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9633935 tn?1411346402 This did not the doctor think was something to worry about. How do I read the response/values and what should I look for? Where isthe limit values? What does 12 mean? How much does that values effekt my body? The doctor say something like: that was high and something else, i cant remember was maby litle to low an that was not good he sad. What was low? And what does that affekt?
Avatar n tn I know these values are pretty good, and I'm pleased with his efforts at weight loss and compliance with medication. He goes back in 3 months for a A1C. Do I need to check him at all? I'd like to think it's good to keep an eye on this. His doctor vaguely threatened to "put him on insulin" if his A1C isn't normal in 3 months.
Avatar n tn I would like to know the normal values for TSH tests. Mine was 4.69 ---- should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn Was diagnosed with an episode of acute thyroiditis about 16 months ago -similar symptoms but had normal lab values then (no ESR or ANA done). At the time, symptoms lasted about 3-4 weeks with uneventful course. Nothing that seemed like hyper then hypo thyroidism... just acute and radiating thyroid pain. Only other factor is 6-7 years of granuloma annulare outbreaks on the back of both hands which have been treated 5 times with steroid injections.
Avatar n tn I recently had my T4 and TSH and Vitamin D done and can't understand why I am gaining weight have excessive hair growth on my chin when my T4 is 12.86, TSH is 1.75 and Vitamin D is 71. I have had a cold nodule on my thyroid in 95 no longer cold, biopsy done normal. This is frustrating and I can't understand the weight gain and the hair. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn Anyone with fatty liver would be well advised to try to get within the low normal range of weight for their height.
Avatar f tn hello, I gave birth to my 2nd child 9 months back. all my blood work was normal except that i was Rh negative. my delivery was induced and it was a normal labor. i had a very heavy bleeding after the delivery of placenta. it was suspected to bits of retained placenta. i breast fed my baby for 5 months. my periods was not very regular after this. unfortunately she passed away because of viral cardiomyopathy with extensive fibroelastosis. i had to stop the feeding abruptly .
Avatar n tn These are questions that you need to ask your cardiologist and doctor.
Avatar f tn Well I can ask them - as we all know it's hard to get them to test sometimes. and I was told that he didn't think the "borderline" free T3 was any issue since the TSH and T4 were normal (although TSH is climbing). sigh. As for my son - I'm not sure he's been tested for Hashi's - right now I'm just trying to get him re-assessed since his lethargy has continued and isn't normal - especially for an ADHD kid.
Avatar f tn Well I know that equivocal has go be a certain value so that wouldn't that mean the value lowered from before? Is this a normal thing, or cause for me to dispute the positive test? I ask because I gave birth to my baby Feburary 2017 asked for a test and this test was positive. My child's father (new guy) and I have been together almost three years he gets tested he's negative. Another question does herpes bumps have hairs inside of them?
Avatar m tn My original TSH value was 4.0 I read in a health magazine that the values had changed and were now 3.0 so I printed the article that New England Journal of Medicine did on the new lab changes and took it to my doctor. She was skeptical but did a trial run and monitored me closely.
Avatar f tn I don't know how they could NOT think there was a thyroid problem---also, with hashimoto's, you can swing from hyper to hypo and be normal in between--if they test you when you are normal, and haven't tested antibodies that you might have---they could be totally missing the whole picture--and you could end up pretty miserable.
Avatar n tn Inthava, Thanks for the post. 1) A good internist should be handling your blood pressure. Your young and I would try to stick with a single physician....for someone your age, that would be an internist. If they feel that you need a specialist, they will refer you to one. They should give you a thorough history and physical and full evaluation of your hypertension. 2) We target the same guidelines for someone older then you. You should be as low as possible.
Avatar m tn also just stated the juice of sugar cane. I also reduced my weight to 74 kg from 80 in last three weeks. but still values are not coming down doctor told me that it will take 3 to 6 month to get the normal values. My question is how can i lower down these values as early as possible. I have my medical in next week for saudi. Please some one help me.
Avatar n tn CBC normal values WBC 9.6 (4.0-10.8) RBC Count 5.17 (4.70-6.10) Hemoglobin 14.9 (14.0-18.0) Hematocrit 44.3 (40.0-52.0) MCV 85.7 (80.0-94.0) MCH 28.9 (27.0-31.0) MCHC 33.7 (33.0-37.0) RDW 13.8 (11.5-14.5) Platelet Count 239 (150-400) MPV 7.7 (7.4-10.4) Neutrophil% 51.2 (42.2-75.2) Lymphocite 24.8 (20.5-51.1) Monocyte 9.1 (1.7-10.
Avatar m tn 3kpa at 4 months after start of therapy, 1.5years after etv+antioxidants 6.3kpa without normal alt (the study defines norma alt less than 30 while i had 40-50 for most of the time) this study results: baseline median 7.8kpa (well below cirrhosis, f2-f3), result after 3 years of normal alt......6.1kpa i bet my fibroscan now is about 5kpa already Author: hbv_research-list-owners@mail-list.
Avatar n tn gastro told me to get a sonogram and blood test.. The sonogram hasn't come yet.. but the blood said that everything was normal exept the ALT that was on 97 Does this means that i Hepatitis He told me that i got to get checked for hepatitis.. But i thought that for hepatitis the value must be very high.. Can someone give me advice on this matter and whats the rate for a patient with hepatitis.. Im scared..
Avatar n tn A few weeks ago I noticed I was feeling kinda crappy and had gained weight. In addition, I have seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis, which has flared up. Usually I have small flare ups before my monthly cycle. I went to my endo and my tsh is supressed (normal for me), my FT4 was the same (1.31) but my FT3 has increased from 3.5 to 4.5. And, horribly, I had gained 10 pounds since January, despite running 12-15 miles per week and eating healthy.
787406 tn?1339206783 What do these blood values mean? RBC-3.31 low HGB-10.8 low HCT-31.9 low MCH-32.7 High Anion Gap-7.7 low BUN-5 Low CA-8.0 Low TP-5.4 Low ALB-2.9 Low All other bloodwork was normal. Positive Stool-Fecal LactoFerral I was admitted to the hospital for possible bowel kink on left lower side. Was given I.V. from 12 noon til the next morning when these labs were drawn. I do not drink or do drugs, nor have I ever done them.
Avatar m tn Then i started putting up weight from 79kg at end of 2008 to 96kg by May 2009 and also my scalp started sweating badly. On Sept 2013 i got fed up with sweating so i decided to see the doctor. He suggested Thyroid checkup TSH, T3 , and T4 test's My first result before treatment as of 2013 september TSH - 17.45 (0.3-5.5) T3 - 95 (60-200) T4 - 6.5 (4.5-12.0) After seeing the results he told me to take meds for 6 months and do a check up.
Avatar m tn I had sexual encounter with a massage girl in August 2008(six months back). I used a condom but at the end it broke. I stopped immediately and cleaned myself. After about 5 days I got myself tested for liver function test for the first time in my life in which the SGOT/SGPT values were 53 & 102 U/L i.e very much beyond range. I got tested for HIV proviral DNA PCR in the third and fourth month. These were negative. Currently I am sitting at six month marks or 5 months 21 days to precise.
Avatar n tn Keeping the TSH normal (0.5-2.5) should eliminate any thyroid impact on weight. Most weight gain, even in thyroid patients is not due entirely to the thyroid. It's primarily calories in (and calories out), but having untreated hypothyroidism makes it more difficult.
Avatar f tn I am currently 30 years old and of average height and weight - and on the small side of normal. I have experienced a small weight gain this year - but attributed it to my job where I now travel extensively and thus - eat in restraruants many times per week. I've also been extremely tired this year - but also attributed that to my cancer diagnosis in 2006 - the stress and worrying about that and the travel from the job.
Avatar n tn 2 As I look back on the various meds and doses it seems my Free T3 remains low normal regardless. On 60mg Armour I am slowly going hypo with GERD returning and a FT3 of 2.4.On 90 I have more heat intolerance and insomnia but my FT3 only 2.8. The free T3 stays in the same low range between 2.4 and 2.8. I find it puzzling. Do you have any thoughts on this?
Avatar m tn Cancer occurs because cells become immortalized; they fail to heed normal signals to turn off growth. A normal function of remodelling in the body requires that cells die on cue. This is called apoptosis, or programmed cell death. That process fails to work in tumors. THC promotes its reappearance so that gliomas, leukemias, melanomas and other cell types will in fact heed the signals, stop dividing, and die." "But, that is not all," explains Dr.