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740516 tn?1360946086 I used to do that with the pills but I dont know about liquid ones BTW, today morning I could not find the toilet paper that I had removed from the normal place whem the kittens arrive since it was pretty near their box . I had put on windowsill and ... When I've found it was inside the cats box. Its Loreena using that to clean the babies ;-) ?
Avatar f tn It's really wonderful you do this. Just think of how many cats owe their now happy existences to you. I believe there's a special place for those who do as you.
Avatar f tn She got pretty skinny while she was nursing, so I am now trying to get some weight back on her. The babies eat like each meal is their first and their last. The biggest one (Toto) is just over a pound. He isn't the largest of them, but he is the heaviest and quite muscular for such a young kitten. I think he is going to be one big cat when he grows up. The 2 female brown tabbies that look like mama are the smallest.
285848 tn?1219095913 Steven brought home 2 kittens that were abandoned by their mother. He has been taking care of him at his work(where he foudn them) to the best of his ability, but we decided to bring them home last night. We believe they are about 3 weeks old. We know pretty much how to feed them and to stimulate them to go potty..but thats pretty much it. We have to keep them seperated because one tries to nurse on the other's...butt and its so sore and we don't want her to keep doing it.
Avatar f tn Yes it is very normal. Kittens are children. They are naturally active and curious. They jump and climb and turn anything into a toy, including your dinner. If you consistently and immediately remove him from the table and set him on the floor, he will eventually realize that your dinner is not a toy and not nearly as interesting any more.
Avatar n tn I recently adopted 2 kittens from the Humane Society. One is a tabby and is 4 months old, the other is an Oriental mix and is 5 months old. The Oriental mix seems very frail and doesn't rough-house like the tabby. She is very dainty and slow moving. I am feeding them Taste of the Wild canned food 3x/day (3 cans total between the two of them) and the Oriental mix eats alot, including the Taste of the Wild dry food, which I leave out at all times.
Avatar n tn My family thinks its normal am i just over analyzing? Is this normal for a child his age. his Gross and fine motor skills are about on par developmentally but he doesn't seem to have any reasoning or retention skills. he can remember that there are lollies in the back of the cupboard behind the flour but cant remember that a month ago I re homed my kittens so every time comes over he asks about my kittens?
Avatar f tn One of them has not gained any weight but otherwise appears normal both physically and behaviorally. She was estimated to be 5 weeks old (by the shelter vet tech) when she was first found and now is 7 weeks old and still has not gained any weight. I have 2 of her siblings from the same litter and they weigh about 21 ounces, while the runt only weighs 13 ounces. She has not gained any weight in the 2 weeks I have been fostering her. She eats well and is active.
Avatar n tn If she acts anything but normal, take her to the Vet again. Watch that the kittens are putting on weight and that should tell you that mommy is getting enough nutrition.
Avatar n tn Not ever having had a Siamese before, I am unaware as to what is normal. I'm not sure of his exact weight, but he couldn't be more than about 5-6 pounds. He is also smaller in stature than I would have expected for a 6 month old kitten. I wonder if this could be in part due to the hernia? Could it have caused him to not absorb all the nutrients he needs to grow efficiently? ~Tucker has a chronic case of diarrhea. He hasn't lost any weight, but hasn't been gaining either.
1742157 tn?1311087258 However, she is weasing some and I am concerned that it could be thyroids, liver or heart related. Her other habits are all normal, she plays, eats, drinks water, etc. no more or less than she always has. Liter box activity is normal also. Should I wait and see if any symptoms arise, or should I take her in to be checked?
Avatar f tn So I recently got a little kitten from a woman who wasn't aware her cat was pregnant and found herself with an unexpected litter of 5 kittens. The little baby that I took home was the smallest one and I got her when she was 8 weeks old. Her name is Isis and she is now just under 5 months old. I took her to get spayed last Tuesday and it is now Saturday. She did really well at the vet. when I brought her home she was obviously still groggy and stumbling a little but she slept it off.
Avatar m tn i noticed a few days ago that my cat wasnt eating, i looked at a pic just over a week ago that i took of him, and he was fine, but this started a few days ago, they gave me antibiotics to try, and it didnt seem to be working, the vet said if he hasnt responded in 3 days of being on them then bring him in, i took him to the vet today and they have him on an iv, but what can cause such a drastic weight loss and him staggering and not eating or drinking very much, he did not have diarrhea and he is
116701 tn?1210262764 That is so nice of you to offer. I loved the way you said "ending tx with dignity". I am on procrit and it does keep me from feeling like I just want to die. Last Friday my left side went numb and tingly and had blurry vision in my left eye. Ended up at the ER Friday night. After 6 hours, a cat scan and a doppler I'm not having a stroke. Lasted till Sunday then went away. The tingles were back yesterday for a few hours.
Avatar f tn The odd thing is that we have another kitten that is his sister and she doesn't have this problem (normal stool with a dollop of softer stool on top which we've been told is normal for kittens on kitten chow). We've tried seeing if it's a sensitive digestion system with trying out different foods. They were on Science Diet Ocean Fish Kitten chow but we're now transitioning to Purina One Real Lamb Sensitive Stomach formula. We've just started that and haven't seen any result.
405614 tn?1329147714 Hi FluffysMom, I'm sorry I don't know you, so don't know what your own health problems are, but from my own experience I know nursing a Cat so very ill & at the end of its life, can have a massive effect & cause flare ups of our own health problems, I've seen it with My Mum too, she has MS, & now they have a treatable diagnosis & have seen improvements in their own Cats health, rather than the threatened Feline Lukeamia, my Mums health has picked up massively, but the months lea
Avatar n tn For the last three months in a row I have had light pinkish spotting a couple days before my period is supposed to start and it comes with nausea and just a blah feeling. I still end up getting my period on time and it's normal the only thing that is not normal is this spotting I have been having and especially the nausea! It's getting old. The spotting usually only lasts a day or two and then my period eventually starts and is about 4 days long. I am 28, not on BC pills.
Avatar f tn it's been a few days that my cat doesn't eat well and she doesn't care about her kittens as before. Is she sick? Is it normal for the mummy cat to stop eating when she wants to stop feeding her kittens?
912322 tn?1243532588 Everytime I go into the room, she is laying away from the kittens. Is that normal? Or should I be cautious? I bought kiten fornula the day they were born just incase she desserted them since she is young.
691935 tn?1421030690 I kept two and found homes for the mom and other kittens when they were weaned. My boy was the biggest, he was huge next to the other kittens nursing. My other cats have been looking for him this morning. They loved him, kept him groomed during his final months when he was unable. thanks for your support.
740516 tn?1360946086 The first time Loreena entered home was the day she was starting phase 1 od delivery -dilatation -about 6PM Maternity box and cat at the bathroom, she almost imediately showed the same behaviour some people here already comented = peeing at the same time of me,at the drain hole ( and covering it with the rubber rug) About 10 PM thing was not showing progress,she was like normal,eating and hunting.And I was running after an old baker pan painters sometimes use,in the backyard.
Avatar f tn Only put a pinch on her wet food twice daily. Her stools will be normal in 2-3 days. You can find the husk at most vitamin shops or Whole Foods. P.S. I hope your friend is going to get the momma cat fixed once the kittens are weaned in 6wks. She'll need a week to dry out. Also, the kittens should be fixed between 3-6mos. depending on body weight.
1356258 tn?1277667850 We found 2 stray kittens almost 3 weeks ago. They had eye infections (swollen/red around eyes, so much gunk that eyes were matted shut, upper respiratory) and the vet gave them eye ointment and oral antibiotics for 2 weeks (they finished 2 days ago) and seem to be better except for the occasional sneeze (the other one might be squinting a little today). I am not sure if it was bacterial or viral, but my husband and myself caught it, and the antibiotic eye drops have helped.
Avatar m tn she sneezes a lot and wheezes (nothing similar to human wheezes or anything but i guess that thing she does is the cat version of wheezing) and sometimes i see her swallowing hardly (not when she's eating but when she's relaxing or when im playing with her) she's eating fine and she's drinking fine, and her eyes dont have any discharge, she's as active as an indoor cat can get though she's not lazy she just doesnt like to run, her weight looks normal in fact she's been gaining weight since she
Avatar f tn Play with him with toys always, so your hands never become a plaything. As for the weight loss, perhaps the kittens need to see the vet for worming. No matter how healthy mama cat seems to be, the little parasites make it into the best kept kitties sometimes.
Avatar n tn Clinical signs expected with congenital hypothyroidism (Cretinism) Dwarfism Stunted growth Short broad head Enlarged head Small ears Shortened limbs Delayed closure of growth plates Constipation Short rounded body Thickened skin Soft fluffy coat Seborrhea Apathy Mental dullness Retained deciduous teeth Inappetence Lethargy ± Goitre At birth affected kittens can appear normal but by four to six weeks their growth rate slows and early death may occur.
1601869 tn?1441314348 Normal Weight Gain Birth weights of kittens range from 85 to 120 grams. Their weight should double in their first 1 to 2 weeks. Kittens average about ten grams of additional body weight per day. Although this is a good average, they tend to grow in spurts. Seek a veterinarian’s advice if the kitten does not double its weight in 8 to 12 days. Helping The Kitten Eliminate Normal kitten stools are yellowish brown with a jam-like consistency.
Avatar f tn help! i have a barn cat, about two years old, spayed, who has had one litter of kittens. about a month ago, she just disappeared, something she 'd never done before. after about 3 weeks she returned, incredibly thin, but otherwise okay. i fixed her a place up where she could feed without any competition from the other cats and i began feeding her canned food in addition to the normal dry food in an effort to put some weight back on her. she seemed to be doing well.
Avatar f tn My 14 month old cat had her only litter of kittens about 3 months ago. She went into heat one more time and then we had her fixed. Since then she has gotten really skinny and her hair seems to be thinning. She had long somewhat fluffy fur before and now it seems like she has had a hair cut. She is acting fine and seems to be eating normally.