinate. I am not sexually active so i cant think what it could be, please help i am in alot of pain and discomfort.
Avatar f tn My nose is very sore, like I've been hit, from the bridge to the tip. The pain is on the left side. I don't have any congestion, but I feel pressure and some pain behind my left eye and I have had a dull headache for a couple of days.
Avatar n tn My 14 yr old daughter's nose is very sore , and she cannot touch it ... maybe she is coming down with a cold , what could she do for it ?
Avatar f tn I have also recently started suffering from hayfever and now have little scabs inside my nose, which are very itchy and sore and sometimes bleed. I am too embarrassed to go and see my doctor about this incase its related to me taking cocaine and I wouldbe ashamed having to admit to the doctor that I take drugs. Does anyone think that this could be related to taking coke and does anyone know of any solutions I can try and clear it myself?
Avatar f tn About 12 years ago I was hit in the nose with a broom stick. My nose did not bleed at that time but was very tender and sore to the touch for a few months after that. Soon after my nose developed a small bump on the bridge. I am assuming it was broken but now is healed with a bump and slightly goes to one side. I don't really think that is a problem but since the nasal trauma I occasionally experience intense pain in my nose.
Avatar f tn t spell at all - I have a rash on my face - primarily around my eyes and nose, but also some small places on my chest and neck. I have had this "rash" for about two months. It is a bumpy rash that itches and also hurts to touch it. I have seen a doctor that works on our campus (I work for a University and my regular doctor was out of town that week), he said it was an allergic reaction to something and told me to use cortisone cream on it.
Avatar n tn I have a very painful sore inside left nostril. I am living with a female partner who tested positive 5.00+ for HSV 1 and 2 IGG. I tested negative so far for both. Could this sore inside nose be Herpes?
Avatar n tn This cold sore is not the same as my other familiar friend that I have been getting very random visits from for the past 13 years; this new cold sore is huge, very painful and in a different spot. This "new" cold sore is on the opposite side of my face and is on the upper lip instead of the usual lower lip. I know that the HSV travels along the same nerve pathways and that's why it usually appears at the same site, so it got me thinking.
Avatar m tn I'm on the down slope of a long viral cold (3.5 weeks). Started with a sore throat, lots of sinus stuff. Right now, still a lot of sinus drainage. Some blood in it. The worrisome part for me is the very tip of my nose is very painful to the touch. Not on the inside of the nostril like it's a topical open sore but touching it from the outside. It's not a boil or pimple either. Never had this happen before. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn I keep a sore nose. I develope these white bumps in my nose and they are so sore that I can hardly touch the outside of my nose. I have a polyp in one side of my nose and I have post nasal drip all day and I can't breathe through my nose at night. The worse it gets the more my asthma flairs up. I have been to the doctor 2x about this and each time they give me allergy meds and to use vasaline to keep it from being so dry & itchy.
Avatar f tn For the past 3 days, I've had a horrible stuffy/runny nose combo paired with a sore throat. Swallowing hurts not only in my throat, but pain radiates into my ears too. I've had migraines and sometimes a bit of a higher temperature, ranging from 99-101. There's pressure in my temples and the bridge of my nose. I'm very tired and I have aches all over. I'm sensitive to cold objects and the insides of my ear hurt. I'm in a really terrible, irritable mood.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm just wondering how your nose is now? I came down with a sore nose at the end of last year, and googled it which was the worst thing I could've done. The condition you mentioned came up, and have been worried about it ever since. How is your nose now?