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Avatar f tn I have had no other testing or imaging done of any kind besides that one MRI of the brain without contrast. I want to know if I could still possibly have MS even with a normal MRI of my brain? Is that possible? Is that common? Also, since I have many symptoms suggestive of MS and just had that one MRI, should I have more testing and imaging done to test for MS? If so, what tests should I have and of what?
Avatar n tn Normal with forceps. 9. Observation of Mother during First Year of Child in Regard to Physical, Mental, Motor, Social: Normal. 10. Any other Relevant Information you wanted to Share for Supporting the Case History: (Some doctors have felt that some of her brain’s cells have damaged at the time of suffocation during birth but something triggered it now. Because, change in her walking, handwriting etc was noticed after she was discharged from hospital after the food poisoning.
Avatar f tn Anyway, what does it matter right the neuros with the medical degree said my brain scan was normal. Ms was a consideration at the beginning, by the radiologist, but the neuro squashed that, and said no. Meanwhile I have all of these symptoms, that I just don't know what to do with. At first my 2nd neuro said parkinsons, then he said something about degenerative basal ganglia disease.
Avatar m tn I have not had a MRI seeing as I do not currently have health insurance and it would cost a fortune. I never had weight loss. I just wouldn't put on any weight until I was put on Remeron. About 3 or so months ago I started having some breathing issues which I haven't seen a doctor for. It feels like I can't get a full breathe and have to take a really deep breathe to catch up if that makes sense. I do have asthma but it hasn't really been a issue since I was way younger.
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Avatar n tn My husband has brain cancer and his sodium was low so they put him on a sodium tablet daily . Now his feet, legs and buttocks have all swollen and he has gained 36 pounds of water weight . His legs are seeping all the time . I would like to know how dangerous this is and what can be done to help it .
1138731 tn?1260825724 (I've lost about ten pounds over the last couple of months). During the months of September / October I was experiencing what I thought to be severe panic attacks and as a result, pain down the left side of my body. Upon arrival at the emergency room, with the advice of a health agent, I discovered that my heart rate was over 150 bpm.
Avatar n tn Since you say all the tests have been done, I assume an MRI of the brain has been done as well which was normal. High fever, nausea and vomiting and weight loss are symptoms of an acute infection. Only a physical examination and blood test will help in the diagnosis. An ENT specialist can be considered to rule out inner ear diseases like Meniere’s disease since he is getting strange sensations which are triggered on a roller coaster. Take care!
Avatar f tn And if so, if it didn't show up in April of '09, might that mean I have an aggressive form of brain cancer? I just had a baby and the thought of leaving her breaks me.
Avatar m tn My symptoms are so inconsistent that I really can't conclude that my condition is worse in the winter. For example, I had a lot of brain fog in January 2013, but felt great during the whole month of February. Currently, I am taking vitamin D. My vitamin D level was slightly low as indicated in a blood test (the blood test was done in May).
Avatar m tn I did the normal 48 weeks, no extra anything, and my brain still isn't back to normal. I finished tx on March 18, and had lots of pain at first, but thankfully that is gone, but I still can't read all of the words on the TV screen before they change to the next screen, and I can't take in all of the details... I have to aim for just the main idea or I miss the whole kit and kaboodle.... work is near impossible so I am going back to doing hair...
Avatar n tn I don't know if he is trying to keep me calm, but he told me to continue my daily routine, with the exception of heavy weight training for now, and told me that the risk of rupture is under 1%. He advised he sees patients daily with my problem and many of them choose to only watch and wait. He advised he wouldn't be able to give me better advise on treatement until after the angiogram.
Avatar n tn I have a very hard time losing weight or even maintaining weight. When I would eat a "normal" amount of food(1200 calories a day, 20 grams of fat,100 total carbs), I would gain weight( even while running 3 or more miles a day). Even after I tried diets that had me eating less than 900 calories a day and less than 10 grams of fat and watching the carbs, I would still not lose weight.
Avatar n tn After the surgery she had to take steroids for her head pressure but has been off of them for about 2-3 weeks. Is the weight gain normal? lf so, is it a type of side effect?
116701 tn?1210262764 That is so nice of you to offer. I loved the way you said "ending tx with dignity". I am on procrit and it does keep me from feeling like I just want to die. Last Friday my left side went numb and tingly and had blurry vision in my left eye. Ended up at the ER Friday night. After 6 hours, a cat scan and a doppler I'm not having a stroke. Lasted till Sunday then went away. The tingles were back yesterday for a few hours.
Avatar f tn If your brain MRIs, done under MS protocol, have been consistently normal, the probability of MS grows less, as you know. Have you had MRIs of cervical and thoracic spine? What are your symptoms?
Avatar f tn I also lost the real smell and taste and everything tasted/smelt weird and bad and lost lot of weight. Since you didn't lose completely there is a very good chance it comes back. For 2 years I didn't see much improvement and then gradually it improved. Not 100% but about 80%. Sometimes it gets back to 100%. Now I am at a point I don't need to worry about that.. I tried lot of therapies and meds/supplements for other issues but I think it may have helped.
Avatar f tn Fortunately my Doctor started testing and although I was borderline we mutually agreed that it would be best if I tried the medication. What a world of a difference it made. I'm at 50 mg daily of levothryoid and will possibly have to ramp up in the future. Strangely, I should either be gaining weight or have had weight gain before starting the medication but I had neither. Good luck with the testing and try avoiding stress.
Avatar n tn a) How serious and life-threatening are the findings in my father's CT-scan of his brain? Is he at risk of a full-blown stroke at any moment? b)Since my father's blood pressure has been normal and the CT-scan of his brain in Oct 2009 was normal, what would have caused the chronic lacunar infracts in his brain between Oct 2009 and now? c)Would you recommend my father see a Neurologist as well? Thank you!
Avatar n tn The rest of your issues should subside once levels are normal with plenty of healing time thereafter,if indeed its from thyroid. 5 month in thyroid would is not long.
Avatar f tn Have you lost weight by dieting recently? The brain-body connection always tries to move you back to your previous weight. If not, you might want to visit your physician and have your thyroid levels checked. Now - if all else is normal.... Exercise Physiologist James Hill in Denver has found that people who have lost weight (50# or more) and kept it off for two years versus those who haven't kept it off have a big difference - they exercise every day.
Avatar f tn ) it started to stabilize and since then has been easily treated with the OTC pain meds - stuff like aleve and excedrin work great for me. And the return of your appetite is normal too - you spend a lot of time not eating when you're using so I think your brain is finally realizing that you are HUNGRY!!! lol And that's a good thing so enjoy it - and yes, the appetite thing will stabilize as well. Good luck to you and most importantly - CONGRATS ON THE 17 DAYS!!!
341551 tn?1266984330 I have never had my OB tell me the weight of our baby at any of our ultrasounds and I am 26 weeks now!! IS that something they should have told me?
Avatar m tn % of odds due to weight change?... Let see... were is my atomic calculator...Gee it looks like the nuclear fuel is running low so I can't give you a number but here is so info that might put it in perspective. Remember there are many factors that affect your chances of SVR. Factors influencing Response to HCV Therapy Viral Factors - Genotype (dominant) - Viral Load (dominant) - Resistance Disease Characteristics - Stage of disease (i.e.
Avatar f tn I gained 46 by the time I gave birth at 40+5 but I was all belly and people were surprised when I told them I gained that much lol. I also retained a lot of water weight and now at 11 weeks post partum I'm already back to my normal weight!
471113 tn?1245112420 I lost an extreme amount of weight on treatment. A total of 117 lbs. But I had it to lose. Today I went for my 6 month post. I have gained back 20. 10 more than I wanted to .. but doc wanted me to gain at least 20.. My hair is coming back in thick.. actually long enough now to curl out on me.. I am doing my best to keep the weight off. but I must say I was very dehydrated by the time I was done at 48 wks. Geno type 1a as well. So far all PCR were UND, but did not have one at wk 4.
Avatar n tn Along with the pneumonia she simultaneously gained 25 lbs a number of tests concluded it was not water weight. Ultimately her caloric intake was reduced(fed via gastrostomy tube). Prior to the weight gain she was at 105 lbs for years, she maxed out at around 132 lbs. With the reduction of the caloric intake she continued to gain weight for a short period of time and than began losing weight, she platoed out at 118 lbs.
Avatar f tn How many of you are having struggles with weight? When I was first dx'd in 2005 and was taking Taxol/Carbo I was so sick from the chemo that I lost 30 pounds. Now I'm on Gemzar and Carbo and have gained 30 pounds. I'm also on a steroid taper after being on them for a year. I believe some of the weight is due to ascites which has been drained from my abdomen and right lung several times but I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to try to control this.
Avatar f tn I started at 120 and now I'm weighing at 176 pounds! I gained a lot of weight. But I was already 20 pounds underweight before pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Thank you for the TSH info. I am getting scared. The symptoms are getting worse. Not menopause, blood pressure has increased from low to normal, glucose has gone from low to normal over days, potassium has been bouncing from high to normal, headaches-almost always (not sinus), TSH .93 (G.P. didn't run T3 or T4) doesn't think it's required, all other counts are normal-CBC & 7, normal brain CT (both contrasting and not) no tumors or clots, increasing neck pain, occ.