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377493 tn?1356505749 's appointment Tuesday morning, but am wondering if anyone else has experienced weight loss during extreme heat. Is it normal for very active toddlers to have weight flucuation, or is it more like infants where they gain steadily, just at a slower pace? Thanks so much.
7757724 tn?1396283186 That's perfectly normal as long as her height and weight are around the same percentile.
Avatar n tn He is in the 1% percentile for weight and has been that low for nearly 2 years. He has had numerous tests but no one has come up with a medical problem or a reason for his disinterest in food. He is bright, happy,and energetic. His height is average, and apart from rather frequent colds is healthy. His mother has been breast feeding him until very recently, but it is hard to believe that her decision to breast feed this long could be the reason for his low weight.
Avatar n tn If too much attention is focus on the problem, if a parent becomes obsessed with the child's eating habits, or if the child feel pressured, a small problem might balloon into a large one. Is he gaining weight or being stable? Does he have energy? Is he healthy? If he lost weight, doesn't eat at all, does'nt have much energy and look sick for a while, go see a doctor. Hope I could help and reasure you. A today's parent book, The Picky Eater, Sharon E.
314669 tn?1550427371 My 2 year old weighs 44lbs as of today I was told to keep him on the diet but be more strict and lower food intake more and have him be outside running more. He eats normal toddler amounts (small portions of each) and only 3 meals and 1-2 snacks depending. and he's really Active runs a lot inside and outside no matter where he is he runs all over the place so I don't know how he's gaining so much.. he has to be under or about 30-35lbs to show we've got him losing weight.
Avatar n tn Her GP referred her to a pediatrician who has been monitoring her weightDifferent types of weight gain Exercise and weight loss Height and weight chart Height/weight chart Losing weight Roux-en-y stomach surgery for weight loss Weight gain - unintentional Weight loss Weight loss - unintentional Weight loss and age for the past 5 months, and though she is putting on weightDifferent types of weight gain Exercise and weight loss Height and weight chart Height/weight chart Losing weight Roux-en-y s
Avatar n tn So, many 'normal' two-year-olds weigh under 30, and many 'normal' two-year-olds weigh over 30. Your son is certainly at the low ebd of the weight range for his age. The important thing is to expose him to a healthy diet - if he is well medically, 'Mother Nature' will take care of things. Without your doctor's guidance I would certainly not be going out of your way to feed him in such a way that the goal is for him to put on weight. Such a goal can produce some pretty unhealthy practices.
Avatar n tn His pediatrician ran some basic thyroid levels where his T4 was slightly elevated and TSH was in the low normal range. In talking with the endocrinologist, she expressed that she thought most likely it was lab errors that impacted his thyroid levels and did not really feel he has a thyroid condition. His basic thyroid levels came back in the normal range but we are waiting on the antibody levels to rule out Hashimotos.
Avatar n tn Normal vomiting due to the irritation of reflux happens much earlier in infancy, not as commonly in later toddlerhood. This is thought to be due to the decreased strength of the lower esophageal sphincter in some infants, which improves and the symptoms usually go away. It's important to follow your physician's instructions, but understand that some tests are intended to rule out less common reasons that if present, are important to catch early.
Avatar n tn 5 inches tall at 27 months old and he is off the chart in his weight compared to other 24 month olds, meaning 100% of all 24 month olds weight more than he does. He has seemed to have more bouts of sicknesses with vomiting than seems normal in his 27 months of life. He recently got sick and my daughter told me there was some "rodo or robo" (?) virus going round and that is why he was vomiting for a week straight on and off.
Avatar n tn how many bowel movements does he have in a day? I am pleased on one hand as so many struggle with getting little ones to eat MORE- but are you suggesting maybe some sort of parasite? I am not sure if it the energy is related to the eating although vitamins make me and my friends and my son eat more He is 16 - a bit underweight and has develpoed a much better appetite in just one week of being on multivitamins- and vitamins usually give more energy.....
Avatar n tn 5 inches tall at 27 months old and he is off the chart in his weight compared to other 24 month olds, meaning 100% of all 24 month olds weight more than he does. He has seemed to have more bouts of sicknesses with vomiting than seems normal in his 27 months of life. He recently got sick and my daughter told me there was some "rodo or robo" (?) virus going round and that is why he was vomiting for a week straight on and off.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure what the problem is, but I just wanted to say how sorry I was that you all going through this! I know what it's like to have a sick child and have no idea what it is and not be able to do anything to help her. Just keep your faith in your Dr. and I'm sure they will figure everything out. If not, then keep taking her to Dr.s untill somebody can figure it out. Keep us updated with how she is doing and what the MRI says.
Avatar f tn IS he below normal weight/and or height for his age? If so I have an idea.
Avatar n tn The measurements you wrote, his weight is on the 10th percentile and height is just below the 50th percentile for his age. He is normal for his age which is good. That is great you are giving him Pediasure. Suggest giving him additional Pediasure instead of milk too which will give him extra calories and protein. Forcing him to eat will not help. Engage him in the kitchen more. Children love to be a part of making food. Have him help you with preparation of food and setting the table.
Avatar m tn and how much fluctuation is normal while resting. It cant be normal to constantly be jumping around all over the place?
Avatar n tn His poopy diapers are also very fowl. He has not gained any weight since he have had him despite the first five and a half months were he would eat everything he saw. He also will drink anything he can including his bath water. If you tell him to wait on a drink because you are busy at the moment he starts crying uncontrollably. We have been told by friends to have him tested for diabetes but I'm not sure what the signs of diabetes are. If you could help me I would really appreciate it.
Avatar n tn For couple of months she may eat well but then for may be 2 -3 weeks she will eat next to nothing and will generally loose any weight she had put on. We had a blood test done at 23mths and all came normal. She also has dairy and soy intolerance and was on breastmilk till 24mths but now i have switched her over to fortified rice milk. I try to add olive oil to her chicken and give her a tsp of flax oil. She is 50% for height and seems like a happy kid.
Avatar f tn June 29, 2012 My granddaughter was born under weight and it took a long time for her to get to the point of being able to use a bottle. She could never get the strength or ability to breast feed. At about the age of 12 months she was diagnosed with “Falor to thrive”. Now that she is 2.5 years old and has been dealing with Dr.
Avatar n tn I was told by my son's pediatrician & the health department that it is completely normally for children of 2 & 3 to go through this period where they hardly it. One of my ex best friends her little boy did that for months. They actually had him start drinking PediaSure to make sure he was gaining the right amount of weight & it also gave him a lot of the nutrients children need. Talk to his doctor about maybe starting him on PediaSure.
Avatar f tn She knows all the alphabet, the phonetics of most letters, she can count to 13 and knows all the numbers, she talks clearly, loudly and no-stop. She is normal in every way except so not normal where food is concerned. What is wrong with my daughter? Is she afraid of food? It has been a battle for 2 years - I need help.
1049076 tn?1256013017 0) and the TSH was 3.61 (range 0.6-7.1). Is this normal? He was admitted to the hospital last week for observation and they did a lot of blood work on him. They followed him for type 1 diabetes and they did a check on growth hormone and redid the thyroid test. I'm not sure what all the values are but the endo called us saturday and said the free t4 was only 1 point above the low end of normal. He said he would like to follow him and maybe start him on growth hormone in about a year.
Avatar n tn When she is standing straight, her legs (from the knees down) appear to angle out because she is standing with her weight on the insides of her feet. Our pediatrician says that she will grow out of it but may need orthodics in the future. We also took her to a foot doctor who said the same thing. My concern is waiting until she is 2 or 3 years old and then being told we should have done something earlier because now it's too late.
Avatar f tn I feel like he is delayed in speech because we don't speak to him as much and placed weight on acedemic concepts. I suspect he might also be delayed because we speak two languages at home. Please enlighten me. Thank you!!!
Avatar n tn He has not gained any weight for 10 months and started losing weight recently. I will say he was uncomfortable after his scopes were done and I was a nervous wreck but after a few hours of being home he was up playing again like nothing was wrong. So they really weren't that bad for him and if they help get him better then they were worth it.
Avatar n tn can re-generate (grow back), and digestion and absorption return to normal. (But many children do have allergies to the proteins in cow's milk, and are better off not drinking it.) 7) Find another, better pediatric Gastro-intestinal doc, who will take the time to figure out what's going on with the little child! There can be more than one thing happening at the same time. WHAT IS YOUR GUT FEELING ABOUT WHAT IS CAUSING THIS DIARRHEA?
Avatar f tn My 24 month toddler has not been gaining weight for the last year he is below the growth curve. The doctor suggested to do some analysis to check if there are issues, from his blood test he had elevated level of TSH with normal levels of free T4 lower than normal levels of creatinine and elevated eosinophila. He has eczema since he was 3 months old and we have had issues controlling it. There are some food allergies but I don't think we have found them all.
Avatar n tn She is constantly hungry and seems to not be gaining weight for the amount of food she is eating she should be gaining weight? I stared her on the previcid and she went one night w/out vomiting but tonight she did it again, and she seems to feel fine after doing it. She goes to bed w/ no problem and then lets out a cry before she does it and then wants to run around and play? I am at a loss and grealty concerned as to what is happening.
Avatar n tn Is there a reason he is so ill, and how will he recover his weight ? he also has 16 teeth and still shows many teething symptons every day, even the red cheeks are there still more teeth to come out? he is not walking yet and is small for his age. I am very worried as he has lost weight, and I am exhausted nursing him through sickeness all the time. I am always seeing my doctor and they dont seem worried as he seems to recover from each illness but just gets struck down with another one!
Avatar n tn It is definitely not normal for your child to have a blood sugar of 213 3 hours after she eats. You have described all the symptoms of diabetes and, although I am not a doctor, it sounds very likely that your child may have diabetes. Please take her to the doctor or emergency room immediately. A prolonged high blood sugar in a child that young could cause her to become quite ill very quickly.