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Avatar f tn / I know I'm a bit beyond normal range now. I know a ton of people who gained up to 70 pounds by the end of their pregnancy. So far I'm around 40. Hope I don't get that heavy tho!
Avatar f tn Like normal parameters between 12.0 - 15.0 cm?? You know like they have with labwork? Whenever I get my sono, the report has a liver measurement on it and I am just curious as to what's normal? They tell me it's got inflammation, what I know that, but I'd like to know, if anybody does know, what's the normal measurement?
Avatar f tn I am just curious, what are your general measurements looking like when you've had a liver sono? I had one the other day and mine liver measurement was 18. I know by what they say that this is considered enlarged-they say that on the report. Just curious how it related in relationship to other heppers. They are having me come back next week for some repeat testing on my thyroid. As if, those vampires didn't get enough blood out of me when they took the 11 vials yesterday... LOL.
Avatar f tn Today i had my ultrasound where they estimate the babys weight by measurement. Are they usually about right or could they be way off? Its just that my baby seems small to me from the weight i was given. Im 36 weeks and babys weight is 4.5 pounds estimated. They didnt comment on the weight though soo idk ?
1556219 tn?1309551808 Should I be concerned? How much weight is actually given for the nuchal fold and nasal bone? It seems more weight is given to age. Hmmm.
Avatar n tn This means that, on average, for every 100 boys his age, his head circumference would be greater than 90 of the 100 children. His height and weight place him approximately at the 27% and 24% respectively. There is no indication, based on these measurements, that anything is amiss. I'm assuming the pediatrician did not note any cause for concern. Is that correct?
Avatar n tn When I measure my blood pressure I take three consecutive measurements about 30 to 45 seconds apart. The first measurement is always highest(150/80), the second measurement(138/75), and the third measurement(125/72). What is the correct blood pressure? Is it the first measurement, the average of the three measurement, or the average of the second and third measurements? Also, I take these measurements three times a day and there is a variation.
Avatar f tn Im 13 and I m very active I dont eat the greatest and I weight 135 is that normal?
Avatar f tn 34 ish, I don't know what it is this year b/c I haven't gotten the report yet but I'm guessing it's higher now. My question is how likely is the MRI measurement to be different than the echo measurment?, and at what point do we have to begin talking about activity restrictions if at all? We won't see our cardio for about six months and am wondering about the future, which I know none of us can predict.
Avatar n tn Re: Measurement Variances CCF CARDIO MD - DLB 7/22/1999 (2) Measurement Variances NCW 7/26/1999 (1) Re: Measurement Variances CCF CARDIO MD - DLB 7/28/1999 (0)
Avatar n tn I take Atenolol (75mg), Plendil (10mg), Hytrin (5 mg), and Lipitor (60mg). I'm 40 years old, normal weight, very good physical condition. Posted by CCF CARDIO MD - DLB on July 22, 1999 at 11:24:31 Dear NCW If the blood pressure in your right arm is consistently much higher than the left arm, bring this to your doctor's attention. Potentially, certain abnormalities of the blood vessels in your chest or arm could account for the discrepancy.
Avatar f tn ------------------------------------ No, in general, you are not off base, however there are a number of things to factor in such as your genotype, prior tx history if any, the amount of liver damage you have, your race, weight, height, age, doses of riba and peg, pre-tx hemoglobin and hemoglobin response during tx, etc. You might want to include some of all of this in your profile.
Avatar f tn I am not sure if your weight measurement was 16lbs or kgs. If she is 16kgs, then her weight is on the 25th percentile for her age and she is normal. Some children are smaller then others in the same family. Thank you for your question.
Avatar n tn Her weight is just above the 25th percentile. The height measurement maybe incorrect or she is below the 5th percentile. Her weight is normal for her age. It is frustrating when your child will only eat a small range of food. The most important aspect is to relax at meals and not to force her to eat. Let her eat what she wants no matter how limited.
Avatar n tn My TSH is 2.093, normal range, but I feel terrible. I have weight gain, extreme fatigue, anxiety, numbness in hands but my dr. said my thyroid is normal. HELP?????
Avatar f tn Most of the time you have to ask because if baby is in a weight range where they feel is normal they went being it up. Only if it's an issue. I asked every ultrasound because with my first I never asked, and they never told me that my son was underweight and actually stopped growing.
Avatar f tn Are they goin to be lil when they r big.? Im a premi I weight 3lbs an weight use to weight 100 and 5ft kids weight 7lbs at births.
Avatar f tn my baby is healthy too thank God and it's soo discouraging just gaining weight like that when am trying to watch what I eat, but there's not much we can do.
8377023 tn?1399512760 My nurse said its normal tto have bursts of weight gain. I had an appt at 17 weeks and had only gained 4 pounds the entire pregnancy then at my 21 week a ppt I had gained 7 pounds in a month!
Avatar n tn Those weight gain numbers are estimates, and not really all that accurate, because they use bmi, which is a really bad way of measuring normal versus overweight. For example, having muscle can throw off your bmi measurement. If your baby is normal size, and you feel healthy, and your doctor isn't concerned, then it's no problem.
Avatar f tn The one tricky aspect of all of this is that weight measurement is a very inaccurate way of monitoring fat loss, which is what you care about. So it is quite easy from one day to the next to have an increase in your weight on the scale while you are still losing fat (this is because water is a much larger part of your body than fat)... prepare yourself for this and don't pay too much attention to day to day changes... track instead the general trend over several days. 3.
Avatar n tn Its hard to say this without sounding patronising or saying things that may be taken the wrong way, but honestly, though BMI is not that accurate, It sounds like you are focussing on your weigh too much as 100lbs would make you underweight, You are at an age where your body shape is going to change and as a woman this will mean if you are not malnourished things like the proportion of your body parts such as your hips and butt will change from what you are used to.
Avatar n tn Is it true that weight loss is the first sign of ARS? What is this weight loss due to?
Avatar f tn But how can you NOT worry about the weight gain? lol. Heather i so hope i lose the weight pretty quick! I am so ready to get back in the gym...i know they say to wait until youve had your 6 week check up, but i think if im ok after 2 weeks, i am gonna hit the gym...nothing hard core, but definitely alot more physical activity than im doing now!
Avatar n tn I take Atenolol (75mg), Plendil (10mg), Hytrin (5 mg), and Lipitor (60mg). I'm 40 years old, normal weight, very good physical condition.
Avatar n tn I take Atenolol (75mg), Plendil (10mg), Hytrin (5 mg), and Lipitor (60mg). I'm 40 years old, normal weight, very good physical condition.
Avatar f tn I would like to know what the typical normal size thyroid lobes measurement are. I had an US done and my lobe sizes are biiger then most that are posted on this site. My right lobe is 6.1 x 1.4 x 1.5 cm and my left lobe is 4.1 x 1.1 x 1.6 cm. I have one 2 x 1 cm nodule on right lobe and two nodules on left lobe-one 1.2 x .03 x 0.5 cm and one 1.8 x .07 x 0.7 cm. I am awaiting the results of 2nd FNA-first did not have enough sample. TSH has be between 2.5 and 4.11. FT4 is .9 to 1.0 (.61-1.
Avatar f tn My heart feels like it will randomly start racing, even if I'm just sitting on the couch. Nothing scary or exciting is happening to cause it to raise. Also it always seems to race pound really hard after i get out of the shower in the morning.
Avatar n tn t4=11.5 Free t4= 1.33 tsh=2.73 Is this normal for a 29 year old female 5ft. 99lbs?