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Avatar n tn i have been wrking out on this machine in my dietician suggests me to buy it.i was jst wondering if this machine really helps.i want to make a right choice before i spend so much. im 161 cms weighing about 78kgs.
Avatar m tn Actually we have been on topic I believe. We have explained the ONLY ways that an ECG can be used in error. To actually deliberately get the machine to print false readings on a patient to look 'normal' if they are NOT normal, you would have to be a very good software engineer, break into the machine and swap out the program chips.
Avatar f tn Don't worry. I was starving all the time with my first baby. I gained 55 lbs but lost all of it in 3 months with just healthy eating and breastfeeding.
Avatar n tn I have bought a rowing machine as i have heard its the best machine for losing weight & toning becasue you are using all your body. What is the most efficient way to use a rowing machine?
Avatar m tn You see, it can happen if you are suffering from diarrhea where one looses a large amount of fluids and if fluid is not replenished with oral intake, such changes can occur but such changes in the weight don’t occurring a normal person. There’s a possibility if you have used different weighing machines for measuring the weight. Slight variations can occur with the same machine also. However, if you’re not suffering from any other symptoms, I don’t think you need to worry a lot.
Avatar f tn It's normal don't focus so much on how much you gain just eat healthy foods and enjoy the journey, I have had several miscarriages and now pregnant. I have learned to just make sure I am healthy and so is the baby. The weight loss comes after the baby comes.
Avatar f tn The machine goes by his measurements and comes up with a weight! It could be off by pounds but it's just an estimate! Just like due dates are an estimate!
525545 tn?1293181194 I'm assuming you had a second sleep study done with CPAP to determine the correct pressure and type of mask--did your doctor's report state that your sleep quality significantly improved with CPAP? Typically, companies that provide you with the CPAP machine have a card with a microchip in it that monitors how often the machine is being used, for what period of time, and whether or not it is being properly used (via pressure measurements and recordings).
Avatar m tn i have 2 stents and was wondering if exercising on the new vibration platform exercise machine would cause the stents to move and tear an artery????? i am doing cold laser lipo and using the vibration machine for exercise afterward. (have been to 2 sessions so far). i have ordered one of the machines for use at home. should i be concerned at all? they say these machines are great for any number of treatments, not only weight loss.
Avatar f tn He measures the middle of her stomach, leg bones, and head and somehow the machine he has says a " estimated weight" he's been doing it years so I guess he knows what he's doing
Avatar f tn I'm 36 weeks today and went to the doctor he said she's weighing 6 pounds 13 ounces last week on Thursday she was 6 pounds 5 ounces. My doctor is kinda old he's been using the same machine ot takes vhs so yea its kinda old too and doing this for a while he's probably in his 60s. He said he's machine hasn't been off more than a half pound and now that she's measuring big he said he will check me next week on Tuesday and do another ultrasound.
Avatar m tn hello guys i have question now I bought new barber machine to shave my beard my friend he has a lot of girls and sex relationship wants to learn me how to use while he explained to me he put the sharp are in his cheek just 5 seconds but there no blood I used it after him 3 minutes maybe is there any risk also I throw the machine or I still use it plzz help me answer me also i keep use it or throw it is there any risk for hiv or something like this
2174403 tn?1337429182 i am 43 years.i am sleep apnea (mild) patent.i use cpap machine 65 days. now my blood pressure maximum time 110/70 but when i get up morning my blood pressure 135/95 but after 1 hour its 110/70. my sleep time is good sleep.sleep time i don't feel bad or any other problem,why that time my blood pressure is up?its any problem?if i take blood pressure bp is so down.
603216 tn?1244710593 I will be purchasing a cpap machine next week for my sleep apnea and wondered if anyone had any tips or advice on what I should be looking for or at when purchasing one. Also does anyone have any comments on the face mask verses the nasal mask??
Avatar m tn I joined weight watchers a couple of years ago and they said that one hour of exercise was good for weight loss. ?? Lifting weights shouldn't affect your HR too much. From memory, weight training makes your heart larger. Being muscle bound (like really over-doing the weights) could possibly raise it. ?? Not sure about all my comments. gymdandee had some good advice. Don't trust all the machine sensors. A heart rate monitor could be a better option.
Avatar f tn I don't know where your from but in the UK we only have 2, the last one being around 20 weeks to see the gender and growth.
Avatar f tn I jus did an u/s while I was in the hospital at 33wks n she told me baby is 6.6pounds.
Avatar m tn Now, I have another cardiogram which is being claimed to be the same individual and it is normal. Is there any way to prove that the cardiogram indeed describes the same individual by using his abnormal cardiograms? The question can be inverted, namely, is there anyway to prove that "normal" cardiogram is fictitious. In other words, does any cardiogram contain certain set of numbers which can be interpreted like finger prints which are unique to a specific individual.
Avatar f tn I think that's pretty normal based on what I've heard
Avatar n tn So I'm142lbs and in my 27th week. Is that normal/good to be that weight? I feel as if I shouldn't weigh that much yet.
Avatar f tn SVT typically originates in atrial tissue (AV junction) and utilizes the normal atrioventricular (AV) conduction system for ventricular activation. Aberrance occurs when there is delay or block in the His-Purkinje system during antegrade conduction of impulses over the normal AV fascicles. Essentially, all types of SVT with aberrant conduction can present as a wide complex tachycardia. These include AT, AVNRT, AVRT, and other rare forms of SVT.