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Avatar m tn His weight is at the 50th percentile for his age which is normal. May be the following will help: feeding position is important and should be sitting up position when feeding him. Burp him well. Never lay him down on his back right after eating or ½ hour to 1 hour after feeding. Raise the head of his crib to a 45-degree angle too so he are not flat on his back. Feeding him5-6 times day does help.
Avatar n tn Is the a possiblity that something else could be wrong with him? He is on the normal weight gain chart, and normal daily activities, he is 6yrs. old, and no other chronic medical issues to speak of. He also only does it at school, not on the weekends and not in the evenings. I am very worried although he says that it doesn't cause him any pain.
Avatar f tn Is this normal ? I have not gain much weight during this pregnancy only about 12 pounds. With my first son I gained 30 pounds but this pregnancy is completely different, back pains, nasua and vomiting since my first month, lack of appetite etc.... is any one experiencing this too?
Avatar f tn I was just concerned because my first son had pyloric stenosis and needed surgery for the incessant vomiting as he had a blockage in his stomach but Brayden seems to be gaining weight but I do think we overfeed him as well.
Avatar n tn My doctor said I had acid reflux and a vitamin b12 deffecincy but the medication seemed to worsen my symptoms making me vomit a lot more ( a lot more bile and also foam even making it come up my throat without vomiting) and feel nauseus almost everyday so I took myself off of it. I don't believe that I have reflux because I can never feel the acid coming up my throat except when I was taking this medication. I also am always tired no matter how much sleep I have.
Avatar f tn Is it normal to lose some weight at 5weeks pregnant? I still feel really bloated but I have no appetite..
Avatar n tn The medicine stopped the vomiting, but I began to lose a severe amount of weight. Within a few weeks though, I was vomiting and had severe diarrhea all over again-- i didn't even make it to the bathroom one time. I had to be taken to the emergency room and had to have IV's put in me due to severe dehydration. The doctor couldn't get my heart rate lower than about 110 beats a minute. The doctor recommended that I see an American doctor as soon as I went home.
Avatar f tn I am almost 20 weeks pregnant and my weight fluxuates a lot. Before I got pregnant I was 120 pounds. And now I am going to 122 pounds and sometimes 119 pounds. Is this normal? My stomach is as big as it should be but should I be gaining weight or is it ok that I'm not gaining that much?
Avatar f tn Yes very normal, unless your doctor states other wise. I kept loosing weight up to my 5th month of pregnancy, I gain a pound on my 6month and from their on I kept gaining normal pregnancy weight.
Avatar f tn Is normal not having nausea and vomiting during pregnancy? I am not yet pregnant and i hardly get nauseated. Should i be worried if i don't get? How can i induce vomitng to myself in case i won't have?
Avatar f tn This is my first pregnancy. My doctor is telling me i am not gaining enough weight. I am around the same weight as when I found out I was pregnant. But I am eating all the time and my stomach is getting bigger. Anyone else have this happening?
Avatar f tn My Dr told me i don't need to gain a lot of weight as long as the babies growing.
Avatar f tn I am 18 weeks 3 days and havent gained any weight and went to the DR yesterday and I lost 6 pounds. Its normal, some women gain it all in the beginning and some at the end.
Avatar f tn Here is a weight gain chart, based on BMI
Avatar f tn Has anyone else lost alot of weight while pregnant? Like more than just a few pounds?
689528 tn?1364139441 The baby takes what it needs from you and many women don't gain much weight. A co-worker of mine lost weight after both of her pregnancies, and she's pretty skinny to begin with! Both of her girls were healthy too.
9038886 tn?1402129326 I thought my vomiting went away,  I celebrated too soon I guess. It went away for a week and now It is back with full force!!! Ugh when will it end.
Avatar f tn Hi mommys, I am a happy first time mommy i'm only 6 weeks and I have very bad morning sickness, and non stop vomiting that is making me loose weight. I want my baby to be okay, and these symptoms to go away, what can I do?
Avatar f tn Because the doctors have not been able to find any cause of my vomiting and I have not lost alot of weight they have stopped looking into it. So every time this happens I go to another doctor to conclude with the same results. I have spent ov 10k trying to find the cause of this. I hope that maybe someone has seen a case like mine. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn My 9 year old son has been vomiting every morning for the past 2 years. He just vomit before or after breakfast, and after that he is ok but cannot stomach anything for that period of time. Doctors said its nothing but it bothers me alot cuz he goes to school on empty stomach until ten when he goes for a break to eat something.
Avatar f tn Most woman stop around 13 weeks but if not it's okay it's normal I know it ***** just look at the silver lining you want gain a lot of baby weight just make sure you take your vitamins
Avatar n tn My daughter is doing the same thing...not as frequent but just vomiting and acting totally normal after. No fever, no nothing...right back to sleep when she is done vomiting...what is it????
Avatar f tn I'm 12weeks and today the vomiting has been awful all I have been throwing up the medicine my doctor gave me at first seem too work but today I don't know what's going on.Should I be worried because it seems im not gaining any weight with all this morning sickness/all day sickness...this will be my first child so I'm new too this and dont really know what's okay and what's not okay and my next appointment isn't until November 3....any advice???
Avatar m tn A week and a half ago, she started vomiting at least once a day and finally once after every meal. I took her to the vet who said she was perfectly healthy, gave her some fluids and anti-nausea medicine and sent her home. 24 hours later, the anti-nausea medicine wore off and she was just back to throwing up. Took her back to the vet where she was checked for parasites (tested negative) and given more anti-nausea medicine as well as some prescription food that would be lighter on her stomach.
Avatar n tn we do not feed any of the bad cat foods. the vomiting is strange... its more like just coming out rather that being retched up... and its alot of water... it does have some yellow in it... the kitty has also gained alot of weight in the last few months... and eats alot. other than these things the kitty is acting normal. the kitty has allergies to food and is on zd. he also takes prenisone off and on for it... he also has irritable bowel disease...
Avatar n tn I do not know the levels of his tests at this time, but I do know that all other tests were normal except his enzymes. Can you give me anything to work with on research topics? Also is there any types of foods that I can start cooking to maybe lower these levels and help with his vomiting and stomach problems (make it easier on him).
4487133 tn?1355335664 My 15 month old English Bulldog has been vomiting for about 6 weeks now (daily, sometimes twice daily). If it is after a meal, then she throws up the entire meal. If it is not near a meal, then she throws up a large amount of bile colored drool. She eats only her recommended amount of Innova-Weight Control dog food twice daily (given to her in small amounts at a time) - No table food at all. She has been taking half a tab (37.
Avatar m tn At about 3 pm after snorting pills at 3 am I am visiting with a friend and suddenly need to start puking, I have kept puking about every three hours all day yesterday and then about an hour after my normal morning dosage today. I don't have any idea what to do. I am not sure If I am withdrawing from the snorting extra curricular, or if I am overdosed for a couple of days. At this point I accept my demise and am so sick that I need to get the guns outta the house, cuz I feel dangerous to myself.