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Avatar n tn If she acts anything but normal, take her to the Vet again. Watch that the kittens are putting on weight and that should tell you that mommy is getting enough nutrition.
Avatar n tn My family thinks its normal am i just over analyzing? Is this normal for a child his age. his Gross and fine motor skills are about on par developmentally but he doesn't seem to have any reasoning or retention skills. he can remember that there are lollies in the back of the cupboard behind the flour but cant remember that a month ago I re homed my kittens so every time comes over he asks about my kittens?
Avatar f tn My cat gave birth to seven cute kittens. two of them died a few days later. the other 5 are healthy and about 1 month old. it's been a few days that my cat doesn't eat well and she doesn't care about her kittens as before. Is she sick? Is it normal for the mummy cat to stop eating when she wants to stop feeding her kittens?
912322 tn?1243528988 Everytime I go into the room, she is laying away from the kittens. Is that normal? Or should I be cautious? I bought kiten fornula the day they were born just incase she desserted them since she is young.
Avatar f tn My cat gave birth to seven cute Persian kittens. two of them died a few days later. the other 5 are healthy and about 1 month old. it's been a few days that my cat doesn't eat well and she doesn't care about her kittens as before. her kittens are able to eat for themselves, but still need breast milk. Is the mummy cat sick? she used to be so greedy and she used to eat a lot of food.
Avatar n tn The other thing is, check her stool for any sign of worms. Vets automatically worm kittens on their first visit, assuming all kittens have roundworms. Maybe they do and maybe they don't, but the meds used to worm a kitten for roundworms are considered safe so they just do it as a matter of course. Roundworm medication can be bought online or at the pet store, just be sure of the doses if you want to worm your baby, since she's still so young. Don't give her anything else, though.
Avatar m tn so i have a 7 year old lactating persian queen and she seems to have a lot of phlegm.
Avatar f tn I suppose as long as they seen healthy and active, we can only hope the weight will come on over time. How's Mama Wanda doing? She was so thin in your last pic. Has she been able to put on weight? She's going to miss her babies. Fingers crossed, she's adopted quickly!
691935 tn?1421027090 I kept two and found homes for the mom and other kittens when they were weaned. My boy was the biggest, he was huge next to the other kittens nursing. My other cats have been looking for him this morning. They loved him, kept him groomed during his final months when he was unable. thanks for your support.
Avatar f tn Hi I have a friend who has a cat and her cat had kittens that were born on the 19th and she has noticed that her teats are shrinking is this bad or is it normal because the day she had the kittens I took her to the vet and they said she had loads of rich milk so if the teats are getting smaller (2 of them are normal size) so is she running out of milk plz can I have answers please thanks ( just to say she has got 5 kittens ) Bombay xxx
Avatar f tn Then she became pregantn and had kittens. The kittens ended up having it and then toher cats around our house got it. So whatever she had was contagious. The vet said it could be internal worms and i got her medicine for that and it didnt help. What was the problem.
Avatar f tn It's really wonderful you do this. Just think of how many cats owe their now happy existences to you. I believe there's a special place for those who do as you.
Avatar f tn I agree with Annie, ask the vet. If the vet thinks there's no cause for concern, have your friend get some Psyllium Husk. Only put a pinch on her wet food twice daily. Her stools will be normal in 2-3 days. You can find the husk at most vitamin shops or Whole Foods. P.S. I hope your friend is going to get the momma cat fixed once the kittens are weaned in 6wks. She'll need a week to dry out. Also, the kittens should be fixed between 3-6mos. depending on body weight.
1356258 tn?1277664250 We found 2 stray kittens almost 3 weeks ago. They had eye infections (swollen/red around eyes, so much gunk that eyes were matted shut, upper respiratory) and the vet gave them eye ointment and oral antibiotics for 2 weeks (they finished 2 days ago) and seem to be better except for the occasional sneeze (the other one might be squinting a little today). I am not sure if it was bacterial or viral, but my husband and myself caught it, and the antibiotic eye drops have helped.
Avatar n tn Well, as he is eating properly, then the weight loss remains unexplained. It is definitely time to get him checked, and the cause of his weight loss found. Like Ghilly says, if it IS something like diabetes, the quicker he gets treatment, the better. I wouldn't blame stress because of the kittens. That shouldn't cause DRAMATIC weight loss in a dog who is eating well. There has to be a physical cause.
Avatar f tn Yes it is very normal. Kittens are children. They are naturally active and curious. They jump and climb and turn anything into a toy, including your dinner. If you consistently and immediately remove him from the table and set him on the floor, he will eventually realize that your dinner is not a toy and not nearly as interesting any more.
Avatar f tn hi, don't worry this is all pretty normal behavior since the kittens are still with her....she thinks she is still being a mommy and as a good mommy she feels the need to nurture them, years ago a mother cat I had gave birth and I kept one(both all black and beautiful) the male kitten nursed on her for well over a year until she finally decided enough is enough he, he.....its just a calming thing with them like a soother to a baby... Do you have homes for the kittens I hope?
Avatar f tn We were fostering 2 baby kittens and they were fine for 3 weeks they played and got fat then they were 2 lbs so the rescue wanted them to go get fixed. After they came home they were fine for 2 to 3 days but then they stopped eating got really thin and one of them we took to the vet and she had died the next day. Then 2 days later her sister was found dead on my floor.
Avatar f tn Hi guys, 2 weeks ago my partner and I adopted 2 newborn kittens (they were 36 hours old at the time) and I just wanted to tell you how they're doing and see if we're doing things right. Their names are Tim and Tammy! their eyes are open & their little ears are still folded, that seems normal. They eat 30-40ml a day. They are LOUD! They walk around like little lizards lol. They love to snuggle and I had a panic attack a few days ago cos I thought they were having digestion problems...
Avatar f tn She started looking alittle fat a few weeks ago(we are getting her spayed) was going to let her have her thought kittens. She started bleeding about 9pm and hide and just a few min ago she had kitten about the size of a baby mouse, no hair and dead. Now she acts like she feels GREAT can she wait until tomorrow to visit vet. It is about midnight and we live about hour from vet? Please help this has been so hard.
Avatar n tn My kitten has very large swollen breasts. I am told this is normal and have seen this before. Is there any kind of medication that can be given to help the swelling?
Avatar f tn I am fostering a new mom with 10 day old kittens. There are 5, all seem fine, except one. He has lost all his fur and looks bald with just a little left on his head. Is this something that could be life-threatening or contagious? Thank you.
460185 tn?1326077772 Last week two stray kittens - maybe six mths of age - followed us into the house. They had been hiding under the BBQ cover because of the cold. Because they're strays we have kept them separated from our other two cats because the strays might have FIV. We're having them tested for it tonight or tomorrow because we want to keep them. All our cats have been born at home except these two so I wondered if there is anything else I should be doing for them.