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Avatar f tn One of them has not gained any weight but otherwise appears normal both physically and behaviorally. She was estimated to be 5 weeks old (by the shelter vet tech) when she was first found and now is 7 weeks old and still has not gained any weight. I have 2 of her siblings from the same litter and they weigh about 21 ounces, while the runt only weighs 13 ounces. She has not gained any weight in the 2 weeks I have been fostering her. She eats well and is active.
Avatar n tn Not ever having had a Siamese before, I am unaware as to what is normal. I'm not sure of his exact weight, but he couldn't be more than about 5-6 pounds. He is also smaller in stature than I would have expected for a 6 month old kitten. I wonder if this could be in part due to the hernia? Could it have caused him to not absorb all the nutrients he needs to grow efficiently? ~Tucker has a chronic case of diarrhea. He hasn't lost any weight, but hasn't been gaining either.
Avatar n tn I am worried since she does not seem like a normal buzzing around kitten. Eating Felidae wet food and Purina dry. She seems to drink lots of water too. How long is recovery for an emaciated kitten and what are their symptoms or demeaner like? Can you shed any light on care, things to watch out for, normal weight gain, or anything?!?!
Avatar m tn So I have this 8 week old kitten who's been rather poorly. A week and a half ago, she started vomiting at least once a day and finally once after every meal. I took her to the vet who said she was perfectly healthy, gave her some fluids and anti-nausea medicine and sent her home. 24 hours later, the anti-nausea medicine wore off and she was just back to throwing up.
1356964 tn?1302091035 Hey everyone ! On Halloween morning I discovered a kitten on my front porch. He followed me around and when I opened the door to see if he would come in he reluctently did. Now this kitten is about 5 months old, a male, gray tabby. He had no collar, no tags, had fleas pretty bad. To make a long story short I adopted him, named him Spooky.
Avatar n tn The best way to weigh them is to put a shoebox on a baby scale (at the very beginning you can use a diet scale because they only weigh about half a pound at the end of the first week), and then zero the scale out with the box taped onto it. That way the weight of the box doesn't figure into the weight of the kitten. Has this kitten had any time at all with its mother?
Avatar m tn We had our 3 month kitten spayed Wednesday 12/17. She was fine the first week but last few days she has become lethargic and not really eating. She is still drinking some. She has also thrown up clear frothy looking liquid a couple of times this evening. I plan to take her to vet first thing Monday morning. Any advice until then??
Avatar f tn The odd thing is that we have another kitten that is his sister and she doesn't have this problem (normal stool with a dollop of softer stool on top which we've been told is normal for kittens on kitten chow). We've tried seeing if it's a sensitive digestion system with trying out different foods. They were on Science Diet Ocean Fish Kitten chow but we're now transitioning to Purina One Real Lamb Sensitive Stomach formula. We've just started that and haven't seen any result.
Avatar f tn I just adopted a little male orange tabby kitten. He's 4-1/2 months old. When I sit down to eat a meal, any meal, he decides to jump next to me, I mean right at my elbow, and acts as if he's interested in what I'm eating and also acts as if he wants some of what I'm eating. No, I don't give him any. Does anyone else have this going on?
Avatar f tn Hi all. So tim and tammy are stacking on the weight though we noticed that he was putting on alot more than her. we examined her and noticed a fairly big lump on the underside of her. We rang the vet straight away and they said extremely normal, she'll be fine (it wasnt out regular vet). the lady said it sounded exactly like an umbilical hernia.
Avatar n tn I really love this kitten. It is so sweet and loving. We are financially strapped. Is this the normal cost for this surgery. I'm confused and heart broken!
Avatar f tn We have a 13 week old ragdoll kitten just arrived. He is eating very well and putting on weight but does not want to drink at all. We have tried many different types of water bowls and have run the tap near him and placed him on the floor of a wet shower bay and still no luck. His urine is very strong and yellow. He has been desexed and has had the feline injections. Can anyone help.
Avatar f tn 30 Thursday night, I heard a cat meowing loudly, almost frantically outside. Went outside and found a kitten in my driveway. After 2 hours, I finally caught her and have her blocked off in my computer room away from my other cats. This kitten other than being very thin, seems to be very healthy and happy. No sneezing, no runny eyes, no bloated tummy. She's very sweet and affectionate and is my shadow. However, she's not playful at all and doesnt seem interested in venturing off anywhere.
Avatar n tn I hand raised a litter of kittens from 3 days old. I fed them KMR kitten formula. One of the kittens has had problems defacating since the beginning. Its needed enemas at the vet three times. Right now it is on an antibiotic, High fiber, hairball meds, prednizone, and metacoplamine. It seems to go almost a week with little bowel movements. The fecal material seems to back up then it strains and strains to go always having a small amount of stool arount its rectum.
Avatar f tn We found a kitten last week about 3 months old..She wasn't moving much.. and near emaciated. We brought her in, carried her to water, food and litter.. but for the first 3 days she slept like almost non- stop. 4th day she started to play a bit, but we noticed some things that aren't quite right. She sticks her tongue out all that time.. when playing or purring. She isn't bright but very lovable.. she just loves cuddling.She also has a strange tail.
Avatar f tn He is kinda chubby and eats a lot! He's still a kitten and sleeps and plays and other kitten stuff. He also has this lump hannging under his stomach. It feels like a lump of loose fat to me, and I'm just worried bout him cuz he was kinda chubby not to long ago. He's really active and is normal. It seams to not bother him but it bothers me. Just wondering what it could be and if it's bad. Thanks I love my cats ~libby The other cat, Patch, is about 8 years old.
Avatar f tn it will take time but I'm feeling positive that she will recover and lead a normal or near normal life and for years give you back the love you have shown her. I had a very similar experience, not with a cat but with my husband.....the mind is a powerful thing and has the ability to heal and recoup much more than what medical science always gives it credit for. bless you all and please keep us updated on little Pippin, its sooo good to hear such a heart warming story as hers.
Avatar n tn The most obvious thing about him (Slow-Poke), is that his facial features are exactly like those of a human with down's syndrome. His body is also very strange for a kitten his age, he's very round with much shorter legs than his brother who we kept who is at least twice as tall and long. He also moves extremely slow for a playful kitten of almost 10 weeks, although he has made much progress since we found him. His list of disabilities go on...
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Avatar n tn Bloodwork was normal except for slightly elevated lymphocytes. Xrays, looked like normal kitten innards to me.... I fear that I will lose Chessie.....I believe he is slowly starving to death....I can feel all his little ribs, his spine, even his little shoulders and hips! I fear he is dying, and I am powerless to stop it....
Avatar n tn my 4 week old kitten accidently got stepped on by my ten yr old. She was bleeding out of nose and mouth and i rushed her to emergency animal hospital, they think she has brain trauma and swelling she was losing body temp. and head kept falling to the right i really dont have the money to spend but i did 350. and can pick her up in the morning if she makes it thru the night , What are the odds she will be normal??? And live????
1303813 tn?1303162962 I have a 9 week old kitten, she is the only Long Haired kitten in the litter the rest are short, so I am Assuming her dad is a long haired cat too... Anyways, Just below her neck (On her back) she has a bald patch? It doesnt loook sore or bleeding, there iis a little TINYY scab on the side. I cant get her to the vets untill Friday when I get paid. And nab my mums discount card.
Avatar f tn ( I am very worried about the kitten. He is a very happy kitten. Loves to be held, purrs a lot. I am going to just continue what I am doing, but wondered if anybody had any similar experience and maybe suggestions? I am so scared that I could lose him, I have become so attached!
Avatar f tn So my kitten and my sisters puppy were playin about an hr ago, this is normal, but i did not see what happend, but my cat schreeched and the puppy ran from him, but he would not put weight on the leg, he let me pick him up and pet him and he started purring, and he laid down for a few and he is still hesitant to walk on it, but i felt all up and down the leg and he didnt meow or pull away, he just seemed unsure to let me touch it. I am just wondering if he is ok or should i take him to a vet?
Avatar f tn It is normal for a 1 week old kitten to be frightened when you pick it up and away from its mother. It probably just wants to nurse on its mother. I wouldn't worry too much about a kitten licking an open wound. I suppose you could get a minor infection from that, but not rabies. Clean your wound with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide and then just use some Neosporin or Bacitracin and cover your wound until it heals. I doubt very much that the tiny kitten has rabies.
Avatar f tn I just got Alex a few months ago and he's very playful but my older cat is declawed and not playful. I am woken up everyday by the sound of my older cat hissing and growling at the kitten. Usually this means they want food in the bowl but I'm trying to get them on a tighter diet. I usually resolve this situation by punishing the little one with a smack, or I let the older one outside(where he prefers). Both are up to date on shots and both are fixed males.
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