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Avatar f tn Hi my husband and I are trying to get pregnant what can we do to higher our possibilities.
Avatar f tn Is it bad that I just stopped taking the pill? Is it normal to gain more weight after stopping the pill? My period has always been kind of irregular but it's been coming really late, too early, and too short more and more often since i stopped the pills. My aunt is a nurse and told me stress plays a pretty big role in conceiving too and I have always been a stressed out wreck for as long as I could remember. (I'm absolutely a workaholic ^^) any advice?
Avatar f tn Hello, Letrozole and Clomiphene are used for induction of ovulation. You may need monitoring through blood tests and/or ultrasounds to determine when you are approaching ovulation. You also need to control your thyroid hormones if you are planning to conceive. Once both these conditions are controlled there are chances that you may conceive. Adopt life style changes like weight reduction, exercise and yoga. That may prove beneficial. Cut down on alcohol and smoking. I sincerely hope it helps.
Avatar f tn i have gone for all the necessary test but nothing was found my doc give some hormones pills but i didn't take any as i want to try for a baby this year i was wondering whether it would be easy for me to get pregnant with a problems like this.
Avatar f tn I started my period yesterday after an entire year. How and what is the best way for me to get pregnant. Help Please I really want to have a baby !!!!
Avatar n tn I have been receiving acupunture, trying to put on weight by not exercising as much and eating more (I am up to 103). My question is....the last few days my nipples have been awfully tender, I have had a slight ache in my lower right side and my basal temps have been pretty high (for me) the last few days, like 97.9 to 98.0. Do you think I might actually be ovulating finally? Any remote chance I may even be pregnant? (Fingers crossed!
Avatar n tn my doctor diagnosed that i am suffering from PCOS, which is very heartbreaking news for me, as i am trying to get pregnant since last year. she prescribed me glucophage 500 mg twice a day for six months. nowadays i am on glucophage and still unsuccessful to concieve. what should i do? i really need your help.
Avatar f tn Is there something I should ask my doctor to check? Is there maybe something I can do on my own to help get pregnant? Any suggestions would be wonderful.
Avatar n tn HI, Elaine Brown I'am try to get pregnant but i lost my first childs. i was pregnant with twins and i lost them ok Elaine B.
Avatar f tn I am not yet pregnant and i hardly get nauseated. Should i be worried if i don't get? How can i induce vomitng to myself in case i won't have?
Avatar f tn My doctor say it's ok as long as the baby growing. I guess i just want that pregnant look i think it's so cute. Is it normal not to gain.
9144599 tn?1405320189 Is it normal to lose weight while pregnant, I went to the doctor last week and I weighed 131 pounds , and then when I went to the doctor yesterday my weight decreased and I now weigh 125.
Avatar m tn have you gone to the doctor? there could be something medically wrong. are you on new medications? they could be making you hungry. is there a chance you're pregnant? whenever i was pregnant by time i hit 6-7 weeks i was ALWAYS hungry.
Avatar f tn It's normal to lose at start... keep your doctor informed Just to be on the safe side....
Avatar f tn Ok so I'm a plus sized mom to be (235) before I got pregnant, I'm currently 26 weeks today and still 235 I haven't gained any weight at all, and my baby so far as they can tell on the ultrasounds he's healthy and growing like crazy! My Dr hasn't said anything about my weight tho... should I be worried at all?? I've been eating healthy and eat till I get full, I'm not starving myself at all.
Avatar f tn I am going to try to exercise more, not to loose weight but to stay healthy. I m definitely not going to starve myself if my body says that it is hungry I am going to eat. Luckily I don't crave junk food. Also if I keep my stomach from getting completely empty it helps reduce my nausea.
Avatar f tn I'm 26 weeks pregnant an haven't really gained any weight. Is that normal? I think I've gained a total of 8 pounds so far.
Avatar f tn I get pretty down about it at times as I've put a lot of weight on and had lost a lot just b4 i got pregnant so i get down as i feel I've undone my hard work and cant do much about it
Avatar f tn I'm 4 months pregnant and haven't gained anything. but I've lost weight. is that normal? Unfortunately, I do smoke. is that why maybe?
Avatar f tn I'm only 5 weeks and I would like to lose a little weight. I'm 148 now and I want to get to 140 before I get to start to be really big, even thought that's a long way to go.
Avatar f tn if u were already overweight usually doctors don't recommend to gain much. Speak to your doctor about it. Also try to eat snacks during the day instead of big meals such as nuts, fruits, or carrots or even crackers.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 14 weeks pregnant and just want to know us this normal? I don't really feel pregnant I haven't got a baby bump yet :( iv only been sick once the only thing I do have is feeling tired and sleeping, at my 12 weeks scan everything is fine growing and moving just wanted to know is it normal not to feel it yet? Thanks for your comments.
Avatar f tn its normal your not going to gain lots of weight its just the baby its normal im 26 weeks and i have only gain 10 lb its normal im not skinny but the only thing make sure your eating healthy dont worry about the weight you can only gain from 10 -20 pounds
Avatar f tn They don't advice you to try and lose weight while pregnant. What you can do is drink lots of water and walk more. Most of the weight may be water weight.
Avatar f tn Im 11 weeks and when i found out i was pregnant i was 155 today i went to the doctor and Im 162
Avatar f tn I have originally lost 23lbs and have yet to gain anything back I go from what I weight to dropping 2-4 lbs then back to this weight. I don't consider that gaining any weight. I had an ultrasound but didn't see my doctor a few days ago, the baby was active and seemed healthy the tech didn't say anything negative. So basically has anyone been through this??
Avatar f tn Whenever it feels comfortable to yu to start telling people, tell them. They say the time for things to go wrong is the first trimester once u make it through that it gets easier but there's still a chance even later in pregnancy there really is no "safe" zone.
1161604 tn?1388879198 its really getting me down as i put on loads of weight with my 1st due to the fact he was so big i had to eat more than normal just to stop myself from fainting from the speed he was taking the energy from my food!although my stomach is getting smaller and my legs and everything else my weight isnt going down at all and it wasnt going down b4 i got pregnant either!my mother in law and a few other people are saying its because its turning to muscle which is making me stay the same weight!