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Avatar n tn the chest xray showed hyperinflation of the lungs and the bottom half of his xray was all white, they wouldnt really comment on there findings until we get the result of the sweat test but found that hyperinflation of the lungs can be caused by poorly controlled asthma. they want him admitted after chrsitmas (looking end of jan) for more tests to find out y hes chest is so bad. anyone have any info for me?
Avatar n tn My baby is 28 weeker.At 6th week of life, her lungs have not started working. When will her lungs start maturing. ?
Avatar n tn Accordingly, blood perfusion was adequate to revitalized heart cells and heart wall movement returned to normal or near normal functionality with a normal ejection fraction of 59%. I was in ICU for several days to normalize the oxygen level within the pulmonary system. On discharge from the hospital, I never had any further congestion (heart related) or otherwise.
Avatar n tn i get dizzy alot and have lots of head aches i have always been into some kind of exercise type sport like bmx biking running for fun and currently lifting.
Avatar n tn Post hospital stay for chf I was told to weigh myself each morning, and if there is an increase of 2 or more pounds to contact the doctor...this would indicate retention of fluids and could be the result of the left ventricle failing to adequately pump the blood received from the lungs and as a consequence the blood backs up and fluids leak into lung tissues. Your husband has/had all the symptoms of congested heart failure and should have gone to ER...not wait to see if it got better!
1102792 tn?1285928860 37 yr old man last week I decided to go jogging as part of my weight loss plan, I had been cycling and playing table tennis for a while now.
Avatar n tn Since you have experienced pain in that region for some time, the chances of this being related to a normal infection seem slight. There could be some serious causes - TB, Sarcoidosis or a Lymphoma. Running a low grade fever, weight loss and night sweats are an additional red flag. I also just discovered I have extensive swelling of the lymph nodes in my chest (2.5 cm) and am agressively searching for the cause. Good luck and God bless.
Avatar n tn White blood cells are normal. The ECR (sed rate) is 23 is slightly higher than normal range 0-15. Apart from that the blood work results are good, thats what nurse told me. I am scared for my life now. I was a happiest person until I get the cough and my world is turning up side down.
Avatar n tn She was given another set of unrecalled meds no relief again. 1 month PTA, increase anorexia, weight loss of 11 kg over 6 months, epigastric pain (gnawing), decreased frequency of bowel movement (no change in character). 2 weeks PTA same symptoms, recurrence of cough (increased frequency) noted weakness, Chest x-ray done, ampiclox given for 7 days, cough decreased frequency and intensity (with bouts of excacerbation) repeat x-ray: increase in nodules.
Avatar f tn There is no thyroid specific diet, but several books give good general advice on weight issues. If the thyroid function is normal or slightly high (due to cancer history), there is not much to do from a medication adjustment standpoint.
Avatar f tn I was surprised because I did not have the flu or a cold and felt fine other than my chest. I also only had a bit of flem in my lungs. He admitted me to hospital where I stayed for five days. In hospital I was prescribed Tavanic IV three times a day, Theoplus, a cough suppressant, painkillers and I was nebulized. None of the treatment in hospital made me feel at all better. I could not sleep at night due to losing my breath. I also had to use oxygen quite a bit.
Avatar m tn One of which is my heart beating incredibly hard and fast (It definitely does not feel normal), and I feel like my lungs are filling with fluid and my chest gets very heavy. I'm not sure if this could be related but I also have a tendency to "Black Out" where I am conscious but everything I see turns black (My doctor has attributed this to A typical migraines).
Avatar n tn My x-ray report is normal My ECG Report Is normal My Hear Report Is normal but CT Scan Find 44mm nodule in my right lungs but pain is on my left side i take treatment many dr. but still i have a same problem dr.
Avatar n tn I smoke about 40 cigerates a day, am of normal weight and suffer from stress if this helps with your diagnosis. I would be grateful if you could suggest what I am suffering from. Thank you.
Avatar f tn So he is taking his inhaler 4 or more times a day and the nepualizer 2 times a day and is still saying he cant breath (we have been fussing about this because we think that he is taking to much of the one med.). The doctor has never checked to see if the COPD has progressed or not. So I am taking him to Lung Specialist (not happy with his family doctor) what test should be done and what questions should I ask?
Avatar n tn Yes Loss of appetite: Yes Chest pain: Yes Shortness of breath: Yes Dry cough: Yes - Blood seen 4 times in 2 months Swelling of lymph nodes: None visible Itching: No Abdominal pain/swelling: No Tests done Tuberculosis: Negative Pleural Fluid Analysis Color: Straw Appearance: Turbid Coagulum: Absent Sugar: 87 mg/dl Protein: 3.
Avatar n tn She has size j breast so they account for a decent percent of her weight. Once we got together she started gaining more weight mostly cause of lack of excercise and eatting fastfood and tv dinners and pizzas. I know the food isnt the best at all. She know weighs 300 pounds and her periods are even messed up from it.
4658567 tn?1364145723 Doesn't seem to bother him a whole lot. He's gained weight but my mom seems to think he's lost some of his chunk last couple weeks.. Does anyone have any ideas on if it's normal or what it could be? Maybe what I should ask the doctor or have them test my son for??
Avatar f tn I am still gaining weight well so my scales say probably about 3.5kg now and have continued carrdio and a bit of weights everyday.Its frustrating and my eating is ok.Pll have said I have lost some weight.My trainer says its muscle and the first 2 weeks would have been unprductive but Im just getting so frustrated feel like giving up its been 7 weeks now and I weigh more than when I clothes dont feel any loser and my scales are gaining weight it seems so pointless.
Avatar n tn I have had spirometry testing done three times over the past two years with consistent results from one test to the next, which always show that my FVC is normal, my ERV is quite high (146% of normal this time), and my DLCO is below normal (each result in the DLCO being between 63-71% of normal). This time they tested my MEP and MIP for the first time - my MIP was 53% of normal and my MEP was 27% of normal.
Avatar m tn i am starting to stop grooming my self and show signs of the mentally derail, i can even notice this my self, face unshaved and i just took a bath after a while week i feel so sad of this too. the weight of the whole world is crushing my mare existence and i am un willing to let it turn me into dust just yet. i feel i got so much to offer yet no body is helping me in any way.i don't know what to do, i feel that this is my wake up call but i am frightened to even get out of bed.
10614343 tn?1411499292 My flare ups have been so bad during my pregnancy the whole pregnancy has taking a toll on my body I had to have a cercloage when they stitched your cervix together I've lost weight bleeding, spotting I have a few other medical problems with my weight loss it's not so bad because I wanted to lose weight already before but constantly being sick and taking 32pills a day is driving me crazy my doctor said when I have the baby alot of things should leave I'm praying so this my 2nd child and they're
Avatar m tn A condition often caused by exposure to toxic chemicals or long-term exposure to tobacco smoke, bullous lung disease (also known as bullae) is a condition where air trapped in the lungs causes obstruction to breathing and eventual destruction of the lungs. At present, about 10% of young adults and 1% of the adult population smoke marijuana regularly.
Avatar m tn Every morning for the last 5 months or so, when I take my first breath it feels as though I have fluid deep in my lungs. With one deep breath or a couple of normal breaths this feeling is gone but it repeats its self every morning with out fail. Does anyone have any theories why? I have never had asthma or alegies causing lung problems. I am concerned further due to my self being a heating engineer, I know in the past I have come into contact with asbestos.
Avatar f tn i have plenty of vets where i am. but i dont have the money to get him checked out.
Avatar n tn Dinner Chicken/fish etc with 100g (dried weight) of pasta or rice or a baked potato, plenty of vegetables again Snack Bowl of fresh fruit with natural yoghurt Or porridge Now that is an example - but you should be having all those meals per day. I know it sounds a lot but I have looked into that to make sure that is correct for a female and it is. Try and eat as much as you can - obviously if you feel sick or anything stop because that is ridiculous.
Avatar n tn Sherry, I am so sorry to hear of your father's condition, which seems hopeless, but can improve given proper treatment and time. Remember his heart is recovering and he has not had a chance to rehabilitate himself. His cardiac output may still be a bit low. ~1/3 of the output of the heart goes through the kidneys to filter excess fluid from our blood. If his output is reduced, he will retain fluid.
Avatar m tn I went back to the doctor, and they prescribed cough syrup and they ordered blood work and chest xray - both of which came back normal. 5 days later, still coughing, but I've lost another 6 lbs. I called the office and they said to be patient, that it takes time to recover from this, but I'm really worried. My body fat percentage is pretty low to begin with and this weight loss is severe. I was 5'9" and 162 lbs. I'm now 146 lbs.
Avatar m tn My weight is now 20 pounds over my 'normal' weight, and most is belly fat, and flab around upper chest. I can't seem to lose a pound, and I get discouraged much more quickly now than ever before treatment. I have a very hard time getting motivated to exercise, and I have much lower tolerance for exercise. I seem to crave food, of all kinds, at all times, and I really am having problems saying 'no'.